Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 12, 2012

We Are Now Undergoing the Biological – Celestial Galactic Alignment Within!!


I have got to be careful what I promise!  I woke up this morning at 2 am wide awake.  Granted I know I have a lot to share and put together for today’s blog, but I also need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thru my day too.  I tossed and turned until I finally fell back to sleep, only to wake up at 3:33 am.  I cannot even ignore that number, so up I got!!

Before I drug my body off the couch, I was shown an addition to something spirit had shown me yesterday when I woke up.  Let me start with yesterday…

Yesterday upon waking I was shown, what could have very well been two topical images of a hurricane cloud, one set above the other.  With the image I had heard is that the universal energies/consciousnesses are now perfectly aligned with each other.  I thought to myself, well, that would make sense to what I am starting to understand.

Today, they showed me yet another universal in addition to the two.  So now there is three, each directly in alignment with each other.  These three energies/consciousnesses are completely lined up to become one energy field, one full flowing consciousness.  Then they added that cylinder thingie that is now very much a part of every reading.  So my initial view upon waking was like this (again bear with my very primitive use of Microsoft paint.)

As I put this image together, I was given a second request in my very humble depiction of this alignment   Get out of the visual that there is one above the other… because there  is not.  So I flipped it to the right:


As I put these images together they started to fill in the bigger story at hand.  They started to use the word Galactic Alignment  granted, I do know this is very much what the date 12/21/12 is all about, the galactic alignment within the center of our milky way, but then why is that cylinder thingie on the outer edge of the circles??

I actually started to do a google search for the planetary alignment that will take place in december but instead, I found something that really hit home in my understanding. The planetary alignment of the Solar Eclipse on May 20th of this year:

I have been saying that this event was all kicked off by this eclipse, altho I really didn’t understand the bigger picture we all walked into.  If you can look at the eclipse time as hitting the outer edges of this consciousness alignment   The three main ingredients in this consciousness alignment are The Pleiades, Sirius and Earth (stated in no particular order here.)

What we were given the task of (and achieved!!) was clearing the last of our debris to fully link into The Frequency of Love.  The stronger we became attuned to that vibration, the more solidified the opening became within the there depicted energies.  Meaning there is no longer a perceived separation of what is available for all to use.

The Triad blended as one full system.  The reason the cylinder is located just within the outer edges of this alignment is because we have just arrived!!  The cylinder is not stationary at all, which now makes sense of the lady I had seen (and there are others like her) moving that cylinder like a log in water.  As we become more and more in-tune with our new frequency it will align to the direct center by our galactic alignment of 12/21/12.

Now, just to set all that aside for a moment.  The one thing that i have really noticed within readings these days, the “field” is no longer a passive player with us.  I have officially been placed on “word filter!!”  I have never had so many words taken out of my mouth just before they become audible.  Two big no no’s in my attempt at explaining what we are in… the word TUBE in relationship to that thingie penetrating all three frequencies.  They are quite adamant about saying that is NOT a tube!!  However, they are perfectly ok in letting me refer to it as a cylinder.  This morning I decided to look up the exact definitions of these two words on

Cylinder:  Geometry . a surface or solid bounded by two parallel plane sand generated by a straight line moving parallel to the given planes and tracing a curve bounded by the planes and lying in a plane perpendicular or oblique to the given planes.

Tube: A hollow cylinder, especially one that conveys a fluid or functions as a passage.

The one thing the field is pretty set on us understanding .. this cylinder is NOT hollow nor collapsible in any way.

The other word now being picked off my tongue is assimilating:  to take in and incorporate as one’s own; absorb; to compare; liken .  But they are willing to let me use the word attune: to tune (a musical instrument.)

We are also not taking in any more frequencies, for we have achieved the full spectrum of frequencies, now we just have to figure out how to tune and play our piano’s and flutes and any other musical instruments they will show us along the way!!

We must remember that we are not just using earth note, but also, pleiadian notes and sirian notes and learning what they mean and how they feel to us, and how to blend it all for our desired outcome.

Another thing the field is quite adamant about as well, we left any and all “yesterdays” behind.  That direction (backwards) does not exist in this ascended place of creation.  There is only present and forward (they have to humor us with the way we actually do move thru space and time… and the calendar still remains something in our perception.  Even with that, I hear them say that this is only thru the rest of this year as we move our cylinder to the center… then I see up leaping upwards (that 2013 timeline/vibration.)

Another thing I was given this morning as I made my way from the couch to the bathroom…  imagine you have a car full of people, all heading to the party zone called ascension… all talking and going over the details, maybe even debating over which exit to take and doing what people do when they are in a group of people.  Like I have done so many times before (literally while driving) they pass the exit and just keep rolling on down the road…. oblivious.

I think that metaphor was presented as I wondered about so many people still talking about getting to ascension when in fact, it is already here.

Ohhhhhh, another incredibly important aspect of where we are….

When I see this ascended space of energy that I now read from in an extended view, it always has this thick gel like covering to it.  The covering is yellow/gold, pliable for sure but impenetrable from the outside in.  Meaning no one still connected to the old energy, the 3D – 4D world can move any part of their energy field into this sacred space.

However…. we can always choose to move back into the old energy field.  Like I had seen before (but surely didn’t realize this thought-provoking image)… our energy field and all that we shall do with it, does flow out of this gel like covering.  This allows  the love energy we are creating with to seep into the old world energy to blend and help everyone awaken and move into this heavenly space.  But also, anytime we align ourselves vibrationally with old energy… we are allowed to move out of this space and return to the old world thought forms.

Learning to anchor our thoughts fully to this new way of living is crucial.  To arrive here means you have actually done the inner work needed to house this high frequency vibration within your energy field.  It doesn’t matter if you have lingering symptoms from the old world… the more you attune your whole body to this vast and intense frequency it will subside (whatever “it” is.)  The word “healing” is an old world word.  Much needed for those still traveling thru the 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousnesses .. but not for those on the new earth.  Playing around in old wounds takes you back to the energy in which they were created.  However, quickening your vibrational frequency… automatically eliminates anything brought into this sphere of acceleration.

Our words and thought alignments are very key as we walk in new shoes in a new way.  If any aspect of you is worried about yesterday, a year ago, lifetimes ago… you are rapidly bringing yourself back to that energy.  Let it all go… time to reprogram the mind and heart fully to the present… and the present is Heavenly!

What I find (visually) funny… over the last couple days, via the readings, people ask about others.  So far, every “other” asked about is on the outside of this gel like covering and all I can see is the image of their face pressed against the gel.  Some, aren’t even close to the gel, but those that are… cannot get thru, nor can I see or feel much about them.  Looks very much like this:

Another thing spirit has been saying thru these readings, if we can liken ourselves to a baby who was just born.  We are still in the stage of coughing up all the amniotic fluid we have been breathing (for me, this is quite literal) and really orienting ourselves to our new skin, our new body and this is going to take some time.  I feel the universe has us a wee bit over protected, but for our own good too.  I have been getting the dateline of Oct. 19th for days now… I have a feeling we will be fully aware and oriented within our new bodies and start to put into action the use of it all.

I know I wanted to share so much more information today, but man oh man that pesky field picked it right out of my memory… dammit!!  However, I do get a great image I would like to share with you as I close this sharing for today.

Orientation!  Here we are, an amazing group of energetic biology… not one person looking human, but a blend of biology that really looks very ET like.  And with that I hear that we are indeed Extra-Terrestrial.  We are simply in the initial phase of remembering what that really means to us!!

The Galactic Alignment must happen within before it happens without, to give it true meaning and power.

Power Up!!


Lisa Gawlas














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  2. You are sooo Awesome, Love being on this ride with all my Shipmates. Sending you Sacred Fire Love to Your Heart Flame. I Love You & Thank You a Bunch


    • I love you too Mayo (((((HUGZ))))

      I so owe you many emails and I am so so sorry for not replying. It is wonderful to have you on our magical mystery ship… Thank you for your sharings and your love… I do receive it all-ways and send love back atcha encased in diamonds!!



  3. the love ship! I am thrilled to be on it with you all. I have been toning to beat the band the last few days……attuning my instrument to this heavenly love.
    thank you Lisa for your early morning efforts for us all!


    • Ohhh Linda as my ears tune into the theme from he Love Boat!! Thank you for that!! ((((HUGZ))))

      (I have tried to embed the youtube clip… but I just don’t know how *sigh*)


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