Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 11, 2011

Energy – The Fuel of ALL Life

Energy, what a blanket word that is, and yet it is the most diverse thing I see and feel.  I suppose very much like the word human.  It is a blanket word to describe an amazingly diverse species.  But at the end of the day, the human, every variation of the human, is an energy field the mind creates as matter, as something we “see and feel.”

This little blip in time and space that we are currently in, this very special vibrational field of this particular earth is extraordinary in my view.  On Nov. 26th we emerged into an earth that  I am going to refer to as a “fueling station” that will last until mid-February.  Mid-February we will emerge onto a new, longer term earth.

What we are choosing to do within the energy of this earth, right now, is so important.  Every moment of every day, we are choosing.  It will set the field for your experiences thru 2012.

I want to take this day, this moment in time to break down as much of the understanding of energy as I am capable of.  I knew this particular moment in time was important, if wasn’t until I got off the phone this morning with an ongoing reading did I realize just how important it all is.

Every single thing in this world is made up of energy packets.  These energy packets become charged or discharged by you.  Remember, everything exists souly for you, fr your experience on this place of existence.  Everything!

But before I get complex, I want to talk about the simple things we can all relate to.  The air in our homes.  Lets start there.  The air is energy.  You breath it, you exhale it, you move thru it, taking it into your pores.  Your hair vibrates with it, your feet collapse it as you walk.  The energy in your home is as important as the energy within your body.  It is the external vibration of you. (you and the outside world being one and the same.)  This air/energy amplifies your life.

Keeping in mind all of energy has no concept of good or bad, right or wrong, it simply is.  I used to think that energy had no bias, but my long reflective car ride across the country showed me otherwise.  ALL energy is bias towards LOVE!  pure, unconditional love.

It (energy) becomes highly charged, super aroused in the field where love is present and in motion.  It sings (literally) songs out the door, our the windows, thru every crack and crevice of your home and yells to the outside energy… “love lives here, come join in.”  Before you know it, you have all kinds of wonderful and exciting things showing up in your life.

Imagine now you are judging, accusing, worrying, somewhere in victim mode and blaming events or others for how you are CHOOSING to be and feel in life.  Now you are pulling the life force out of your air.  The vibrancy of the air, of the energy around you has little to no vibration to it.  It becomes still and creating something, anything that isn’t a reflection, a lesson back to you that says “if you want something different in your life, you must Be something different in life.”  The energy can only change when you do.

This is indeed the law of attraction.

The same thing really happens in your physical body too.  I can give you my own examples of how any dysfunction is caused by ourselves, our thoughts and feelings.

Once upon a time I had severe insomnia.  I was the greatest artist of staying awake at night going over every bill, every lack, every potential hazard that laid in my life.  I would lay in bed for hours watching within myself various ways my life sucked or could suck more.  What was worse, I believed these crazy stories I told to myself.  Which then would just piss me off.

So  now, I wasn’t allowing my pineal gland to function properly (the Light regulator of our bodies… I truly pulled my own shades down and lived in the dark) and I was in a negative energy field within my body so my brain with all its darkened activity had to pull energy from somewhere within my body.  I pulled directly from my gallbladder.  I was getting so angry in my imagined senerios that I was storing the anger in my gallbladder and bringing the vital life force energy into my brain creating stones of anger within my gallbladder.  It became diseased, it was literally energy starved.  Anger as I was creating and keeping it does not hold life force energy.

I went into emergency surgery to have it removed.

I didn’t change a thing in my life, in my mind.  I was still eating away at anything of energetic value within me.  I developed ulcers shortly there after.  The anger eating holes thru my stomach lining.

I was using as much of my solar plexus energy, my divine will to amuse the darkness of my mind.  Leaving me in a deficit and in perpetual illness.

Of course my pineal glad recieved no light of its own and I also had S.A.D – depression in the winter months due to the short days and lack of light.

So, as you can see, my own body was degrading due to the degrading thoughts and feelings I entertained within me.

None of it had to do with my diet choice.  I never changed my diet nor my (lack) of exercise.  The only thing I ever changed about me was my mind.  I discovered (or what that pushed into) meditation.

When I stopped taking all the energy out of life, (yes, you not only pull from your physical body but also the air around you too,) my life started to change in positive exciting ways.  I have been illness-free for 10 years!  (Doing the joy dance over here…smile)

Like I said earlier, energy is truly biased towards love.  That is where it gets its full vital field in which to create.  Love itself is in service to Life.  It is honest, truthful and excited at every moment (even, and maybe especially, in the midst of change.)

So now here we are in a brand new energetic body, in energy potentials the world has never known.

Imagine now your body is a Mercedes Benz.  You can no longer use the old fuel you once put into your life.  The only way you are going to run and have available to you all the new and exciting gadgets this car comes with is by giving it the only fuel it was designed for… Unconditional Love and Service to Life.

Everything else creates a deficit.  It will take energy from elsewhere in order to run.

But what is equally important to understand now, this high test, creative, alive energy seeks out energy equal to itself.  Which means depleted energy fields will be harder and harder to stand within.  Purposely so.

This high test energy is here (on earth, in our lives) for a purpose.  A creative, life sustaining purpose.  To enhance ALL life, not just a singular life.  For this energy knows nothing is singular.

To take from the field and giving nothing back creates a deficit.  To get fat in my own life while my neighbors starves (even if they look like they are fat… you can feel otherwise,) is creating a deficit within my own field.  I truly am my neighbor weather I feel I know them or not.

To seek out others for your own gain, your own survival… life depleting.

To wake up in the morning and the first thing in your heart is, what can I share with the world today… man oh man, you would have your energy field doing cartwheels and looking for more ways in which you can serve.

This energy is all about keeping the host (y0u) in health and joy as you continue to serve, because it must work thru you.

Without a single effort on your part, your every need is already provided for as you sing (with your own applied action) your love songs to Life.

Even as i write, I really understand what I have been seeing and feeling within so many readings this week .  So (smile) I am going to close this energy sharing and move over to my massage blog to write about what we are going thru via the black void energy of December and how we are using the “zip-line” that I had talked about for so long… as it gives birth to January thru March.

I know I say this often, but I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your love, patience and desire to connect with me for readings… all of my understandings come from the energy and love that is you!

With gratitude and joy.

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Hello Lisa,
    How are you? I hope you are well? Last post I seen was the ode to the breasts thread.. I have missed your musings of life and sought you out dear One.. ©<3© = heart symbal on fb lol.. I am sad that it costs so much money to learn about healing and ascention I feel it is not for the "have not"? Of which I am..a disabled going in for yet another sugery. this time carpel tunnel surgery on the 9th of Jan. three days after my ssdi hearing.. if I ever needed a prayer answered its "hope I win" I have been barely living for years, calcification of the pineal gland a definate problem.. Boy I am good at explaining all this to others but have yet to see or hear anything..! I at least feel grin, something works! I will leave ya n come back with some money someday and get a reading/healing super package from you..Blessings
    In loVe n LiGhT and A Merry Christmas and an ASCENDED NEW YEAR! ©^..^< kitty ::*:: galaxy
    L'ak e'ch ala K'in


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