Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 15, 2012

The Quartz Crystals from Arkansas and the Fusion!

Well, today is the 15th of January.  A day I had long seen in readings as a “big” day.  Activating a lot of things within peoples paths that truly I didn’t and still don’t (at least clearly) understand.

I sat here this morning wondering what to write about… nothing came.  For a change I actually have hours then to do a bath meditation.  I laid down in the bath, looking for my own self guidance… nothing.  Geez!  But man oh man, those crystals had a lot to say!!

But before I get to that, I want to share an experience I had last evening while washing dishes.

The sink window looks out to the Cliff of the Mesa, so anytime I do dishes I have a breath taking view to clean upon.  Well, it was evening… dark outside.  But yet, my eyes still went out there to the Cliff.  Suddenly I had seen two flickering lights up there… a beautiful amber glow flickering like the licks of a fire.

Surprised would be an understatement, I have not seen anything but shadow energy up there period.  I had to ask… what the heck?

I instantly seen the two orders I had received for the Infused reading.  All my crystals are still very happily outside sitting tree stumps bonding.  When each order came thru, I could see which tree stump their crystal was on and the energy flame of the crystal that will be theirs.

I understood (kinda sorta) that the connection between their crystal and their Avatar (for lack of a better word or description) has taken place.  But… we are still a week a way from doing a reading and then sending it… etc. etc.

So, as I go and take a bath I see the energy of the golden rod and the white rod being fused together with this intense fusion of gold energy.  To me it would remind me of a welder soddering a pipe and all the sparks that fly off during the process.  Only the sparks were all connected (instead of fragemented or alone) and intense gold (both in color and feel.)

I heard nothing from the guardians, or much of anything really…. except the crystals.

The Energy Connection of the Crystals:

I mined my first batch of crystals in July 2010.  I did nothing with them except clean each and every one with a toothbrush and water… and simply loved them until I felt their call to do something or go somewhere.

Over the course of a year, every single point that I had mined developed record keepers on them.  I thought that alone was strange, I had hundreds of them… and only about 3 or 4 came out of the mines with record keepers.  I knew they weren’t for me to journey with…but who and how?

I mined several hundred more this past July.

Last summer I gave away 3 crystals with every reading.  I sent about 150 people crystals in sets of 3… I have no idea which batch they were sent from.  I made sure each person had two points a cluster, per the instructions of the crystals.  Until now, I really had no idea the purpose of full use of those precious little energy Beings.

In my bath today, they had a lot to say!!

Each and every one of the crystals from Arkansas is fully activated.  Everyone on earth.  The ones I personally mined knew exactly where my path would take me (would have been nice if they gave me a heads up…smile) and were programmed for activation and full use with their Avatar (again, my word for the energies I see at the top of this Mesa Cliff.)

Many people needed prior alignment to this energy and received their crystal last year.  We know that some of the people completely discharged the programming within their crystals… that cleansing and clearing thing… and the programming was cleared.

Learning how to activate the programming takes bonding with your crystal (hold, love, play with, sleep and/or bathe with.)  Some already knew how to journey with the crystals… for those that were ready, you have already met your Avatar, for those who have not cleared their mind and fully opened their hearts… the activation still awaits your matching frequency.

For those whose hearts already match the frequency, it is not the reading, it is not the holding of the crystal, it is the pure intent in your heart-field.  That is what creates the activation… the process of fusion / bonding.

The network of energy within the crystal kingdom is far and deep and absolutely conscious of every heartbeat on earth.

Your ancient memories are held sacred in our bosom.   Your increased frequency is the key that releases it all back to you, to this precious earth, to even the stars up above.

It is true, You are the Ones you have been waiting for, and now it is time to get to work!

With love, honor and pure golden excitement!

The Crystals, the Guardians and Lisa too!




  1. loving that my crystal is already working with me to align my avatar!! love the rods of gold..for me it is the rod and staff of the divine feminine and divine masculine coming into union. And the gold energies, well, my new website is called liquid lovelight as I see that is who and what I am …pure gold light pouring through my heart to the earth and all her kingdoms. OH, it is so beautiful. Thank you for your updates. I have carried for the past year a crystal mined in Arkansas that is a dear friend. I love that they are now all activated! What joy, what joy! Everything wants to serve our awakening just as we wish only to serve the more we become ourselves. LIfe is beautiful and you are a shiny light of love!


  2. I see I am repeating myself, writing on all of your blogs!!! I feel so excited like a little kid who has run home to say: “Mommy, I found a new friend to play with!”


    • I love how you put that (giggling my butt off over here)… and it is fun… and exciting once again! And ohhhh the new friends indeed!!


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