Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 12, 2012

Blue Sky’s or Storm Clouds – Which Are you Creating?

There were so many trinkets of excitement threaded thru the entirety of yesterday I am not even sure what to begin with!

Before I begin tho, there was something I wanted to share for the last couple of days, but with all the things tripping my trigger lately, I just kept forgetting.

Our Connection and Cooperation with Life.

Several days ago I was having a wonderful conversation on the phone (texting I think) with my father who lives in N.E. Pennsylvania.  We were talking about how hot the weather has been and I mentioned that I am so grateful that monsoon season kicked in here making our daily temperatures bearable.  We have gone from close to 100 degrees each day to mid-80’s thanks to the rains.  He said he would sure appreciate some rain.  I said I would send him some.

When we got off the phone, I talked to the storm clouds that were pouring rain around us and asked them if they could please make their way to my father and give him some much needed rain.  I didn’t tell the clouds where he lived, no coordinates needed.  Sure enough if rain didn’t fall on his world within a day or two.  He thanked me for doing a rain dance, I laughed and said no dancing at all, just a conversation with the clouds.

I mention this because of the interconnectedness of all of life.  The energy we call clouds knew exactly where my father lived via the energy of my heart.  I didn’t have to do anything ritualistic to achieve a connection except ask with love for the clouds and for my father.

Life, ALL of life, so wants to cooperate with us, interact with us, participate fully with us.  We don’t have to learn how to stand on our heads and spit nickels for this relationship to Be, we just have to open our hearts and Love.

We can really make life complicated sometimes, well, a lot of times.

Can I just say too, when any aspect of our self’s, our lives, are out of sync with the Love of Life, it gives us what we need as opposed to what we may be asking for.

But, to live fully in Life as we are meant to Be, we must fully move into Life’s stream of energy.  Love.

I am learning so much these days, more than my words can completely share out loud right now, but enough to take us all deeper.

I have heard the words “what we do for one, we do for the All.”  Sounds nice, absolutely believable in my heart, but my lingering question has always been… how?  Well, I got a bird’s eye view, body participating understanding yesterday morning.

I connected with my beautiful lady trusting me to know how to release the years of psychic attacks she had been enduring.  We started the energy work of this release the day prior, we left this big, thick, tap-root of anger stemming from 3 lifetimes ago with a hydro-energy to allow it to loosen up when we returned the next day.

It worked like a charm (smile) and when we connected again and I was actually able to pull this tap-root up from the energy field of that lifetime, I was so surprised to see 4 tentacles underneath it.  Geez… now what to do?

This big black deep root is connected to a lady incarnated in life today.  I don’t know this lady at all and yet, to help my client I had to deal and release the energetic hold of this lady, knowing all energy work has consequences, some rather unpleasant to experience by the host human(s).

My team gave me the green light every step of the way.  Alrighty then, the first thing we did was completely severe one of the tentacles and immediately I had seen this lady (who holds the energy of this anger root) fall over and die in the next lifetime.  I knew as I witnessed what happened her life was cut short in the next life because we removed the food she feeds from… other people’s energy.

I instantly got worried… shit, I just killed someone!!  My team changed my word killed to resurrection.  All death is a resurrection.  A choice point if you will.  What was actually killed was the intense negativity that was being played out by this woman a lifetime ago, releasing everyone connected to her from its effect.


So we go to cut the next tentacle from this tap-root and something so surprising happened as it was severed…. blue skies started to appear.  I could smell the freshness in the air.

That third one tho… sheez… the closer I got to it, it became HUGE.  I mean, huge.  I watched as my team changed the energy device they (we) were actually cutting these root stems with and I realized this was the feeder of it all. It was the angry lady’s source of discontent and went even deeper into her past lives.  We started to cut and at the same time, put an energy covering over both severed parts.  It kind of reminded me of the goo you put on a tree once you prune it.  I understood that without this energy field in place, it would have reconnected itself eventually.

I sent a wave of pure light down the lower part of the root to the past lives of this angry person to help soften them with love.

There was a massive blue sky forming, the energy changing to Light until I got to that 4th and final tentacle that would completely free this major tap-root that is actually affecting much more than my client, there are others who don’t even realize they are being attacked by an entanglement from their deep (perceived past) and when we severed that one… storm clouds rolled in, but only at that very tentacle.  I could see and feel the thunder and lightning strike at the ground of that area.  I knew it was the angry lady’s current lifetime.

All else was released, she must now choose clearing and new energy… or not.  Resurrection one way or another.

I watched as my clients spiritual team (and no doubt, all the teams of people who have unknowingly or knowingly been under attack by this massive tap-root) start to swirl the blue energy in a spiral form outwards thru time.

The tap-root just fell over and the spiritual teams made like a camp fire in the middle of my clients energy field and threw this root into it.  I could see and feel the crackling of it burning.

The last thing they showed me was the emergence of a new tree in my clients energy system.  This tree looked a wee bit dehydrated and was small and bear, but now able to take in life’s vital energy.  I knew this was her apple tree coming back to life.

This is also the client I had seen throwing handfuls of fertilizer over the Mesa Cliff a week or so ago that I could not understand what was happening (then.)

Throughout my day my vision was taken back to the campfire and I was able to see sparkles of light emanating from that fire move thru the veils of time, changing all three lifetimes of energy.

This morning, I can already see the growth of this tree and a single leaf now dangling from one of the limbs….

Immediately when we finished our time together, my bowels exploded!  My solar plexus cramping for hours, expelling all the black energy of that work.

The energy field of my brains started to turn to soup.  My body sparked an energy fever and I went from freezing to sweating to freezing.  Thank God I had 2 hours before my next appointment!!

I sat on my couch and thought…. what the hell is this!!!

Now here is an interesting thing… and how important and energetic our intentions really are.

All the while I am learning this new work all I could think about every step of the way is something like this in my next meditation to bring in the fullness of That LOVE of the community and electric Indian from my previous meditations.  There was not a step happening that I was in the background taking notes.  If we can dispel anger and negativity, surely we can open the flood gate of the Real.

The intention was enough.  I sat on my couch feeling like the universe gave me a dose of Novocaine, but thankfully did not give me complete anesthesia  (smile) and was able to watch what was really happening within me.

The first thing I became aware of was the molecules in the air.  Particle energy floating everywhere my eyes looked in various shades of soft colors.  I watched as they scooped out all the old energy thru my solar plexus and filtered in the new energy now floating around the room.

They took what I can only describe as soft cobwebs from the exterior of my head and was connecting it to an energy field I could not yet see.  They took something and opened the core energy of my lower back and infused it with new liquid energy of various colors.

All I could think and feel is… this is really weird.  Like being fully awake thru an entire surgery.  Weird.

I could constantly feel the dull wave of  a headache move thru my head.  It only last several seconds, followed by dizzy then returning to just numb.

I could feel the presence of Beings in my home but not really see them.  This morning I now know who they were/are.  That community that seemed to embed deep into my heart, which is also the last lifetime that which I call The Guardians were incarnate in a physical body.

For as exciting and weird as this experience was, all I could think is my lord I have 3 more readings to do today, please let me do that!  Novocaine for brains will not work!!

Altho I was able to see and connect with each one of my clients, they were going thru the same energy infusion I was.  Exciting yes… but that was all we got to see really.

What I do understand now with so much of this energy that we are being embedded with, it is coming from earth herself.

We have pulled down our higher energy from spirit and earth is now working overtime to solidify it all into expression.  Grounding it into our lives if you will.

Ain’t no wonder we are sleeping, bloating, swelling, purging, and sleeping some more.  This is now happening very close to home, our biological DNA.

The sun working in tandem with his beloved, Gaia.  Like the image I had seen of the Indian loving his wife thru childbirth, so is our sun with our mother.  We are the creation of expression of their love affair.

Her passion burns like fire, her joy flooding in tears.  We are now being pushed out on the orgasmic wave of creation.

Thru one of my readings yesterday, I had seen the energy I am just going to call August.  The bulging of the pregnant fields of August came in to touch the energy of our present moment.  Full…  a magnetic field of energy like nothing I have ever seen before.  Pulling us into completion, into the REALness of Life’s energy.  At least for those who have fully and completely “Let go” and started to put the energy of change into their lives with action.

I have watched as some yearn so deeply in their hearts to be the living expression of Love and all that goes with that, yet they walk down their street of life with old identities, perceptions, restrictions in place.

Let me assure you that the hearts desires WILL trump the ego’s stranglehold.  The landmines, cleansing fires, thunderous rains… all placed into lives to dissolve the illusion.    …or not!  Freakin choices and free will.

There are two, very real types of fertilizer life uses to grow into its real and true expression.  For those clinging to the ego identity, it would come in the form of shit.  Bodily excrements designed to break down on every level and push up new life.

Or Love.  An energy field so rich and expansive you cannot help but expand, joyfully and fully from the feel and interaction.

I have to chuckle to myself just remembering the acronym shit comes from: Ship High In Transit.

One way or another…. our choice….All-Ways!!

With pure radiant LOVE filled ((((HUGZ)))) squeezing us all into the Life Field of Heaven…Together!!   …No shit needed or wanted!!  (smile, wink)

Lisa Gawlas  Reading Special 3-4-2:

Meditation and Energy Classes Now Forming:  Space is limited in each class.



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  2. That’s so amazing how the black roots were dissolved, and I’m so happy for the client. But it’s creepy to think about how strong the stranglehold is/was based on previous lifetimes, and nonspiritual people affected by it in this lifetime would have no way to control it or dissolve it themselves (if I’m understanding correctly)


    • Actually Cheryl, this person is someone who is public and believes she is spiritual. Ego can so dim the light into a false state of illusion. Boy even to reply to this is tricky because everyone is spiritual, impossible not to be. Lets just say claiming to be spiritually aware.

      When spirit started saying our entanglements run deep… I had no idea how deep they were talking about! But again, there is a positive, exciting side to this… not all entanglements serve to strangle… but fully grow us into the brightest Light we are!

      Ohhhh the beautiful complex creations we ARE!!
      Love ya girl!!


      • Yes, thanks for pointing out “spiritually aware” because that’s what I meant.


  3. Mmm… Shit …. or Love ….
    Great post Lisa


    • Eileen, your comment actually posed a really interesting thought. We have all pretty much arrive Here turning our Shit into Love!! Now WE are the fertilizer of expression… phew!!

      I love ya lady!!


      • We have got to know our shit pretty well over these last years haven’t we. 🙂 We are the ultimate alchemists turning Shit into Love! Forget gold …and base metals …
        Love that Lisa – the fertiliser of expression – fabulous .. you have a great way of saying things.
        Loving your new photo btw too.
        Thank you as always for all you are and all you do and be.


  4. beautiful post. Wow, love the rain clouds and how all of life conspires to work with us, for us. We are so blessed. Thank you for the community of love story as I turn to that as the reality I want to live in. You have created an energy with your sharing, that I can tap into. Thank you!


  5. This reminded me that “they” know where everything and everyone is. A friend offered to send me a healing guide last night and I almost asked if she needed my address to give him. I did say, “Now, I won’t be home until about 6 p.m. though” like he wouldn’t have known that. 😉


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