Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 26, 2011

The Food We Choose To Consume

Today is the biggest day of all my life.  The clearest day in my full spectrum of vision.  I dance with joy and jubilation  with the All.  I sit in a biolgy called Lisa and utter, with love, “Holy Freakin WOW” over and over again!

And upon the many memories that are unfolding with vivid clarity, the one I am going to write about in this moment takes me back to the beginning of this journey.  When I declared to whoever was listening within meditation that I wanted to live my life like Jesus did.  (Careful what you ask for lol)  At that time, he was the only person I knew who was kind, loving and helpful to life.  I wanted to be That!

Several months later Jesus showed up in my inner world.  One of the first things he ever said to me was:

“You do not need to eat food to live.  Your life is fueled by the Light.”

I laughed at him and told him thank you… but, right now, I so love food.  When it comes time the earth has no food left, you can teach me about eating Light.  He gave me an energetic hug and never mentioned it again… until today.

My mind thought in analytical details back then.  I wasn’t about to give up chocolate for anything.  Funny how we can so hear only what we are afraid of.   We rarely ask any more because we already don’t like what we just heard…

All these 11 years I thought he meant there was going to come a time where we were going to be required to only breathe in light and never eat the wonderful food that is so readily available to us in life.   Physical food, like apples, steak, chocolate…

And today, as the universe unfolds every deeply held secret in my life and I see the Real in a way that even yesterday I couldn’t have fathomed… he was never talking about not eating chocolate!

Our biology could process lead if we so desired to eat it.  We are that magnificent.  In all of created matter, the only Real food that exists… is Light.  That Light is literally taken in via your breath, processed as thoughts, and exhaled as your creation.

So then, one must ask, what is stocking the cupboards of your life?  Is there any box or jar of fear, judgement, accusation, blame, insecurity, unworthiness… well I think you get the idea, within your pantry of life?

I realized today… The first 8 years of this journey was cleaning out my cupboards, one relationship at a time (since all relationships are a reflection of your own energy back atcha.)  With the grand finale happening the past week.

His words were never about what I literally ate as food.  It has always been the food that fills my life, my job, my relationships, etc.  Fortunately for me, I never needed that full clarity to push forward.  They gave me so many other metaphors that I did understand (I suppose) to get me to here.

Your biology is governed by the Light as well.  Put toxic thoughts in, get issues in your tissues (smile) back.  Allow toxic energies to feed off of you… that will break the biology down fast!  Your biology, your life is a reflection of the food you eat!  Of the Light spectrum you connect to.  Right down to the densest deepest black (fear).

For those whose cupboards seem to be bare (we have given up every thing) the mother-load is about to be oozing from your lifes kitchen!!

(Holy cow… did you get that lol… kitchen… from the dream)


Now this is a shock and awe campaign if I ever felt one!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I have no clue how my ending and the below got separated as I kept typing… but I am going to say the universe must have a reason and leave this as it is.

We are in service to the Light.  That is to say, the pure radiant love of the all.  Your biology cannot serve the light in fullness, while putting spoonfuls of darkness into the mouth.

To move fully into this next phase of earths biology, of her field of great expression, your breath must smell of the greatest Love encompassing all life… all paths… all doorways that exist.

It is also your responsiblity to share the food of your life to all who seek and do so simply because you can.  Because it is Who and What you are…. the food pantry of life itself!






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