Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 11, 2012

The Golden Energy of The Love Frequency and Your New Music of Life Made Manifest!

I sure hope everyone brought not only their dancing shoes, but also their gym shoes… we are going to be working out this amazing field of interactive life energy thru the rest of this year.  Building it, strengthening it, and understanding how to use it proficiently.  The main equipment is our emotional field of resonance.  Everything else is an addition or subtraction of the desired outcome.

So it is no wonder that the constant of all four of yesterdays readings was an image of a long deep golden cylinder of energy.  And it is not a cylinder at all, just shaped like one.  The field, however, is very adamant about me NOT calling this thing a tube!  Every single time I referred to it as a tube (hey, gotta describe it as I see it) they became quite firm in my ear saying “it is not a tube.”  Yet, they were just fine with the word cylinder!  Go figure.  What I do understand this thing to be is The Love Frequency and we will be learning how to fully use this during the rest of this year.

This cylinder stretches from the east field to the west field, is hallow inside (but not really, there is a constant flow of energy in there) the cylinder is about 3 feet high and reminds me of a loosely woven spider web of energy spun in gold.

The first lady I read for showed up in the center of this cylinder looking thing face the west (I sit in the east area to do my readings.)  I could feel the flow of energy inside this cylinder looking thing coming from both the east and west fields, but also, exterior and all around was the flow of energy from the south and north fields.  I also fully understood with all of this… time is now a concept, not our reality.  To clarify this statement, we still have the concept of walking towards, lets say, December, but in our reality, the energy of December is already here for us to use and play with and create from.

The second lady I read for was actually standing on top of this cylinder feeling very much like a 14 year old girl but so adult with the wisdom that brought her to here.  Thru her I am starting to understand why this time period in our lives are so important to re-open up to.  It is the time of shedding the childhood ways and stepping into the adult ways.  A time when the biology within starts to release dormant hormones and our interests shift from make believe to reality.  However, in this new place on earth, we will combine the elements of what people think are make believe with our reality.  This love frequency thingie is awakening many many dormant hormones… chemicals within the body to be a full on participant in this new world.

I watched her as her feet consistently rolled this cylinder thing and I started to understand that her roll right now is one of the keepers of this frequency as we grow into it.  Think of a log in water and she was standing on top, purposely moving her feet (her life energy) to keep the cylinder rolling.  It didn’t move out of place, just a very slow gentle roll round and round.  I heard the field say this is her new job for now… keeping the pace of the love frequency as we all adjust.  Nothing she even has to do in her physical life except wake up and love.  However, more will be presented to her (and all of us.)

My third lady, she showed up in front of this cylinder at the west field.  There she was holding this basket ball sized star-burst of multi-colored energy in her hands.  I so wish I could tell you clearly what it all means, but I cannot.  I see it, feel it and still grasping the reality (or non-reality) of it all as we go!!

My fourth lady was on the left side in the upper west area sitting on the ground in that once again familiar tweenager energy playing a game of jax.  She was facing me, so her left side was bumped up right against this love cylinder thingie and her concentration on the game of jax was intense!!  What is funny about this visual, she is from Germany and is not familiar with this game at all… I played it a lot when I was a kid.  I started to understand quite a bit watching her play jax.

(Please let me take a moment here and apologize for publishing a snippet of this sharing today.  I hit the wrong button, I really meant to save the draft I was working on before I did my first reading, and instead, I hit publish.  I am sorry for the confusion and the cliff hanger… smile.)

What I started to understand about this game of jax was each jax represented energy.  This energy or each jax represents the emotional field of you.  The game itself requires you to nounce that little ball and quickly scoop up some jax before the ball hits the ground and actually catch it in your hand with the jax you just scooped up.

We can break this down as the ball representing the field of magnetic creation you initiate (not quite sure yet how we initiate this bounce) and our learning process is going to be picking up the correct jax for our outcome.  Too many or too little at one time is going to give us an undesired result.  But good thing we can change the outcome as quickly as we created it now.  I almost feel like life just became a very intense science lab and we are the eccentric scientists creating!!

This lady had asked me about her biology.  For what ever reason yesterday, the field would not let me take anyone out of their position in the reading to bring them into my kitchen to have a look (which is where I read the biology of you.)  Nor could I get her to stop playing her game of jax… so I did the next best thing, I took my vision to the area behind her to have a look at her spine.  What I had seen dumbfounded me to the max… at first.

I could see her spine and instead of the familiar chakras and energy systems, instead it was a series of blinking lights in oval shapes.  The only area I could see was her heart area.  Three ovals within a fraction of each other, all blinking differently and not at the same time to variations of blue.  From what I was/am initially understanding, this is exactly how we are creating now.  Each area represents a mixture of emotional energy.  I also feel that these oval locations are in relationship to each vertebrae in the spine.  We are still working to bring all the other ovals into their frequency zone, but in order to arrive in this Heavenly space on earth, the heart must be fully activated and aligned to the Love Frequency.  The blue had me feeling so connected with teh Pleiadian power/wisdom source of our hearts.

With that golden cylinder of energy too… there is some details of understanding that came thru for us to use.  It is appearing to lay across the field (as opposed to up and down) to move us out of thinking “above and below.”  We are no longer in a field of separation  but in a field where it is all one energy.  So it is purposely laid out horizontally instead of vertically to completely orient ourselves in the wholeness of this new landscape.

I also have a very strong feeling with the music box cylinder image too.  Altho I had seen no tabs, no anything except the network of golden energy rolled up like a cylinder, there is a huge feeling of musical frequency with this.

I have this uncanny feeling our spine is now set up very much like a flute (again, I play no instruments at all… just sharing an image or relationship here) and the cylinder itself is teh wind moving thru our notes (flute holes…smile.)


So we can actually look at the jax themselves as the combined creative energy with our emotional energy that brings creation into our manifested reality.  Learning how to combine our frequencies… our notes like the notes of a flute… crucial for our mastery in this new exciting world.

There is just so much more to this exciting story, but my day is progressing full steam ahead already and I have got to catch up to it!!  So I am going to leave you with the pot still simmering on the stove, take a moment and smell the wonderful aroma.  I promise to wake up early enough tomorrow so we can all sit down and feast on the new information, sound, love and everyting together!!

Ohhhh, I do want to add this interesting tid-bit as an addition from yesterdays sharing about my landlady.  She is going to California today to attend a wedding this weekend.  The very place one would actually dance a waltz and a polka without sitting down.  She shared this news with me yesterday afternoon and now… let me tell you, I am chomping at the bit with excitement of who she just might dance with there… cuz I know, my guy is coming thru her man!!

I love you all sooooooo soooooooo soooooo much.  You Sound De-Light-FULL!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with the sound of music!

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. love your sound, all our sounds! So beautiful, we will be creating with our heart energy in the field of love…….yes! Thanks Lisa for your consistent sharing!


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