Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 13, 2012

The Sun’s Orgasm Now Pushes Us Thru the Birth Canal of Life!

You know something huge is taking place on earth when every single reading and even my own meditation is showing the very same thing.

All three people who showed up for readings yesterday were people I never read for before and yet, each one undergoing a very similar thing… metamorphosis.  Each at their own stage of morphing which gave the readings the variations of their soul energy.

The first two readings appeared on the field covered in their entirety with a substance that reminded me of a fruit roll up, except this gel like covering was variations of white.  The third, more in a cloud like energy instead of thick gel, which I understood was the beginning phase of her “cocoon.”  We ARE ALL in undergoing this.

The field referred to this as an embryonic sac, and it covered the entire body as well as the entirety of their inner field.  Nothing in their physical life field was revealed, actually, just because of the pure state of change each and every one was in, not much was revealed at all, and yet, to me the understanding of just how planet wide this moment in time is, humbling.

I was able to understand (to a degree) what is happening on the inside to the human just by living the last several days and my heightened ability to see even more and more often than I ever had before.

I had about 2 hours between my 2nd and 3rd reading so I decided to take a meditation to see if I could understand more.

I no sooner closed my eyes and I could see a large circle of people outside.  So large they were in my neighbor’s yard too.  It is only this morning am I really understanding something about these Beings, which are both the Guardian energies from the Mesa Cliff and the family of community that came to witness a pure, loving soul reunion earlier this week via my meditation experience.

Now, let tell you something, if you do not think or feel YOU are crucial to this process… once again let me just say…. WRONG!! lol

From the moment of my first conscious conversations with these guardians I knew that each of them had human incarnations kicking about on this earth.  They are what led you to me.  I have heard so many stories about how people “accidentally” found my website and resonated with it and stayed.  Truly, it is less the words strung together that resonates, but the energy signature that writes thru me that you felt and connected to.  The Guardian that is YOU, that is US, together, one body of energy strung out across the globe.

Earlier this year the Guardians transmitted a series of three hypnosis events designed to link you up with that aspect of your energy, to integrate and become one.  I am going to offer these hypno-events for free for anyone who desires to connect fully to their anceint self that has been holding the energy I call Shambhala on earth.  Just click here to access the recordings.  (Let me apologize for the automatic play of the recordings, my website just doesn’t seem to listen to my HMTL instruction.  Just put them all on pause once you get onto the page.)

For those who have done the inner work, I now really am starting to understand our meditation classes coming up.  Your human is the Avatar of this aspect of yourSelf and we will learn how to animate this aspect of you as well as that Tree of Life that continues to grow and evolve every day!  Trust me, I will be on a learning curve with you thru these classes from beginner to advanced, I know, I Am always both and have so much more to learn!!

Now what I am excitedly understanding here, that for the last couple events to be released to our consciousness… that amazing holy re-union re-opening the portal to the Pleiades as well as the remembering of the child-birth bliss, YOU had to get linked up to your Guardian and start to pull these aspects into created reality once again.

When I say we are in this together, my god it runs so much deeper and fuller than I think any of us realized!!

So back to my meditation… I was only able to see a handful of these Guardian energy – Indian people on the right side of my vision (relating to the spiritual side of life.)  I could not see a thing on the left… but really, I didn’t need to understand what is happening.  Those I could see had the same energy, the same intense love vibration as my last two meditations.  We have moved from potential to Real!!

I looked around to see where my electric Indian may be… I couldn’t seem to find him.  Half of this meditation was still darkened out (left side) and half was emitting am amber glow (right side, amber always means ancient light coming to the fore.)

Then I thought about the gel like sacs covering my readings and tried to look at myself… I couldn’t see me, instead they gave me a view I surely didn’t expect.  That gel like sac was completely covering my home and most of the landscape that I live upon.  As I type (and wonder why my home) I hear spirit say this is my incubus.  After taking a stroll to that is almost eery really, at least at first glance.  It is defined over and over again as a nightmare, but then again, it is taken from a time period where we were terrified of the unseen world and sexual energy.  So  I am going to use this part of the meaning because really…. it all makes sense to me!!  one who lies down on (the sleeper),” from incubare “to lie upon” (seeincubate).

My own sexual odyssey with the unseen world started back in 2001 and instead of being a nightmare, (ok, in the beginning it felt like a nightmare because I was terrified of how I felt in the presence of that overwhelming sexual energy,) but yet, the very thing that has continually awakened me more and more is the sexual energy that lays on me and runs thru me!!   And I must say, lately, my home has been an explosion of sexual energy!!

Spirit can lay upon me any day of the week, any minute of the day… and they do!!  Crusty sleepy eyes NO MORE!!

So anyway… my whole house is my spiritual nest.  Souly made of my energy field, your Soul energy seeds, and an expanding universe unfolding in every crevice of my Home and yard.

And then, a really weird experience.  As I am now seeing the life of the Guardians encircling this land, in that state of deep reverence as before, as well as seeing my house in a gel-like embryonic sac, all of a sudden this big ass pregnant belly of an energy that is August, that I had seen in one reading this week, bulged into the middle of this circle.

This would be a great meditation exercise for you to do as well.  Let me give you a visual on this energy.

Imagine you are looking at a lady who is overly pregnant, that belly looking like it is going to burst any moment.  There is no body connected to this belly, and the belly is a vivid red field of vibrating molecules held closely together as the belly.  The out line of the belly an intense golden electric field of energy… super magnetic field of energy.  Completely emitting sparks about 2 inches long the entire length of this pregnant belly.

I suppose some part of me (surely not the observer part) put my mouth to the lower part of the belly (I suppose if it had a belly button it would have connected just under that area) and started to drink the fluids that were inside this crazy belly… like it was a Slurpee!

The body of mine witnessing this could feel the energy surge as I drank.  Weird.

Ohhhhh… and now I also understand it is the pure fluid energy of Gaia that we drink from.    We are literally being hard-wired to earths experience of (again, what I call) Shambhala.

What is even more weird, is some part of me after this crazy big drink of pregnant August energy had a talk with the sun.  I have been watching the emergence of this new, massive sun spot called 1520 and I knew it was facing directly at earth, bulging itself with X class energy.  I simply told the sun, we are now ready, you can release the energy of your core today.

As if it was waiting for permission… it unleashed a 1.4 X class flair within an hour of that meditation.

Now I am going to completely back up to the beginning of my day, before I started any readings and really stemming from the content of the blog I had published.  There was this overwhelming feeling like in any moment Santa Clause was going to be landing on my roof bearing all kinds of presents.  There was a part of me that wanted to go look and see if he was there yet, and another part of me that said your freakin crazy Lisa.

When I have really big feelings I don’t know what to do with, I release them on my facebook page.  Trust me, it helps me so much lol.

After my two readings of the morning, I knew there was something to this whole Santa Clause feeling, except we are the one’s turning into Santa.  By the time I got out of meditation, I equally understood we have the full potential now of turning our entire life into Santa’s work shop… that magical toy factory of the North Pole.

This morning as I signed into facebook I got a message from one of my friends back in Virginia that made me smile soooo wide.  She had written:

Hey Lisa! Soo listen to this! I was at work today and took out the trash, and while I was outside I heard someone singing in the building next door. I listened a little closer and realized he was singing “here comes santa claus, here comes santa claus right down santa claus lane!!” So I look up and hes at the very top of the roof doing construction on a brand new building. Then i came inside and sat down and scrolled down my facebook wall and read your post from this morning. Crazy huh??!!!? …

Spirit is always talking, validating thru out every life!!  Those with eyes to see and hearts to feel… GET IT so much!!  For which, I am ever grateful!!!

So in my own expanding weirdness of the day, I decided to go sit outside by the tree in the backyard and just ponder.  I became so aware the sun was streaming down thru the branches and I decided to have a moment of connected breath with it.  I purposely started to breathe the sun energy into my lungs, making sure I was inhaling the Light energy of the X class flare that was released earlier and exhaling my energy into the sun (one should never take without giving back, we create voids in our own energy fields that way) and holy shit batman, that didn’t last long.  My head started spinning so freakin fast I had to hold onto my chair.  I last a minute at most, then opened my eyes to catch my equilibrium, and tried again… lasted even less.  I attempted three times with the last attempt keeping me spinning even after I opened my eyes.

I went into the house to be a couch potato for a while and just process.  I turned on the movie Vanilla Sky… why that movie, well… there is always a reason.

Mostly I was watching it when I wasn’t remembering sucking the fluid out of that big ass belly in meditation.  I knew there was a correlation between the golden magnetic energy of that belly and the X flare that was released… but what?

Towards the end of this really weird movie came a flood of understanding.  One single line in that movie seemed to open a vault within me that completely suspended me from everything.

“Everything in your life, you created for your experience.”

It was like a freakin trigger let me tell you!!  I was no longer watching a movie, nor hanging on my couch, or even in a mediation… I was suspended somewhere in a semi-conscious state of ingestion!!

My whole life rolled out before me, starting with my most recent aspect then suddenly switching to various parts of childhood.

Only I was not really seeing an earth view of it all… more like a collection of heavily loaded molecules vibrating to my energy field, and pulling into my version of reality the experiences of my life.  From Rick, to my landlady, to my mentor coming to see me in 2002, to (what one could deem) unpleasant experiences from childhood.  But, it wasn’t only me I was feeling all this with, but the other persons energy field and desire in the connections and how/why we attracted each other to each other.  Literally pulling each other out of the ether’s towards each other.  The moment the experience of desire was done, the energy was released fully…. or at least it should be (we as humans, often get stuck in expired energy.)

I don’t know if I have the ability too put into words the true magnitude of this real… very real…. remembrance means to all of us.  I hope you can pick the magnitude of what this all means to each and every one of us, by the limiting words of expression I do have to share.

Our bodies are emitting energy ALL THE TIME, powered either by our hearts desire or our ego fears/desires.  This is what is creating your field of reality.  Nothing else BUT YOU.  You have the amazing fortitude to change your creations instantly by changing your mind and heart.

Until now, there had been a tremendous lag in the ego’s ability to manifest… not any longer.  The game, the vibration of earth is so amplified that what you think, you are already pulling to your reality.  Combine that thought with your heart…. Holy Freakin Shit batman…!!!!

As I watched this understanding unfold in a way that was more real than me laying on the couch watching a movie…. I knew with everything in my Being that not only is my electric Indian Real and on his way, so is this amazing community of Love.  To hold focus there is to create it.  To bring it fully into created reality.  WE Are the Dream Weavers!

To harness the power of the mind and fully link it to the heart, so crucial now more than ever!  I know I can sound like a freakin broken record, but meditation is the quickest way to achieve that goal!  Your ego, the power and energy of our minds were created to work fully with our hearts.  We have just lost our way… and our connection to that.  At the end of the day, the ego wants to do what it was created for, it always has wanted to.  It is simply afraid it never will (it is, after all, a fear based entity designed for protection thru created life) and therefore moves thru created life of its own energy… until it doesn’t!

Thru this amazing experience of seeing…. no…. understanding and knowing how we “create”  I also knew that we are so out of sync with our “relationships.”  People have weird relationships with our food sources.  They “think” that if they eat this, that will happen.  And for a small minute it does happen, and then retreats.  The power of the mind is so limited.

The only food you should ever worry about is not what goes into your mouth but what comes out of it.  That is what is creating your reality, your health, your sickness, your everything.  Period.

It took me a while to regain my sense of “bodily” self after this tremendous experience.  Once I did, I went back out to my tree and felt… and had this desire to wrap all of those on earth yearning for this reality to be real, the pure Love expressed thru life as an ongoing interactive love fueled relationship… I placed everyone in the gel like amniotic sac… there were hundreds of people in there, some went running as fast as they can out of it… but those who stayed… well, we will just see what we birth together.

I also had an amazing realization yesterday too.  My rocks from around the world.  I have not placed any of them outside yet… they all sit just under my TV screen and I don’t have the heart to move them out of my space.

I have always said, spirit is tricky.  They were never meant to be outside as they were meant to be in this nest of ours.  Every single energetic particle that shows up here in my home is filtered out thru the rocks, to your land, to your heart.  We are the reflecting pool of each other, of life growing into itself!!

How exciting is that!!!

Ohhh and my landlady had an experience several days ago that took me til this morning to understand in fullness.  She had family over and children playing in the yard.  Suddenly a rattlesnake showed up shacking its tail.  For pure precaution for the children, a neighbor shot the snake and when the snake was opened up there was a full grown bunny in its belly.

The day I showed up to look at this sacred land, she and I sat in her kitchen and a bunny stood steadfast about 10 feet from her back door thru our entire visit.  The rattlesnake of transformation energy is now one with the bunny bringing the message of community and joy.

I love our messengers, and that snake was glad to play its part.  Death is truly the ultimate transformation!!  We have arrived in Oneness!!

The orgasmic energy of creation was released yesterday via the solar flare.  We are officially moving out of the birth canal into the full energy of our desires.

Let’s get animated together!!  There is now a fluid (sap) energy moving thru our Tree of Life ready to bear the fruit of Life that is YOU/US!!!!

Thank you for all you are Doing/Creating!

Lisa Gawlas  Reading Special 3-4-2: (expires 7/16)

Meditation and Energy Classes Now Forming:  Space is limited in each class.  I am willing to waive the fee for those who truly desire to learn meditation but are undergoing a reconstruct of their financial energy (beginner level only) just pop me an email!!  



  1. The snake and the rabbit story …. wow..
    When we were in France recently .. one morning our daughter told us that she did not realise until that moment that the snake which Harry Potter sets free at the beginning of the story is actually one of the horcuxes which is killed at the end. She told us this as we were packing up to go to the beach and when we got to the beach we saw a dead snake.
    Yes…we are in constant communication with the Universe.
    Another great post … lots to digest … ( pardon the pun … that was some image of you/us drinking from the pregnant belly)
    I am so happy to feel that the miniature standing stone from the River Tweed in Scotland is in such amazing company.


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  3. Lisa, I so appreciate what you do for us and with us! I get messages every day and usually don’t understand them, just know that they are important and always, always, the next day, you discuss them either in your blog or on facebook…. every time, I just know when I see something I don’t understand, that you will cover it the next day. Like Wednesday, I was watching a video on the Appalachian Trail and there was a guy who started the trail and ended the trail dressed in a Santa Suit, crazy, odd, lol, which I knew there was something significant about it, and knew that you would let me know…. the very next day, you covered it on facebook, lol. I love this!

    I also know something is going on with the Appalachian trail and Pangea and Brevard….. but not knowing yet what it is, just keep getting it in waves of information over the last 3 yrs….. I think it has something to do with “earth worker” , but not sure….

    I wanted to also share that my favorite niece had her baby this morning, after 3.5 hrs of labor…. her name is Madison Grace……. Madison means “son”… grace of the sun…. and on Friday the 13th! A quote from a facebook posting of Elizabeth Peru: “There was a major solar flare in the last 12 hours, a 1.4X class, big ass solar flare… said to be a solar orgasm pushing us thru the birth canal (spiritually)…. on Friday the 13th, which is “DAY OF THE GODDESS: Who’s feeling the love? ♥ An OLD TRADITION, harking back to Norse Goddess Frigg’s or Freya’s Day AKA ‘Fri-Day’ being sacred to the Goddess (that’s why we love Friday’s). And 13 is the number of everything UNCONVENTIONAL & UNCONTAINED, odd as they say( where odd is powerful)! Yes, super rich energies whereby we honour everything great about the feminine force…compassion, strength, intuition, wisdom, patience & a thousand other qualities of life” ………

    Whew! Ok, I’ve emptied my “you gotta share this” vault, lol! Thanks again for all you do! Love you! Wendy


  4. Hi Lisa, It so funny that you had metioned about Santa Clause. I have been having this off and on feeling of that excited “Christmas morning’. Its that feeling you have as a child when the night before Christmas and you cant wait until morning so you can see all the gifts Santa has brought you. When you mentioned it in your blog it felt like you were talking directly to me. WOW!!! This is amasing:) Roy


  5. Cool!! This all sounds very similar to what you described in the reading we did 7/4. WOW!
    Thank you Lisa,
    Sarah :0)


  6. lisa: your comments about guardians dovetailed with a photograph i took on the sunrise same day of your post. in it, there is a lot of white light in the right side (interesting). i take many photos, but have never seen this happen before. after i saw your post, i many dimensions coexist here… hope you will read my blog post… much love and hugs… 🙂


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