Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 25, 2011

The Crystalline Grid and Power Nodes and You (Part 2 global)

Holy flipping cow batman… We are a marvel!!  The one thing I am sure of, everything about my readings are about to change… because WE CHANGED!!

Granted, maybe not in linear fullness until 11:11… but enough to know life will never be the same again (thank you dear God… dear Us!!)

After I got over myself yesterday (smile)… I started to see the new grid.  The grid that until yesterday showed itself as blue and violet.  Now… my god, it is the most vibrant liquid crystalline energy.  Granted, only about 6inches down to earth… but hey, that is a start (smile).  Now when I use a linear measurement… imagine the entire universe itself unfolds on my floor about 6 feet tall.  This is simply so the mind can wrap itself around it (what it sees and is processing)  for expression.

From all the readings and all the details since the 7th of Sept… I know this crystalline grid-work will be fully completed by 11:11:11.   That is to say, the network of energy from the heavens (so to speak) from the earth, and our super enhanced Light Bodies will be fully steaming this liquid crystal energy.  Fully powered for use.

I have got to giggle to myself as I keep hearing “the Liquid Light of Sex.”   Funny side story… in 2002 still in the infancy of my own consciousness, I knew there was something so valuable about sex and light… and when I had seen Barbara Hand Clow had a book out called “The Liquid Light of Sex” I ran out and bought it and read it from cover to cover in 2 days… disappointed that it was all about menopause and the mid-life change… no real sex at all in it!  I was actually in a relationship and was hoping to learn a little something something (cheesy grin)… 9 years later… let’s just say I am still open to the fullness of understanding it thru experience!

Anyway… sorry… got side-tracked.

As I went on my rescheduling spree, knowing there is nothing to read yet… as the grid is still “turning on.”   Think computer reboot, even after it is turned on,  all the software has got to get aligned within its environment before you can actually use it… and see if the reboot was effective in getting rid of the discordant programs that was running quite sneakily in the background (of your life).  That is where we are right now…

But my physical body yesterday… strange!  I felt the elephant climb out of my heart and melt into my energy body, and then this energy started moving in and out of my solar plexus… kinda like a really large snake… getting into the core and moving up, moving down…

Then pure intense heat start radiating from my hands and feet… I had to jump in the bath…  I wasn’t sure if I was purging or expanding… let’s just say I came to understand that I was expanding because I was purging!

And then what to my wonder-filled eyes should appear???

The highest (that I have access to) grid-work of life.  The way I had seen it was this amazing deep yet light golden glow of energy, a network of strings connecting to other vast networks of strings and at the intersections of these strings were glowing orbs of light that interconnected thru it all.  And yet, this entire description isn’t even remotely accurate at all… but, it’s the best I can do to create a visual.  It ALL was alive… moving, flowing, connecting, enhancing…

I knew this was my personal grid0work (as it is very much everyone else’s too) and I could see each power node, which represented a person… yet, they were an orb of light, a light frequency that changed the moment we connected… which sent out a wave of light thru all these other strings that changed every other orb on the grid.

The aliveness of it all… the breath-taking movement and beauty… of purpose.  I simply bolted up in my tub (once I realized what I was seeing) and said out loud Ohhh my freaking God!

To be so removed from the human suit and see what is really happening, how it is happening… my god, we have lit up the full spectrum of light, together.  By what so innocently (altho quite purposely from the grid of life) looks like connecting and sharing together. … growing, releasing, embracing… together.

As I got over the profoundness of it all, I laid back down in my bathtub with just awe in my soul.  And the next thing I knew it started raining down blue and violet energy.

My mind shifted to the new moon coming up.  Planting seeds.  I have always asked the moon to plant whatever seeds it needs for my fullest growth within me… because my mind sure doesn’t know what I need.  And I thought once again… is it raining Shambhala??  Is this now the seed energy for it?  If it is, then it is raining down so expansively, so fully that you cannot miss it.  It will seep into ever pore of your Being.

That violet and blue energy is how I have seen this new grid-work appear, at least until yesterday as it is now a liquid crystalline energy.

And today, Oct 25th… there is still no reading the Light body yet… but there is now a sheez, how to explain this, an emerging cloud of pure radiant rainbow energy that is snuggling into the highest grid.. that which I call Shambhala.

I am going to close for now with a few lryics from the song Radar Love by Golden Earring:

“The road has got me hypnotized,
As I spin into a new sunrise…

…We got a thing that’s called radar love
We got a line in the sky
Radar love”

We, my fellow power nodes of crystalline love, are almost there!

Phew Baby!

(((((HUGZ)))))  of wonder and awe!

Lisa Gawlas










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