Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 31, 2011

The Language of Light: Communicating via the Love Frequency

Since the 23rd of October to present, it has been the most extraordinary time within me.  I am as much back at a beginning as I am so fully self-aware.  To put it into a metaphor, I feel like the last 11 years has been like the baby growing in the womb (of humanity).  Yesterday (10/30/11) I awoke with such a tremendous pressure on my head.  Not in it… all around it, like I was in a vise grip all night and woke up paying the physical price for it.  Along with the external crushing headache, was an image that was as pressed into my vision as the energy around my head.  I wrote about it all yesterday on my other blog site.  You can access it here if you would like: We are arriving Home to Ourselves!

The sharing helped to release some of the pressure on my head.  I was grateful, until I had my first appointment.  By the time I hung up the phone, the pressure was more intense than it was when I woke up.  I realized I could not take in any more energy for the day.  Rescheduling… again!!!  But it was even more than that… I didn’t do any emails, didn’t share anything.  Instead, I cozied up with netflix and withdrew.  And expanded.

In this expansion I started to really see how different life was for me now… inside this vessel of biology named Lisa.  The synchronicity of life were piling up on top of each other like a heap of events.  Random from any point of view… but there none the less.  For example, I would read a word, the next thing I know the TV is using that word in whatever is on.  I think ice cream… I can get an email all about ice cream.  These syncronicities, and the shear volume of them were happening by the moment… one had to notice.  Otherwise, it was so random they could easily have been discounted as a “thats kewl” statement and nothing more.

From what I am understanding right now… this is Life linking up to Life.  Where the upper torso of love has made it’s full connection with it’s new energetic legs.

As I continued to sit in the stillness of Netflix… I started to see something even more…. beyond the vast occuring synchronicities… it was the communication that was happening as well,  from people, in the moment they were feeling something towards me.  This too was happening so often all week long, so much so I had to notice and ask… what is different now.

This communication I have learned, is the wide breath of the way we will be living in these coming days.  Sharing…

We have all been primered for this communication network all our lives.  When you think of someone and they call or show up in your email or at your door.  Even if it was someone you didn’t care for… but that was simply becvause you were still connected to the frequency in which they/you reside.

I will just give a couple of examples of this, just to get to my point thru experience (smile).  I was doing a reading several days ago, fully connected to my client… and all of a sudden this feeling welled up in my heart, it was a feeling from my son.  I felt him reaching out to me.  (we-he and I- are going thru our own growing pains right now) so much so, I felt the phone ringing.  Within minutes… it did,  I didn’t answer it but he actually left a phone message (something he never ever does) and the love… man.  In that moment (it didn’t last much beyond that momemt… but we are talking about living in the Now, aren’t we) he climbed back up on the high frequency of live that he and I shared… and I not only heard it… but felt it in the moment it was happening.

The next example was a couple days ago I went downstairs to the restaurant to buy me a nice big full breakfast (right now my only cooking device is a microwave… ugh.)  There was no one in the restaurant but the folks who work there.  The waitress was sitting down eating beef stew for her breakfast and we shared a moment of smiles with her breakfast fair.  I ordered the biggest breakfast they offered, the leftovers would be my supper.  Their biggest breakfast came with everything but fried potatoes, and I kinda wanted them too, just didn’t want to pay more for them.

While they were cooking my breakfast I went outside to the boardwalk to breathe in the ocean and the new energy I felt blowing in.  It was, afterall Oct. 28th and there was surely something new in all of the air.

As I stood there leaning on the beach railing… I felt her putting fried potatoes in my to go package.  But more than that… I felt her feeling when she did that.  She genuinly (important word there) loved the 3 minutes we spent talking and gave me the entire breakfast I never once said out loud that I wanted.  She felt me.  She felt my heart desires and acted on them thru her own!

My mind in unison with my heart started to drift back to 2001 when I first learned how to channel.  The very first energy that came to me to help me figure this channeling thing out was an entity from the Pleiades named Franklyn (and he was always quite adamant about making sure his name is spelled with a y in   His subject matter, both in the channelings and most especially within my meditations (he was the one who set himself up as my teacher in unconditional love and non-judgement) and even tho… 10 years have gone by and I have grown deeply into that place.  It was his sharing about the “love frequency” I truly didn’t get…. I got the concept… it sounded nice and felt even better as it came thru…. but the fullness of it, I was clueless to until this week… until yesterday when all I could hear was  as I was stinging all these events together within myself was: “Communication via the Love Frequency by Franklyn.”   That was the name of the channel.

I have shared every detail of my awakening thru out the internet since 2000.  I no longer had a copy of that channel on this computer so I googled it.  Much to my surprise… total surprise… a person on The Galactic Free Press put all of Franklyns sharings on that site 11 months ago.  Truly he was the keeper of this information.  Who ever you are… thank you so much!!

After I close my own sharing, I will leave the several sharings Franklyn offered to us in 2001 thru my fingertips.  They are relevant especially today!

So I have to ask… why now?  Why 10 years later is this now unfolding in such unmistakable ways.  It is The Shift.  The upper frequencies aligning permanently with the lower frequencies.  The 5th dimensional frequency is now fully and permanency aligned within earth… so is the 6th as well (smile).

There is (as always) a double edged sword to this whole love frequency thing.  For me (and some others I have talked to thru readings) it is becoming painful to be in energies that are discordant.  When I hear people talk… that are (for lack of a better word) so fake… so full of themselves, it is like hearing nails across a chalk board.  It really does hurt my energy field.  Thank you dear god, I don’t have too many of these encoutners… phew!

Yesterday tho, as I made an arrangement with my son to go to his house and pick up some of my stuff… as it got closer to actually doing that, my energy field caught a fever.  That alone sounds weird, and if it wasn’t the 2nd time this week that it happened… I would have just thought it was part of yesterdays expanding.  Yet I knew better.

Now let me go into as much detail about this as possible… because it really is important… for all of us… and for those who are soon to break ground in Shambhala (smile.)

When a physical body gets a fever it is burning off a virus or bug that does not belong inside the biology of the human host.  Once you have fully cleared your energy field of the lower vibrations… anything that tries to get on your own personal frequency and they don’t live there themselves… creates a vibration in your field… a speeding up…. which causes a feeling of heat.  It is your energy fields way of saying this is not good for you.  Being physically present in the mix is harmful for all involved.

I sent a text to my son to say I can’t go… my energy fever released itself.  Amazing.

It is weird because my skin had external cold sweats.  I wasn’t sweating at all… but it was as if… and I could feel the heat radiating in to my skin and into my body.

I am going to close on that note… and leave you with the energy and wonder of Franklyn.

I do indeed feel you!


Lisa Gawlas

Communicating via the Love Frequency
This is a series of channelings given by my spiritual teacher in 2001 from the Pleiades, Franklyn:

Patterns of the Love Frequency (by Franklyn)

Greetings dear friends,

I come here to talk about patterns. Do you see the pattern of the love frequency?

That is the first gentle knowing and need to reach out and say hi to someone. To get together or know the “other” a little more… and then so much you feel the need to talk or be with them almost always. This is tuning into the love frequency.

The love frequency can be greatly misunderstood because you think of love as being between male and female. Love has no gender, no restrictions. It seeks out that love that others share with you. It helps you to “remember” when you communicate on this frequency. Love is a powerful emotion and can be greatly misunderstood by those first experiencing it. This is not a romantic love, but love unconditional, love of the One Source uniting you in your glory of being-of love.

Many are sharing the excitement and joy of establishing new friendships. Friendships that seem to go deeper in your heart than normal. Some are feeling uncomfortable with this emotion. I say… do not be! Let your love flow from your heart out to the universe into the other hearts. As you do this, you will start to remember, to have more “knowings” than you did prior to establishing and allowing this new relationship using this frequency. The bond of these new relationships will become so strong… do not allow it to scare you or confuse you… just go with it and grow with it. Share all that is in your heart to share.

A new world is emerging, and this communication frequency is vital for you to nurture and understand and utilize.

I end this with the love of the universal light that surrounds you and the key to opening the frequency of knowing the love.


The Love Frequency (by Franklyn)

There is a peace that is coming… you all can feel it. It warms over you like the morning sun. So many are feeling the love that was sitting in their hearts… waiting to be awakened. You will use this love… the vibration of this frequency.

You can communicate with each other on the vibration… and many of you are doing so now… . you will find the communication stronger and clearer as the love pours out of your heart and into the universe.

You will touch people in so many ways. As your thoughts of love breeze through another’s mind in passing… it will stir something inside… and help in their remembering… their need to learn more.

Touch and be touched… Love and be loved.


Feel what is in your heart… by Franklyn

Greetings my dear ones,

So much is happening on the earth planes. Many of you are feeling the shift that is now taking place. Your world seems chaotic, but it is restoring balance to who you truly are. There are many confusing feelings flowing through many of you. As you climb higher on the frequency of love, you will find more and more that the inner parts of you need clearing to fully understand exactly what the frequency of love is all about.

Make no mistake, you are all climbing higher. You are learning to integrate into each others thoughts and plans. Not on the human plane but of that in Spirit, in the 5th plane. As you climb higher, more and more doubt is thrown into your beings. What will you do with this doubt? Run? Or face it for what it is? No one ever said this would be easy, but it is not as hard as some make it out to be either. Your heart remembers what unconditional love is, it knows how to use and communicate on the vibration of unconditional love. Talk to your heart, listen to your heart, feel what is in your heart. Do not allow the cloud of misperception to stop your progress. Be clear on what is in your heart-the love, the unconditional love.

There are groups forming all over the world. These groups communicate through the love frequency with each other even when they are not aware of the communication. There are some that are still sleeping within your groups, but as you raise your vibration of love, even those sleeping will hear the message. The time is now to clear your emotions of the past and raise your vibrations of love and use the highest level of love to send out the messages, to help in the awakening of your brothers and sisters. If you are unsure how to clear your emotions so that they are pure, ask your guides, your ascended masters, the angels. They are all waiting and willing to help you in every way they can. The time is now to change and transcend your thoughts and vibrations…do not wait another day.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,






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