Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 29, 2011

Time-Traveling the Magnetic Fields of Creation

Did you ever wonder why there is 15 versions of any given story.  There are equally 15 versions of any given healing modality to treat a single issue.  Some gravitate to one version, one modality… and seem to eventually let that version go and move to another version or modality.

To make this so vibrantly clear (this is where the yummy little…. errr…big secrets of life really are hidden) lets just break this down quite simply. … for explanation sake only!

Frequency 1:

The guy named Jesus was really killed on a cross at 33 years old.  He never got to ascend cuz humans killed him.   …Even in my bathtub meditations, I knew this version was true because I got to watch it… experience it first hand (not from the guy on the cross but the chick hugging the cross and weeping.)  In my memory, he was married… he was never a celibate person.

Also on this frequency a lot of strange medicine was practiced… blood letting to remove toxins from the body.  I can’t think of too much because I didn’t live there long…. was killed early (thank god!).

In this lifetime, I brought the aspect that did live there to play deep in my unconscious in the created version of Lisa.  Hence being born into the Roman Catholic idealisms. (Gotta shake up that tree)

On Frequency 2 

This Jesus lived longer, traveled, taught magical things like how to live in an biology filled with high fuel energy.  In this version, he died on the cross too.. later in life.  But married… and with a couple kids.

Someone put together a story book, called it the bible… and today, thru so many various frequencies, it is still believed to be true.  Those pesky beliefs systems time travel with you!  Dammit!

Medicine was picking up speed… energetically speaking.

Yup, I seen this in meditation and was just becoming confused… which is true?  I decided the most current sharing within meditation must be true.

Frequency 3

Jesus lived a very long lofe, was able to ascend within his biological body, was still teaching, had lots of kids… 5.  HIs wife Mary was pregnant when he was killed on the cross in his late 50’s and miscarried when he died.

Medicine was a vibrational/herbal thing… healing took place within the fields of consciousness, aided by the sacred biology grown on the earth.  Not only did Jesus teach the ancients what he knew, the ancients taught Jesus what they knew.  Together they expanded…

I think you get the over all picture of the various earths, lifes lived, memories stored in all versions of reality.

But lets just take healing for this next story of mine (smile).  I pondered it a lot over the last 10 years, so I am glad I had this week to really really really “get it.”

I learned energy work strictly in meditation for 2 years before I touched the first physical human… much to my own pissed off-ness.  I was beginning to hear about all kinds of things people knew how to do and I wanted to take a class, learn something.  When it came to this part of my own human free will, I had none.  My soul trumped it all.  I got to have baths.  That was my school of anything.  Dammit! until I blessed it.

Whatever you are learning from someone else, you are equally limiting yourself as well.  If their modality is set for frequency 2.79 and you have a 3.1 frequency… how are you going to know what to do and how to help further.  Your going to attract clients who live within the frequency in which you practice… but anyone outside and even in the lower frequencies your modality will not have an affect.

This is not a bad thing at all… it will attract so much to you to keep you busy.  But until you expand who you are, in the way you were prepared to come in and heal… you must go within for that.  For some people, they need the triggers of others to help them realize how incredible they really are.  Please know I am not saying anything is bad, not good for you… fill in the blank with whatever (smile).  I am just saying…. don’t stop there!!

Next lets talk about the grid itself… frequencies.  We live in a wonderful universe where like attracts like.  Our friends, our jobs, our neighborhoods… all fit within our vibratory frequency… that is to say, how we feel about life.

We attract mates like that too.  Often so opposite of us, but always, the same frequency zone.  Tose mates usually contain whatever we may be needing in our life (fill in the blank), but also, are our grandest mirrors of who we are in any given moment.

Magnetic Counterparts:

All of this attraction, biologically is a chemical thing.  Horomones are released, the heart swells up and we either fall in love or lust (depending again, where your reside within the frequencies you travel.)

Energetically it is a frequency thing.  Before we came into biology we had counterparts we needed to meet, love (or not) .. agreed from the soul level.  Opportunities we could have done together, opened within each other, created in the fields of matter… together.  Some were really meant to be momentary relationships… sharing sex only.  I know sounds crass, but sex is the most important vibrational exchange on earth.

Sex is a full merging and sharing of the spiritual encoding’s you have with each other.  Blending… melding… releasing

We are constantly pulling from the grid of creation all we need to fully experience ourselves… and expand our awareness of ourselves.

Anything within the first four frequencies (and remember, I am keeping this simple… the true frequencies are vast and innumerable). are seldom long term.  Again, I am sharing this story from today’s timeline.  In what appears to be our history, we learned and vibrated so slow it took a lifetime to extract the lessons from each other.  Now… we are zipping thru them.  CHanging partners often as we grow.

When one person grows vibrationally faster and the other doesn’t… a splitting apart occurs.  One has started to vibrate on an entirely different earth… seeing new realities and possibilities and excitements.  We have truly moved into a whole new timeline… version… of ourselves.

Letting go is not easy.  Especially if it “appears” to be complicated by kids, real estate… ohhh we made sure the game was well tangled up.  Like that gnarly ball of yarn. .. and our goal is to get to the glowing center we had long forgotten even existed.

The vibrational fields… the grid of life… will never let you forget.  It keeps beckoning you onward… forward, higher, Lighter.

We either let go… or start breaking down.

For this story’s sake, and to give me a place to continue from tomorrow (smile)…

Let’s say you have now completely unraveled your ball of yarn, you let go of it All… and there you sit, vibrating (quite literally) at the speed of Light.  Now what?

(Wow, the preview I just got to witness inside… I cannot wait to write the rest of this story… Holy Cow Batman!!)

Before I close… I want to share one more thing.  Do you ever wonder why there are so many channels saying… some things the same, sometimes, nothing even close to what others are saying.  Sometimes it gets harder and harder to know what is true (for you, at the end of the day, it is ONLY what is true for you)…

All of the frequencies are aligned in such a way they are all bleeding thru to each other.

The future potentiuals are now present and representing…

The past potentials are now present and representing…

And every possibiltiy in between.  Giving you the most amazing choice in all this world… what do you choose to resonate with and experience?

At the end of the day… it has always been up to you!  Nothing else exists.

I have found me in every version of you!  YOU are Beauty-Full!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S. You can tell we are all on the brink of something BIG… this happens when I write to beat the band… and indeed, tomorrows sharing will be the conclusion of this version of created reality!



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