Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 14, 2012

The Solar Radiation is Connecting Us To Our Tree of Life – Underground!

After I finished my sharing yesterday I went outside to sit by the tree in the backyard, instead, I heard the River calling me.  I have decided either the voices of nature are getting louder, or my hearing is getting sharper… or both.

As I made my early morning trek to the river all I could think of was that rattlesnake.  Granted that one had been killed… As soon as the worry started to enter me I heard first the Guardians say we will let no harm come to you.  Phew, thank you!  I was still worried tho, not enough to stop walking, but I did inch my way towards the river.  Suddenly I heard the voice of the snake that made himself known to my landlady and the children playing in her back yard.  He said I came with a message and would never hurt the children, nor you.  It was more than the words of this now transformed snake that released my worry, it was the love that vibrated within the words and filled the air that I had nothing to worry about.

As I sat on my tree stump at the river, which is now raging from all the wonderful rains we have had, I had thought about how this river now represents so many of us.  Moving fluidly and rapidly thru this growth stage we are in, filled with the heavenly fluid of our soul.

Suddenly my eyes went up to the Mesa top and there was such a distinct play of sunlight between the left and right side of this Mesa.  Until this moment, I don’t think I ever noticed a dividing line upon it.  Clearly the sun bathed every inch of the right side of the Mesa top.  On the left side, which was mostly sunless I seen so clearly a Guardian appear in the sunlight.  To my eyes it was unmistakable in clarity.  I took a picture:

Look at the image of light on the left side.  You can see broad shoulders, a head, on the right side of the shoulder looks like a hand reaching up towards the Mesa top and the lower part of the body full of light.  The only thing that seems to be missing is the belly.  Yet that is so perfect as mother earth is now filling in that energy as we breathe.

An excitement filled my heart like I cannot even describe.  Left side represents physical life, the image itself is reaching his left hand to the top of the Cliff, which is ascended ground.  All I could feel was we are so close to birthing the Light of our Selfs onto the ascended ground to live freely as incarnated Light Beings.  We only have inches left to go!!

My entire body started to buzz with energy.  As I made my way back to the house my entire body system seemed to turn into a soft song of Kundalini energy.  I still had an hour left before my first reading of the day, as I sat at my computer I could hear my dear Indian call me to my bedroom.  Geez, all I could think was… I have work to do and do not want to expend any of my own energy before investing it into the readings.  He assured me, they will fill me up with more energy.

Who am I to argue??

These journeys never cease to amaze me these days!!  There was my Indian appearing just above my belly about 6 inches tall, which I thought was rather strange.  Suddenly, from where he was standing a gentle upward staircase emerged, everything seemed to be basked in the night sky, but I could clearly make out the details.

I watched as he reached towards me and pulled some part of me up there with him.  He looked like he always does, but pint-sized (smile) I on the other hand was an outlinr of white light standing next to him.  Then he took my hand and we walked together up those stairs to the top, which would put us just under the clouds of the sky.  We stood there and faced each other when suddenly and at the very same time, our heart centers opened up wide and our respective kundalini serpents stuck their heads out to face each other.  Let me tell you the electricity that ran thru my entire body… and continued to amplify as these crazy snakes slinked out of our heart cavities and engulfed each other.  Somehow, these snakes became one energy system and the moment they did, my body exploded in energy.  As my crazy body is exploding suddenly thru it all, this white net like of energy shot out of my body, completely wrapped itself around the image of the stairs, my and my Indian and our oneness of kundalini energy and pulled everything with a quick jolt into my sacral chakra.

That ended that.  I still wonder…. what the hell???

Dunno…. yet.

I had 20 minutes to recover and get centered for my first reading!  When I connected to her I was so baffled.  There was no image of the ground, the field, not even the Mesa cliff… at all.  All I could think to myself is if I landed in the void I am gonna be pissed!!  I took my inner vision and scanned everywhere within the field and then I seen it as my eye moved upwards at the left side of the field.  Our sun.  Huge, brightly Orange-ish and putting the sunspot complex of 1520 so in my face I could feel the energy oozing out of the dark masses on the sun.  This was kewl!!!

I have had a love affair with the sun since the day I was born and here it is, showing up in a reading  in all its glory… with a completeness of view and feeling even Nasa would envy.  But I couldn’t get another single detail to unfold.  All I could feel with her is the sun is still radiating that tremendous energy on you.  But I also became very aware of how intense the vibration of energy was.  My personal antenna cannot yet pick up the visuals of this radiation flowing out of the sun into her life.  As it is with every one of us, I cannot see beyond my own vibrational rate.  Can we say UPGRADE!!  Hurray!!

We rescheduled.

I still had two more readings and as exciting as this upgrade, power energy is… I wanna read!!

Can I just give a shout out to our embryos/fetuses in this tremendous time and the mothers carrying them!!  You are not pregnant with any usual child in this time.

This particular reading is a “couple” energy I have been reading for.  Altho they had told me I had seen their pregnancy in a prior reading and about the timeline they would get pregnant… I really don’t remember that at all.  But they arrived pregnant, conceiving right around the Venus Transit.

They too had a sun as the first thing seen in their reading.  The sun, instead of being on the left side of their field was hanging just above the mesa cliff to the right.  As I told them about the sun and not sure I am going to be able to get anything for them again today, I noticed their sun was actually moving deeper to the right.  My first lady, the sun was absolutely still.  Hmmmm… gotta mean something!!

I realized that the sun on the left was activating the ladies physical life in every conceivable way, making her life at a standstill until this energy subsides.  For this pregnant couple, it is binding their spiritual energies with a heightened frequencies brought on by the baby within.

I noticed that there was a gel like something or another over the sun, so I did not see or feel the sun as clearly as my lady prior.  Something is going on here!! The mama so wanted to have a reading with her growing baby… so I tried to bring her into my kitchen to look at her body instead of her full Light field.

At first I thought I might have broken something, she was part skin and part gel like energy and really reminded me up a patchwork quilt.  Spirit was really really good at hiding her belly from my view.  I could connect with every part of her… except that.  We could see the massive changes taking place (hence the gel and liquid energy areas) but I could not get in her belly.

So I brought the daddy to the floor.  This will be an image forever burned in my field of vision!!  There was the mama, now standing profile view in my kitchen and daddy had his head completely inside her belly.  He was bent over and I had a clear view of his back and lower body, but could not see his head at all.

His back was bulging with energy work being done, especially at the solar plexus area.  Then, if beautiful weird doesn’t become weirder… I watched as spirit pulled his very loose jeans off his butt and then hung just under his butt checks.  What the hell is that all about?  All spirit would say is “something hidden is now exposed.”  Exposed to whom?  Yes, I now have a bird’s eye view of this man’s butt cheeks… something I really don’t need to or wish to see thank you very much.

I started to understand that he has the gift of complete connection and communication with his unborn child.  His ancient wisdom, from his root chakra (hence the nekked butt) was now being revealed to him.

The sun’s movement into the deep right field (spiritual energy) is kicking the ancient union of these three souls up from the depths of the earth… clearer for what is at hand in this triad of energy.

This is the 2nd pregnancy now I am having the most intense privileged of connecting to and watching grow… The power and knowing of these unborn babies… man oh man!!  They are all being fully seeded with the energies that are released as a fully on part of their DNA codes.  It will be interesting to see these amazing creations several years from now.

My last reading of the day unfolds with a sun located directly to her mid field just above the mesa cliff.  She too had that veil like something or another over the sun so it was not as intense.  But strange just became really strange.  Her sun was bouncing up and down like a ball.  Slow and rhythmic, but up and down all the same.  It seemed to come down, touch her field of energy, sit back up in the sky, back down again, up again… geepers creepers, how the hell am I supposed to understand this!!

I suddenly could see her entire field… she was wrapped up in a spiral like cocoon of gel like energy that had a spiral ridge embedded into it.  I started to realize the sun was amping this state of her growth/metamorphosis up in this current moment.  That spiral ridge thingie in her gel sac was bringing the sun’s energy down into the ground itself.  I could not see what this energy looked like or how it was happening… my antenna has to go thru an upgrade (which is underway…. hurray) to see this.

But what I did get to see… holy shit batman!  My vision went directly under her feet.  That is where all the action is happening.  Deep within the root system of our New Life.

The energy from the soles of her feet emerged like that network of new artery’s and veins but in multi-colored connections flowing backwards to the area the Tree of Life is.  I watched as this new network of energy, or life connections wrapped around a golden egg (goose sized, not chicken sized) and to the side of this golden egg was a pyramid of crystalline energy, smaller than the egg, but holy cow batman, the energy it radiated was far from small!

The network of energy got within about 6-12 inches of the roots of this amazing tree of life and just stopped.  I was slightly baffled… and when I get baffled I let you ask a question… gets me out of my head and back into my heart.

She asked about a horse she is picking up (today)… a rescue horse that she agreed to care for during the next 90 days.

Instantly I had seen this horse show up in the exact spot, or void of the connection area of the roots of the tree of life and her new energy field.  I watched as this horse stood there and out of each hoof emitted a golden network of energy that I knew was going to serve as her full on connection to the tree of life.

I was amazed to see this… and the continued understanding that went with it.  This horse and her had a past life (several actually) together and he is coming to finish what they had started together.  I could see him as if I really had a horse in my backyard… so real.  Everything else was made of light energy, but not this horse.  Suddenly I could see a yellow/gold 5 pointed star on his forehead, just above the eyes.  That star looked like part of his make up, part of him.  Then this crazy energy blanket covered him from neck to tail and hung all the way down to the ground.  This blanket was made of pure energy, unlike the feeling of the star.  I have no clue what either of that means to her or the horse!

But I do know this horse is going to bring her into a whole new version of herself, of her abilities and her full on connection with the new, vibrant, Holy Tree of Life.

I was excited to hear that her daughter is going to be blogging about this horses journey to their lives and what transpires along the way, and in fact she had already started the journey of blogging about it.  I want to share the link with you all, we can all watch the magic and mystery of life unfold together:

When I am on such a severe learning curve with new energy, new imagery, new everything in a reading… I rarely think about anything beyond our connection in the moment.  Yesterday was very much like that… never in all my years (decade) of reading has the sun itself permeated and fed a reading.  Learning curve to the hilt.  So I never even thought of my morning sharing, the drinking of the pregnant belly fluids when I had seen my second readings daddy do exactly that, to a much deeper and fuller degree.  I never thought about the sun image of the guardian with his hand just inches away from full on connection with the Mesa Cliff… living on ascended ground when I had seen my third readings energy network just inches away from a full on connection to the  Tree of Life…

I do now.

Ohhhhh, there was a very very interesting message that came out of my last reading of the day.  I had seen thru several readings now the network of new energy, new connections all happening under the earth about a foot deep.  I must have wondered during her reading why here… why not on the ground itself.  Because I had heard as clear as day… so those who cannot see, will not see.

There is a protection in place of what we are growing into, what earth is becoming, that cannot become tainted with anything less than pure Love.  We are truly the underground network of the New Life.  Held sacred, protected, loved into our fullness.

As I sat and just pondered, expanded thru the fullness of this incredible day, my Indian showed up as I was wondering what to call him.  He surely does not feel like the Jorge I once connected to, with our integration of energy together, he is no longer as electric as he once was and I surely don’t want to simply call him Indian… and on the most beautiful, soft flowing breeze of energy he simply said “call me Gentle Feather.”

I had to smile when I felt that name.  One of the things I forgot to share when this precious man strolled into my living room with his entire community was:

While he and his soul partner were expanding in the cosmos in their loving ecstasy together…. the part of me that was observing all of this watched their physical bodies as well.  The community, one by one, held a single feather in their hand and single file brushed their feather on the coupled bodies as they went back to where they came from.

Suddenly I realize, I am not feeling cobwebs on my legs… I am feeling feather strokes of a community returning Home!!

Ohhhh the wonderful, unfolding puzzle of US!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of solar-powered love underground to All!!

Lisa Gawlas  Reading Special 3-4-2: (expires 7/16)

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  2. Holy Cow Lisa, (or maybe Holy Horse?) I’m hoping the solar flare energy is what is affecting me so extremely that I will have to come back and read this again later. My head hurts, my vision is blurred so much that it is difficult to read and comprehend. I’m thinkin I need to go outside and put my feet on the Earth.
    Late last night on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Yoko Ono and son Sean Lennon made an appearance to sing a song written in support of a new movement called Artists Against Fracking. They said they had just gotten the new website up at 9:00 p.m. last night and it would be listed under that title: Artists against Fracking, I haven’t looked for it yet (obviously) I’m hoping the song they performed will make it to You Tube, as it was a real treasure.


  3. I found it! I feel sure that this was a very proud moment for John, watching his “Beautiful Boy” and his precious wife, from the Other Side….
    (This is the performance from last night, not the Artists Against Fracking website)


  4. Awesome Lisa! Could you please tell me what color the horse was in your vision (I know the ladies will be posting pics soon of him, but I would like to know what your vision told you about his color). Thanks and Namaste!


    • Hi Mandy (((HUGZ)))

      I had no interpretation of the horses color, just awestruck of the realness of him. He was a deep chestnut brown in color. I only seen his head and left side… but his coloring seemed to be uniform. Funny, I don’t remember actually seeing a mane or a tail either… just the front of his head and back/side.


  5. oh wow… another sync… animal soul family/’past’ life connection, just like what I have been made aware of too! Brilliant! Also… guess what I saw when I looked at the brand name of the oven in our new house?? ‘Newworld’… model name?? ‘Vision’! Awesome. Also, when we brought the cat to spend the first night here with us, there was a little green mouse/cat toy that the previous owners had left behind… brand new too… he played and purred since he walked through the door… so happy!! Much love and keep up the good work (((hugs)))


  6. Lisa

    Thank you so much for positng our link about the horse. My daugther was estatic that she had something like 50 page views yesterday!


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