Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 16, 2012

Seeing the Signs of Our Life!

Life is just an amazing journey, especially when you can see all the sign-posts you have left for yourself along the way.

I have always said, life is always. ALL-WAYS conspiring FOR you!  Never ever against you.  Sometimes it may take years or even a decade (or several) for all the signs of your life to really come together and shout “WE MADE IT” to you!

This week has been so exciting for me, not because of the readings, altho they always get me excited (smile) but because of the people seeing their own sign posts that has been saying… you really are going somewhere and today, that validation of arrival (even if we don’t know tangibly where or what that somewhere is) sings thru the heart stream loudly.

Example, in a reading I had done a couple days ago, I could see the lady at the very top of a tree.  The tree was dead, all the branches were cut off and then, as if in split screen… another field showed up… with the most lush vibrant tree, filled with branches and leaves that flickered from green to shimmering gold.  I heard her team say she had to jump… transplant herself from where she is now to this next version of her life.

She got all excited as she remembered writing in her high school year book (several decades ago) “Some of us need to be transplanted like a tree before we blossom”  Talk about leaving yourself a huge note!!  Not only that… (smile) she purchased a journal book that had Cinderella on it several years ago.  I so love her question… why would someone 43 buy a journal with Cinderella on it.

Because her spirit already knew she would be reading information about living our Cinderella dream…our Happily Ever After, as she transplanted her tree (smile) and left sky rockets of validation on her path of life.

I had another lady the other day, the moment the connection started I could see her so vividly already climbing the cliff in the back yard.. there was such a hue of gold energy all around her and her spider-woman climbing of the Cliff.  She told me of her story… about hearing Mexico 11 years ago, then last year, Virginia, and then Mexico again in the later part of last year.  It was as if her soul was following my journey to conspire to bring her to the place for her full emergence within… she will be coming here to visit.

I too have been sitting her for the last week putting all the pieces of my life together, and it all has lead to here.  Right down to my car.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a crystal nut.  I am so in-love with all crystals, but most especially the Quartz Crystals.  I have them everywhere… including in my car.

Last year, shortly after I moved to New Mexico the first time, I placed on my dashboard, right behind my steering wheel a beautiful yellow sulfur crystal, a peacock ore (AKA the stone of happiness) and a bird feather I had seen on the ground.  I ever moved them, but also, never really questioned why that combo.  Until I moved here to Jemez Pueblo.

When I turned on the hot water… OMG the smell of rotten eggs was overpowering.  I thought… there is sulfur in this water.  Sure enough… there is… phew, that takes some adjusting too!  But will not deter my sheer bliss of Being here.

About the 2d day here I started to see my car… my movement forward.  Then I had seen the two crystals on my dash, sulfur and happiness…. and the feather, flight of freedom!!  It all conspired to bring me here and validate that I am, indeed Home in the wellspring of Higher Vibrational Life.

Being here, having the readings change so much, I felt like I was missing something so important from it all.  I read to help empower you, on your path of Life.  Now these readings, they seemed to be enveloping your energy here in the field… and trust me I can see it, feel it… but I also feel like it (the field) wants to talk directly to you, not so much thru me.

Yesterday, that feeling was deep and clear within me… time to help people read for themselves, in any area of life they wish for… but especially the crystals.  Once they are in your hands, you must do the work with them, I cannot do it for you.

I can surely teach you!  I know the energetic world of life and how to work it better than I know how to get from here to Albuquerque.

So yesterday afternoon my mind went to putting classes together.  But what kind… I have taught spiritual development for a decade, but the folks I know are pretty darned developed.  That course is yesterdays course… so now what?

Reading!  Reading is a natural ability we have within us.  I surely am not special in my ability to read, I just do it all day long so I developed the strength of skill to use it.  You can too!!

As I pondered the details, most especially the fee… what would be both affordable for most, and still cover my bills on a monthly bases… out of the clear blue sky (yeah right) I had received an email from a lady wanting to learn how to connect with her crystal from Arkansas.  She had seen one of my blogs, then another and then the one I wrote about yesterday about the Arkansas Crystals.  It was the kick in the pants I needed to get this new reading course/energy class started!!

Life is always conspiring to take us further, deeper into who we really are.  What are the signs of your life showing you??  It would be great if you shared them here on this blog… You would be surprised what your sharing may help someone else to see within their lives!!

We are all connected!!

With ohhhhh so much love, joy and sheer synchronicity of moving from here to there…together!!

Lisa Gawlas  (As of this posting, I am still putting that page together with details… but it is live.)






  1. Awesome!! I was going to email you today about with the same questions..connecting with the Arkansas crystals I received last Fall! 🙂 Love it!


  2. Cool new Spirit Science video re: his take on some of the background and structure of crystals…

    I was loving up my Arkansas crystals yesterday and CRYING… thank you so much Lisa. ❤


  3. The signs of my life are telling me that it’s time to take the lead – my business partner has just transitioned and has left me the business. (I’m a herbalist, specialised in auto-immune diseases and cancer) I’m also a healer and like you have taught meditation and spiritual development and want to start up a new course. However, I’ve been told by spirit that I should give public talks to bring awareness about spirituality and what 2012 is all about. I’d love to do that, right now I just don’t know where to start. I’m sure I will be guided in the right direction, but at the moment it all seems up in the air. 🙂
    Hugs xx


  4. I collect crystal’s too (seeing as my name is also Crystal, or my mother would have named me Amber, either way I was going to be named after a gem LOL!) but I do have a hard time “reading” or sensing them. I would be interested in a crystal workshop on how to tune into them. I also keep feeling a push towards developing my reiki and more so like I’m supposed to use it to work with the earth, i.e. to heal trauma or negative attachments to a place. Though I am not terribly certain how I am to go about doing this o_0 but a reiki methods course would be good too. I would definitely be interested in an intuition reading/energy course if you offer it!


    • Hi Crystal… LOVE your name!!!

      I liken crystals to having a new friend. Spending time together, holding each others hands, feeling with each other. We (the human) are really creating our own frequency to match that of the crystal… some are embedded with super high frequency energy/teachings… some mild, readily accessible energy. The goal, to really access the pure energy of the crystal is to merge with in via meditation, especially the Quartz Crystal kingdom, when you (or whoever is working with it/them) is vibrationally ready, they actually take your essence inside of their structure and from there the portals open and the journey/information really begins.

      My million dollar question is always… do you meditate????

      Big ((((HUGZ)))) of crystal infused energy to you,


  5. I feel the tremendous excitement but its also filled with at tension. This morning on the way into work it was so clear. It helped that a powerful storm moved through the night before and the negative ions in the air always provide heightened energy awareness (for me anyway, I LOVE LIGHTNING STORMS!).

    PS…Lisa rock is on the way!


    • Patrick… I feel ya!! Both the excitement and the tension. We had an amazing storm here yesterday too. It hailed, it rained, it snowed (still is snowing) and the winds blew like a hurricane was happening. I knew we had been energetically cleared and filled with the new! No lightening tho… can I borrow some of yours (smile).

      I so look forward to your rock… to all the rocks… and a warm sunny day so I can go out and prepare the Reflecting Pool.

      ((((HUGZ)))) filled with highfalutin energy!!


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