Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 8, 2011

Living and Adjusting to the New Energy Field Within Our Body!

Who knew this journey would be so utterly inward, I know I did’t.  It seemed my entire trip across country was without internet or cell phone coverage.  It is funny the things we can take for granted.

I started to realize day two of the trip that the dream I had in the morning before leaving out was that we all accelerated to a new a higher frequency of earth!  Once I got some distance under my butt, I started to really really feel the internal energy shifts within myself.

As I said in my previous sharing my heart was crying out all the old energy I had refused to let go of to this point.  About two hours into driving and crying my eyes out, I felt the energy start to move from my solar plexus and below.  It felt like someone took a roto-rooter and started snaking out my core as well as the external chakra field.   This energy movement/releasing last the entire time on the road of day 1.

Day 2 was extraordinary!  Perhaps because I choose to have an extraordinary day.  Before leaving out on the road I got my oil changed and the man told me that my tires more than likely wont hold up for a cross country trip.  I knew the “wear bars” were getting close to even on the tread.  I also knew Honda does not make windshield wipers very easy to change as well.  My driver side windshield wiper was  dangling and I asked them to put it back on, they said they would.  They didn’t.   There was no room in my budget to eve change two tires, forget all four!

I went back to the hotel and asked Archangel Michael if I could make it on my tires, without a hisitation he said yes!  I trusted.

So the early morning of day two, I am watching the weather in a hotel room in Tennessee and they are calling for  severe rain storms that will turn into snow by nightfall.  Of course the entire area that had this storm warning was my whole route for the day!  I had to get out earlier and pray.  It was already raining so my mission was to outrun the snow.

I got in my car and strangely realized my car and I are one energy.  I became my tires and had them remember what it was like to have full tread on them and to remain that way for the whole trip.  I could feel the extra tread now on my tires.  I then connected to my wiper and has it work efficiently in spite of not being on the wiper rod correctly.

The rain was coming down so hard I couldn’t see 20 feet in-front of me, but not once did I hyroplane, slide at all or have a issue with my wipers.

I suppose being so intensely in this state of oneness with my car brought out attributes I didn’t know we had within us.  I started to get really interesting aroma’s.  I was able to smell some really wonderful food cooking and looking around the interstate I was driving on, there wasn’t even so much as a house forget a road stop area that has food.  A couple miles down the road proved otherwise.  The same thing happened with gas/oil… I was smelling miles before I arrived at the place it existed.  I started to see a pattern happening within these intense smells.  I thought to myself now that is a cool thing, to smell something before it happens/arrives in your reality.  Man, we really have not even come close to scratching or sniffing (smile) the surface of what we are capable of!

I was downloaded with so much information on my road trip.  I started to really become aware of the body.  Our physical body.  Everything about our physical make-up, our biology was designed for ascension/enlightenment.  Everything!

I suppose what I was connecting to and receiving information from was the basic DNA of the body.  There was no “personality” to this communication that was done souly thru feelings that I translate into a worded conversation.

The body WANTS to ascend!  But most people on earth treat it as if it is made of matter and tend to its ((supposed) biological needs instead of its spiritual needs.  In this exchange… you keep some really important DNA codes off.  For as long as you think you are matter, you remain limited within matter.  This is crucial to understand and APPLY if you want to turn on the “God Group” (as defined by Kryon.)

Wow, now I really understand a lot of our DNA.  It will have to be a blog within itself.  Look for it either later today or tomorrow morning.

Let me tell you how cooperative and interactive our physical bodies are.  That is to say, how “aware” our bodies are.  The last day on the road I woke up feeling   achy and I knew I was coming to the final stage of this energy release/enhancement.  My body wanted until the very moment I not only arrived in New Mexico, but the moment I was next to my bed, it collapsed with fever, chills, aches, pains, congestion, vomiting, diarrhea…  I slept for the next two days!

As much as I didn’t like being sick and immobile like I was, I have been thru these energy changes enough to know it was a vital and last step of this huge process I started within myself at the end of July.

But what is even more exciting, thru my 2 days of fevered sleep, I was given so much information on energy.  I would be woken up for about 5 minutes with each revelation, which was more like watching how energy works as well as how it doesn’t work… I would wake up for 5 minutes, long enough to register this profound information within my consciousness and then back to sleep I went.

I had seen how the entire earth is made of energy.  How it becomes alive and interactive in our lives with use and our own excitement.  I seen how it simply sits around like a stagnant pool of water and does nothing.

I had seen how it looses it’s buoyancy with our thoughts and self perceptions.  Let me tell you, if you think the air around you is simply air…. your wrong!  It  is alive with potential.  This too, is a blog within itself!

I do want to go back to our bodies, my body in particular.  After I finally woke up from my 2 days of sleep, still groggy, still very sick, I asked my body what is happening within it.  It told me it was going thru an intense energy change.  I can so honor that.   I asked it what it would like me to do, it said feed it chicken soup.  I drug my body to the grocery store, got the fixings, made it with love and joy and ate it twice a day for the next 4 days.

We humans are funny creatures, speaking of the human within me.  I got to the point I was so sick of being sick.  I was now having an internal melt down.  I was once again rescheduling readings, most people sent me so much love and healing that really helped my process… some, not so nice.  It really is amazing how much someones attitude affects your own energy system.  It really was an interesting eye opener for me.

Because I was sick, my own defenses were down.  When a person on the phone or in email was upset because their reading was rescheduled… again… it took so much energy from me.  Something I would have ever ever seen had I not been so sick.

It is amazing how much we, the human, do not like to be inconvenienced at all.   We want what we want and we want it now, no matter the sacrifice in getting it.  I got myself to this point within me.  Screaming at spirit within, bargaining with my body to please feel well.  With this crazy ego agenda I was now living, I went into a dark dark place within.

Midnight within the dark night of the soul.  I got that.  My mind, refined for so incredibly long now… went right to it’s old pattern of wishing I was dead.  I let my ego out to play loud and hard for a day and a half.  I was over being in New Mexico already, knowing the work I have to do once my body bounces back…. I can’t bear the weight of the shovel any longer.  I want to go Home.  I gave my body permission to die in my sleep (yeah the coward still lives lol).  I was pissed when I woke up in the morning (2 days ago).

My mind was looking for a way out.  I was miserable, I have readings coming out of my yin/yang and not one drop of psychic juice to my name.  I am now into bargaining with spirit.  I am done, tired, freakin tired, I wanna go Home NOW!  Or anywhere where I don’t have so much work to do, my own body feels like a foreign landscape and I don’t want to learn how to use it now.  It really is funny how close by the pure black aspect of the ego sits… waiting for that moment.  I gave it it’s moment and finally caught myself…

What the hell am I doing?  Ohhhhhhh…. thats right, the dark night and I must be at midnight.  Shit.

It is always darkest before dawn.

I got over myself, laughed at my own insane human ego.  Looked at my 4 readings that were scheduled for the day and prayed for love and compassion from the other end.  2 our of three reschedules added to my field of love, one I just didn’t have anything left in me to care about.

There was a long gap between my third and forth appointment, and perhaps realizing where I was within myself and no longer caring allowed me to move from the dark within to the light.

I could have done cartwheels when I was able to connect to this mans energy field and actually read it to a small degree.  The love and understanding he showered me with in my attempt to connect with him facilitated my own emergence back into the Light of my New day…. my New Life!

I wrote about this man before, his energy tornado at his head which brought me to a full sleep within an hour.  Now, our exchange helped me get out of the midnight of my dark night into full Light again.  Thank you so much Tom and Garrison!

And the next day, I read and read and read.  Joy… I cannot even tell you.  I felt like I was back Home within myself.  Spirit is not playing and showering people with just how they look… but is now on a mission of application.  Your light field is crucially important to this high frequency earth we are on.  USING IT…. matters!  Another blog yet to come.

I do want to end this sharing with a couple of insights I have gotten over the last 2 days thru communicating with others.

1. We are coming up on one of the most intense full lunar eclipse on the 10th, coupled with mercury coming out of retrograde on the 13th.  Spirit called this combination a “huge energy bump” and after the 13th, everyone’s cards will be laid on the table to see.  This is a really big reason why so many readings have been rescheduled until now.

January is an intensely “black and white” month.  We are going to be looking at a lot of the antagonists within our life.  That is to say, the 3rd and 4th dimensional aspects will be hitting us left and right to give us another chance to choose again.

Mid February we go thru yet another higher energy shift, leaving this earth behind moving to the next higher frequency to prepare us for the super movement of March.

Don’t get to comfortable where you are, because change is everywhere quite purposely!  Dance my loves… dance!

I am so grateful to be back, to be with you again.  I have missed this exchange so much!!  To those who opened their hearts and their paypal accounts to allow me smooth movement (financially) to here… Thank you doesn’t even begin to say what I feel inside.

Thank you for loving me.

(((((((HUGZ))))))) filled with the most exciting potential of things to come!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Excuse me, is Lisa feeling better? Can she come out to play?


    • (((hugz))) David, I miss you too.

      My car is still not unpacked, I am literally doing readings and now writing my blogs from my car. Inside the house I have not found or had the energy to find/create my center.

      Slowly but surely, I am getting there. I am hoping to be much more interactive in a day or two.

      More ((hugz))


  2. Lots of love and stuff Lisa, i been the place u have for days, for years and i dont know WTF i am to do now.
    BUT, thank u for sharing this and i add love to others who send it to u 2.


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