Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 11, 2012

I sure hope everyone brought not only their dancing shoes, but also their gym shoes… we are going to be working out this amazing field of interactive life energy thru the rest of this year.  Building it, strengthening it, and understanding how to use it proficiently.  The main equipment is our emotional field of resonance.  Everything else is an addition or subtraction of the desired outcome.

So it is no wonder that the constant of all four of yesterdays readings was an image of a long deep golden cylinder of energy.  And it is not a cylinder at all, just shaped like one.  The field, however, is very adamant about me NOT calling this thing a tube!  Every single time I referred to it as a tube (hey, gotta describe it as I see it) they became quite firm in my ear saying “it is not a tube.”  Yet, they were just fine with the word cylinder!  Go figure.  What I do understand this thing to be is The Love Frequency and we will be learning how to fully use this during the rest of this year.

This cylinder stretches from the east field to the west field, is hallow inside (but not really, there is a constant flow of energy in there) the cylinder is about 3 feet high and reminds me of a loosely woven spider web of energy spun in gold.

The first lady I read for showed up in the center of this cylinder looking thing face the west (I sit in the east area to do my readings.)  I could feel the flow of energy inside this cylinder looking thing coming from both the east and west fields, but also, exterior and all around was the flow of energy from the south and north fields.  I also fully understood with all of this… time is now a concept, not our reality.  To clarify this statement, we still have the concept of walking towards, lets say, December, but in our reality, the energy of December is already here for us to use and play with and create from.

The second lady I read for was actually standing on top of this cylinder feeling very much like a 14 year old girl but so adult with the wisdom that brought her to here.  Thru her I am starting to understand why this time period in our lives are so important to re-open up to.  It is the time of shedding the childhood ways and stepping into the adult ways.  A time when the biology within starts to release dormant hormones and our interests shift from make believe to reality.  However, in this new place on earth, we will combine the elements of what people think are make believe with our reality.  This love frequency thingie is awakening many many dormant hormones… chemicals within the body to be a full on participant in this new world.

I watched her as her feet consistently rolled this cylinder thing and I started to understand that her roll right now is one of the keepers of this frequency as we grow into it.  Think of a log in water and she was standing on top, purposely moving her feet (her life energy) to keep the cylinder rolling.  It didn’t move out of place, just a very slow gentle roll round and round.







  1. Lisa

    It’s not finished, lol!! Teaser.



    • So sorry about that… I woke up really late, and really meant to save draft before I did my first reading… instead I hit publish and found no way to stop that. LOL I am still writing and will publish it completely new lol… so sorry about the confusion lol!! (((HUGZ))))


      • …so I could get the gist before I have to depart for a visit!


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  3. Lisa, your post got cut off today.


  4. I stood breathing in the most amazing golden light that I have ever seen just yesterday, as I came out of our local grocery store! I stood there in the parking lot, realizing that this was something special and as I turned towards my car, there it was, the most spectacular full spectrum and complete rainbow totally encompassing our town. “I know”, I kept whispering to myself, this is it, I AM it. 🙂 THANK YOU Lisa for your timely and beautiful confirmation, complete or not…lol…it is for me!


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