Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 14, 2012

Soul-Mergers and Living Gratitude

The very first morning I woke up in my new Home, it was as if the feeling, the full on energy of gratitude was alive and spilling out of every pore of my skin.  Not in a forced or needing to feel grateful… it was weirdly (and I do mean weirdly) spontaneous and deep.

I gave thanx for the toilet that I sat upon (that alone is simply a weird feeling… new, but weird), the floor I walked upon, the sink I drew water from to start my coffee.  There was not a thing… not a single thing my whole body and heart wasn’t truly and deeply thanking.

The strangest thing was breakfast.  I personally was not hungry (I was still in coffee mode) but yet, this alive new energy inside of me, wanted breakfast… and was rather fussy about what (we) were having.  We were content with eggs over easy… but the meat… that was funny.  I wanted sausage, deep inside, this grateful energy… wanted bacon.  The feeling of honoring our pig friends, a rememerance (that surely wasn’t mine) of slabs of meat cooking over an open fire was more exciting than anything I remember feeling in a long time.

As I sat down to eat my bacon, eggs and toast… you swear my whole field hit the lottery.   The gratitude that flowed from me to my breakfast… to all the life that conspired to be sitting there on my plate for a full on merger was humnbling.  I (we) ate like it was the first time I had a meal… a fully conscious exchange of living energy… meal.

We didn’t just eat, we exchanged love and vibrancy… energy.

It was in that moment I knew something was added to my field, my inner field.  Even tho that consciousness was indeed me, it was a very very new part of me.

Soul-Mergers.  My entire path has taken me to many area’s of this country.  I have lived 6 states in the last 11 years (and stayed in Canada for 5 weeks.)   I started to understand that I was going to various places to fully reconnect with aspect of my soul energy.  Each place brought me into a more consciousness aspect of myself than before I arrived.  I have known that, but it was all so subtle that I never really thought about it as much as I have this week.

There is no doubt, that aspect that resided here is a male energy.

Inside of me, it really does feel like two halves of a whole learning to meld and blend together in full consciousness.  I can hear him talk, think and feel as clearly as I do the aspect that has always been in this body.  Not so much as seperate, just different than anything I have become accustomed to.

The gratitude… deep.  Beyond the mundane aspects but for being Alive again.  In body, touching and breathing life in fulless… in body again.  It is amazing really, what we, as the incarnate human, can take for granted.  Being in Body.  Moving thru life as Matter in full tangible relationship with matter.

It is funny to think… so many people I talk  to/read for look forward to the day they can leave this planet, this body… and yet… the Living Field of our ancestors, kneel within us because they can Now Live FULLY again and the gratitude is sometimes more than my own beating heart can bear.

And even now, as I pause to take all this information in (trust me, I am learning so much as I share) I hear his story… our story.   I will write about this later today in the Shambhala blog in a tab called something like Who Are the Guardians (or something like that, it will be a tab on the top of the page.)

I do hear him say that they are the original “cave dwellers” as history talks about them.  I suddenly remember a crystal I was given back in 2002 that took me inside of a cave (the dead sea cave #4 to be exact) that was way up near the top of the cliff, yet getting there to the opening took nothing but desire and intent… and once in there is where I learned from and had embedded in my heart energy the true teachings of Jesus.

Even later, as I went to a crazy place called Hell Holes in Canada, my daughter and I went down into a cave in the earth and I could feel people living there… less human and more star people blended into the human DNA.

And the caves at The Craters of the Moon in Idaho… jeez, I have been cave scooping (bits and pieces of myself) for a while and never ever put it all together until right now.  lol

But thru this sharing, as vague as it is right now… I am really really understanding the Crystals that I mined from Arkansas and have given away and will give away.  They have all been encoded with your true ancestor for full merger if you allow.  I will write about this in detail on my website (I hope today) and will link it to my readings page for easy finding.

I knew that as we walked into 2012 that life would never be the same again… but I never ever could have imagined what I am starting to understand now.


With ohhh so much love, excitement and deep inner gratitude to who we are waking up to Be… again!


Lisa Gawlas








  1. Dear Lisa
    I just wanted to relay to you what happened to me concerning Shambhala which you have been writing about. First off i had only heard the word a time/two i suppose before i started seeing it here with you but never had any urge to look into it so today i did search and read a little info on it for now
    “Sambhala (this is the form found in the earliest Sanskrit manuscripts of Kalacakra texts; the Tibetans usually transliterated this as “Shambhala”; Tib. bde ‘byung) is a Sanskrit term of uncertain derivation. Commonly it is understood to be a “place of peace/tranquility/happiness”.( from wikipedia)

    Anyway, i had a creative vision come to me about three years ago 2008/2009 when i was living in the Western mountains of North Carolina. This vision was where i would build some type of community setting however i have gone through you may say hell and back in that time and the vision subsided so i thought that was the end of it. Then last year it returned and then subsided again and now in the last month or so it is full speed again. It seems this vision is wanting to get brought here in the physical as it is filling my sleep dreams and most of my awake hours.

    Now here is what happened today that was so profound with this Shambahala. I was standing at the mirror fixing my hair to put my hat on and i heard myself say ” heck i don’t know how many people will come to Shamhbala” and i went where did that come from, and then i hear that is the name, the one that you have been looking for as name of the community/village. That just dropped out of nowhere so i thought i would say thank you for the name! Perhaps we will meet one day in this Shambhala Community/Village



  2. Hi Lisa,
    Today I was asking my higher self for help because I am having some difficulty dealing with a fundamental grief issue that is reflected in my current situation, manifesting in my body, and is very difficult for me to pull out of. Anyway, after I asked for help I got a visual of something that reminded me of the things you share. It was of me being in a cube ish kind of stuff like pale orange jello, and reaching out my hand into the next space to grab a hand that was offered to me in assistance. It seems like there is a boundary, a line where the jello gets much thinner and easier to move in, and paler. I am trying to leave something very dense and sticky, moving into something much easier to function in. So earlier it was one arm. Then later an arm and most of the other leg, and now it feels like a bit of my torso- the front of my chest is crossing the boundary.
    Don’t know why I have the need to tell you about it, but it reminded me of how you describe things. When I first read your descriptions I was thrilled because I understand what it is like to see things that I can’t describe and only vaguely understand at the time, but know are important. Thank you for that.


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