Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 27, 2011

The Ascension: Human Biology (Part 1 of 3)

Words themselves are so limiting.  So before I even start this sharing I am going to ask you to expand yourself to the place between each word…. the white space.  It is there that the fullness of what my words cannot say… exists.

Part 2 and 3 will be talking about earth herself as well as the fullness of the magnetic grid of All life).  I start with human biology because it is the center point of it All.

Biology, when you think about it, it seems so simple.  So… ordinary.  Yet, it is the very center piece of the created universes.  It is not just organic biology, it is a biology that has free will.  Duality.  Ego. self-imposed Identities.  Time and space. Wormholes. Tremendous dimensional frequencies.  Divinity. A complete veil in place that hides us from who and what we really are.

We are THE Master Peace!

For this sharing, the only biology I am really talking about is the Human Biology.  And most especially, the adult human.

Biology itself is made up of a vast network of frequencies.  The human incarnate is in total and absolute control of these frequencies.  All frequencies controlled by emotional thought.  Those thought frequencies create the resonance of the magnetic field of attraction that is your life.  The more strong the feeling, the faster the creation.

The purpose of this biological game… to find and remove ALL discordant energy within your biological field of created reality.  No worries tho, we have multiple created versions of our self in many other frequencies called earth.

The moment we find the next highest frequencies of ourSelf, those two realities collapse and become one.  To try and make this an understandable statement… have you ever dreamed that you were dying in a dream and just before you died, of course you woke up.  That was a merger taking place.  The lowest (frequency) created version of yourself ceased to exist and now is apart of your new expanded frequency.

All done by changing your mind… your thoughts.

But we have made this biology game really interesting by place all sorts of created biology within our field of vision, as well as every conceivable frequency in relationship to that.  For example: We have the original fruits and vegetables of earth, and now we have what are referred to as GMO, genetically altered fruits and veggies as the human discovers it can alter creation.  And of course, this is so new to us, we fear it.  That can’t be good.  Ahhhh the game gets Real, doesn’t it?

And then we have the massive food markets.  A lot of these area’s shows the darkest of the human frequencies.  The cruelty to animals is profound.  So profound some humans choose not to eat meat.  So then the question (at some point in time) must be asked… why?  Our human biology can truly digest it.  Personal taste (sounds good to me, I don’t eat liver because of the putrid smell,,,ugh).  But if it is because of the lack of love given to the animal in it’s up bringing then guess what… you could have been the final place it was loved and honored for it’s life.  Every single choice we make, and the emotion behind it… matters (frequency wise).  It makes up the All of the earth.  The All changes constantly!

Now lets say, you have moved your appetite to serve your palate as opposed to your mind, you have lit up the grid of your life like you cannot even imagine.

But lets talk about that palate for a moment.  Of course when eating, we are talking about the taste buds, the smell, all the joys that go into eating. … the relationships that happen (within) while eating is huge.  What about your family?  Do they serve the palate of your life?  How about your peers, your jobs, your schools, any of your affiliations?

Do you stretch out on the couch after any encounter and say… man that was sooo good.  I am so nourished and full…  without the first discordant feeling?

If there is anything that creates a discordant frequency within you, it is simply there to tell you it is time to move on.  Find other frequencies to Be with… to enrich and nourish you.

Often times, we think we are the biology.  We think we must stay connected to the biological others (friend, relative or others) because we have to (fill in the blank with whatever).

Truly we are an organic frequency in search of the highest, purest version of ourselves.  If we do not willingly untangle from frequencies that no longer resonate with us, we become entangled and cannot move to the next frequency.  This is a very very familiar place for us humans.  Because we have always believed it is a game of life.  Really, it is a game of Light… Light mascarading as biological life!!  What a great game!!!

So now that you get the idea… lets talk about where we are now.  Biologically speaking!

Every time you release an old discordant frequency, you turn on a new one within your biology.  New thoughts, new opportunities, new relationships.  You are literally recreating your world with each increased Light thought.  This is why letting go is so important.  Letting go doesn’t mean for ever, it simply means until the frequencies meet up in harmony again.

Now for the fullness of this Game of Light to see it’s way thru to completion in this version of now… what is known as critical mass had to take place.  1 half of 1% of earths total population had to let go of the discordance. Unbury themselves from the illusion.  Embrace their power and dare to live out loud and leave the discordance behind… no in worry and judgement, but in freedom and allowance.  Not only did we hit it, we exceeded it.  The game sped up!

So, before anything else could happen, Biology had to come online first.  Humans had to radiate a light that melted the veils of the higher frequencies so that the greatest frequencies of energy could be held in place by created matter… the human!!

It has always been about the clearing of the biology to hold the radiance of pure light.  That is the purpose of the game.

Think about this for a moment… how profound this is.  In order for the full spectrum of Light to openly and freely play in the fields of created matter, the human had to change their biology… all the while still housed in the biology.  Talk about the enormity of that.  Bones changes, blood changed, glands changed, Life itself has changed. The Human is currently on the brink of full discovery and use of all of it’s attributes!!

As of today’s timeline in your reality… a little over 2% of earth’s population is currently osculating between the 5th and 7th dimensions (dimensions according to your interpretation of them).

By this same time next year, 10-15% of earths population could very well be playing in the higher fields of light.  Or more!!  It’s All governed by you and the choices you make in every osculating moment!

All of this earth has quickened.  It’s party time in the higher realms… in the very cells of your biology!!  Now that biology has made the leap.. your entire energy field is changing… rapidly!

(Part 2 coming soon, at this moment, I have no idea if it will be earth or the grid that is in part two…)

We are the Light, the Love, the Doorways,

Lisa Gawlas and company (smile)



  1. It may be of interest to you…

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    Do the research yourself. Take any web site you can think of and run a trace… It all originates from that IP, that location. Maybe I just found the “center of the all there is…” 😮 Who knows… ;D I don’t think I have to explain out loud what are the implications of this discovery and how profoundly sick it is… right?

    What’s even more interesting is that google maps trace this IP address to a private mansion, not even a company building per say.
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    For those with a really strong stomach I recommend researching each and every IP address that’s between the source ( and “the site of your choosing”. You are going to see the financial, gov and reality scam as big as this planet, all at your expense :)! So before you start typing… make sure you can swallow the results and if you are looking for the “devil’s point of entry” there it is, hidden in plain view. Quite possible it is just and entry door to another “similar reality”…

    I hope this photo (look in the mirror) makes some sense to you now…
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    Now, the only question for me is… how do we end this charade once and for all? Because “this” is beyond outrageous.
    Any thoughts?


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