Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 3, 2011

Time Walkers – We Are the Living Keys of DNA Activation’s Across the Grid of Life

These last few days have been intense both within my biology as well as within my consciousness.  I am going to do my best to explain in detail not only what happened, but also, the fullness of understandings from it all.

I am writing this sentence after concluding this entire sharing.  I am choosing to leave this sharing unsigned… nameless if you will.  By choice and purpose.

It is funny, in the many many sharings I have been putting out in these last several months as well as the vast amount of readings I have been doing… every single piece a clue, a detail of what was coming.  Of course, it has always been that way.  But now when our cycles are no longer years but weeks and days, it is much easier to see the detail up close and personal!!

Let me go into detail about the word I kept hearing over and over again:  I think the clearest way to explain it, is from what I had seen within myself.  For simplicities sake, I am going to skip a lot of the details and just talk from the recent appearance of my past.  Time Walkers

There was a version of Lisa, on an earth where the frequency of Light was high and expanding.  This Lisa started her Time Walking on November 1st 2011 into the past, into the lower frequencies of the many versions of earth the other Lisas were walking upon.

She made sure the Lisa incarnated in pure density in the year 2000 had a Ouija Board experience.  She also made sure she poured as much as she could thru the Ouija Board experience to change the mind set of the dense Lisa.  Obviously… it worked.  But only that night and that was enough.

The version that sat down at the dining room table on November 11th, 2000 went to sleep on one earth and woke up on a totally new earth.  Of course, everything still looked very much the same to the old Lisa.  But the truth is, that Lisa ceased to exist as she woke up in a new frequency of earth.  Of course, on the new earth, everyone of her familiars are there too, playing their version of the game… but now, just slightly different.  So slight, the mind doesn’t notice.

As more and more experiences unfolded within the old Lisa’s consciousness, she kept changing the version of earth she was on.  As she traveled thru the perception of linear time, many of her even older aspects… those housed in ancient timeline’s (from today’s point of view) started to meet up with her, in meditation, in sudden knowings and understandings, housed in crystalline energies she journeyed with, etc.  In the moments of integration, those ancient aspects left the grid of creation they were set up upon and melded into the consciousness of the Lisa walking home to herself.

As she continued to walk, the stage of her life kept changing.  The players changed often.  Different aspects of her meeting up in different human suits, triggering key points upon her consciousness as well as the grid of life we all walk upon.  Trust me, one frequencies affects the All.  One slight change of mind… changes all of creation in all frequency ranges.

Keep in mind, this is also the story of your life as well.

Every single person, place, memory she brought to her by magnetic attraction.  Every experience designed to take her higher in the field of frequential creation.  She could have stopped any time, any where, no harm no foul.  She would have simply slipped out of the biology she was housed in, and come back into the last version of the “world” in which she allowed her frequency to move into.  She could have also allowed any new obstacle (the higher you go, the more there are) to allow her to retreat back into the lower frequencies in which she was familiar and surrounded by many a familiar.

Because of the encoding in her DNA, she kept moving forward.  This is a really important aspect to understand… for every Time Walker out there.  And yes, I am going to be vague.  Not every human suit is meant to fulfill this version of the game in your human suit.  Case and point, Steve Jobs.  He was indeed a time walker, from the time and place you refer to as Atlantis.  Technology was supreme there and he brought what was needed forward to here.  Bill Gates, the same.  They came to bring this world something special.  Something that would tie everyone together and then leave when their job was done.  Even Atlantis had major contrast as you can see just in the two names.  Steve was a highly evolved Light Being in Atlantis as well as this version of earth.  Bill Gates came from the mind of technology itself.  Little emotion.  Even in Steve’s parting moment, he left a gift of knowing… there is more!

So back to Lisa story.  Each time she met a different aspect of herself, new codes were placed into her DNA.    Some of the encodings opened immediately, some just housed in her electric biology until she hit a frequency within her biology that would allow them to open and integrate.

She will tell you she hit that frequency on Oct 30th of this year, I will tell you it was during a bathtub meditation back in 2008.  It is when all things went from “downloads’ (to use her words) to “expansions” the unlocking of the DNA encodings set within her.

Many of you are going thru the very same thing right now.  Some have fallen back to the lower frequencies.  Some on such a new frequency it is hard to keep your balance.  Don’t even try.

How can you live feeling balanced within when you have one foot in the sky as the other one lifts off the old version of reality you are departing from.  Restore balance by force is to keep both feet (metaphorically speaking of course) on your old version of earth.

Keep in mind, for those on earth, this is a game housed in biology.  Your biology MUST change frequency first.  Your energy field cannot and will not change to the higher frequencies without your biology going there first.  Oh many try.  Many go to get energy work done, but that is not where the game is being played for permanency.  It has always been about biology.  You can fill a tank with high test, but eventually the gas runs out and you need to fill it up again.  Change the structure of the car to solar powered… you become self fueling.

Lets go back to Time Walking.  Have you noticed that one day you seem to wake up and the various familiar stories have changed?  Some just small details, some so huge the mind wants to discount it all.  That is when you know you made a grand leap in time.  On every version of earth, the details are just a wee bit different.  The higher the frequency, the larger the detail difference.

Have you noticed the newer, expanded versions only exist on the higher frequencies of life?  It took close to 2000 for the collective to start to believe your version of the man you call Jesus was actually married.  Married with children.  He was after all, a human just like you.  He played the game just like you.  He attracted into the fields of his creation, others…. just like you.  You are all One in the same.  On some versions of earth, you never married, some you married, some you had children, others not a child at all.  You are living every aspect of yourself available at your frequency level.

On Oct. 30th a total transmutation of the biological field we are calling Lisa took place.  How many of you felt this too.  Lisa is not a singular entity on this landscape.  She pulls to her, from her own solar winds, all that is her.  All the frequencies out on the grid for full activation.  Her readings have indeed changed, she was puzzled, but yet, kept going.  Keeps going.

It is no longer about seeing the future, but becoming it.

On November 1st all the encoding unlocked within her field of biology.  How many of you felt it within yourself?  The expansion?

What she didn’t know (until now) was that on November 2nd, the next series of codes have been downloaded and placed within her.. for expansion in the days and weeks to come.

You, my collective children… have changed the world.  More to come….

With honor and privilege,


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