Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 9, 2011

Lighting Up Your FULL DNA

I am going to start this sharing asking you to open another page as a companion to this one.  (Saves me a lot of re-writing and copy and pasting…smile)

What does our DNA say about us?  It says we are NOT biology at all!  We truly are an electro-magnetic field of Light.  But yet, we treat ourselves as if we are anything and everything EXCEPT energy.

Now here is the fun and frustration of this game of Life… if we think we are made of matter, then indeed the body is programmed to treat you as the same. Remember, life is created and lived thru the story of your mind.  We live in a collective story that we are made of matter.  “We are what we eat” (my goodness am I made of chocolate??)  “Your body is your temple” (actually, my spirit is my temple, my body creates the display for it’s works).

But yet, we are so conditioned, so programmed to believe we are our bodies.  Our physical bodies are made up of networks of energy streams.  Every single ounce of us is energy in motion.  Every cell has an electrical charge.

So now lets ask, what charges it?  Is it the food you eat?  The road you run upon?  The friends and environments you attract to yourself?  Nope!

It is what your mind thinks about food, the road, your life.  Your body is divinely designed to reflect the energy of your mind.  There should be a natural relationship between your body and your mind.  It is how we are designed to live, to thrive, to Be in Human form.

Every single thing about your body is created to become fully enlightened.  Everything.  You are a network of Light made manifest by the mind.  Your mind, your emotional thoughts and perceptions charge or discharge that Light!

Sit with that for a long moment.

What I choose to eat or put into my body has no affect on my Light field, unless I believe it does.  Once I believe what I put into me has an affect, then it does… to a degree.  But this earthly relationship also keeps me limited.  I am as limited as my own thoughts and perceptions about who I Am and how I work.

Now to toggle between information here.  If you go to my DNA page, you will see that Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carroll) gave a wonderful breakdown of our DNA sets.

Group One is the Grounding Layer.  It is about the biological/chemical processes that is programmed for ascension.  Imagine that!  In the most basic of your Light codes, ascension is programmed for your use.

However, at this moment in time, most of humanity will not allow themselves to enlighten the rest of their DNA sets because they have a deep seeded relationship with their biology.

I don’t care how many spiritual books your read, how many spiritual classes you may teach, how many classes, meditations, events you have attended to accelerate your understanding and connection to energy.  It all comes down to how do you live your life?

Application.  Use.  Action.

It is thru the above 3 words that Lights up the full potential of the next set of DNA… the Human Divinity Group.

It is not enough for your to “know” you are a divine being of Light, you must use that knowing as a way you live your life.  Small example:

You can develop something in your body.  Lets just say the flu (making it simple for me) is your first thought, I need to go to the Doctors and get some medicine or to make sure it is nothing worse than the flu?  Or do you ask your body what is happening?  Am I energetically out of balance, if so, where and how do I restore the balance… or am I going thru an ascension shift within… what do you need from me?

The latter shows you are One with all of you, not living separately as something other than your divinity.

Lets make it more long term.  Heart disease, now that is a prevalent condition here in the USA.  Are you choosing heart medications, doctors advice about food and exercise… or are you saying where am I emotionally and mentally blocked?  What am I really afraid of and closed down from?

Change the energy, you change your life.  You live as an empowered, fully in controll of your own life, Being.  Your DNA starts to sing incredible songs back to you.  Enhances every aspect of You.  Turns on more Light codes for your full use.

Choose to align with matter, you remain stuck in the field of matter.

Please don’t take that to mean if you take heart medication it’s bad.  Medicine is an incredible and most helpful thing in our lives… for the short term.  Until we change our energy field and restore balance.  When we restore balance we restore full health within ourselves.

The other thing…. get the hell out of survival mode!!  We stopped truly living and simply exist these days.  We go to jobs we don’t love.  We come home to living quarters that is routine.  We pass out at the end of the day exhausted from surviving.

Think about it.  How many of you spend most of your day working to pay bills?  How much of that work nourishes your soul, your life?

Relationships.  Phew.  We have become so obligated to the life we think we want/need/expect that we live in some really toxic environments, going to jobs we don’t love, taking pills to ease depression and sexual activity.

Ok…. off my soap box. (smile)

The only way you are going to fully light up and have full available use of your own amazing, dynamic DNA energy is to untangle yourself from your own limiting perceptions of who you are and remove yourself from that which drains you.

The more you let go (really hard at first) the more you have available to you (allowing each other set of letting go easier, because now you see and feel the full value).

You cannot wish or read yourself to enlightenment… that is to say having full use of your activated DNA.  The God Group.  This is what is lighting up now for us.

Imagine that.  Imagine full recognigition that You are the god you have been praying to.  In that, you are the only one that can make your prayer manifest.

Application.  Use.  Action.

Having a fully activated God Group is what is going to make the use of the 6th dimensional energies (and higher) easy.  Well… easier than if you still believed you are biology.

This is living Shambhala.  Annd that will be tomorrows sharing.

To the Wonder and Awe that is YOU.  Thank you for being here in the Living fields of Light with me… Lighting up fully the God within!

To glimpse what this may look like, read my sister blog at:


With so much excitement to all!


Lisa Gawlas

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  1. “Untangle from limitation and remove yourself from what drains you”… how does one do that, exactly? Through intention? Meditation? Focus? Or some other more literal, physical activity?
    It’s that darn ‘I can’t just quit my job’ thing.
    I’m willing to do what it takes though.

    Considering booking a phone reading with you…
    Love your posts! (on both blogs)



    • (((HUGZ))) Red sparkle girl!

      I answer you with caution, because if there is any lurking fear within you if and when you chose to quit your job, that could be enough to create a block to the job you love and are in joy with.

      But the bottom line, most people stay in a job they dislike because they are afraid nothing better could happen to them. Therefore they block the very thing they want most.

      The more you are in full trust of yourself and the universe that loves and supports your every feeling and desire, it becomes easier and easier to let go of what is not creating joy in your life. Or move across the country on 3 days notice (smile).

      Sweetheart, January you have a huge green light to allow change… create change in your world… don’t have your foot on the brake when it needs to be on the gas!!

      With so much love to you wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))


  2. Yes! I completely agree… I’ve been that one who is fearless and willing to make huge changes in an instant… but now, I have a partner to consider and it throws off my confidence! Because making a change impacts him too.

    I will definitely motor through January, foot to the floor! 😉

    Thanks Lisa!

    Love, love, love,


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