Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 11, 2011

I AM GOING TO BE A GUEST ON THE RADIO SHOW “SPIRITUAL RAW” Talking about my favorite spiritual subject, Kundalini and Sex!

Please share this announcement with your friends.    Thank you 🙂

 I have been selected as a “spot light guest” on the hit radio show SPIRITUALLY RAW with a 60,000+ daily listener base; this awareness will significantly increase my publicity & exposure! I will be conducting my PRE-interview screening live on air during a segment called “The Raw Factor”.

 Show Topic I will be speaking about is:  Masturbation and sacred sex is truly the road to full enlightenment??

 My scheduled date: TUESDAY, February @ 9:00 am EST.   6am Pacific, 7am Mountain, 8am Central time

 I kindly ask for your support by tuning in, and VOTING for me on SPIRITUALLY RAW!

 Determination is based on:  Personal on line VOTERS poll located under the “Raw Factor” tab:

·  CALLER support: (321) 473-4253   (During & or throughout the week)

·  CAST decision.

*More VOTES, CALLERS, blogs, and show comments = MY GUEST APPEARANCE! = More exposure, activity, and interest from their entire network!

Results are declared live on air every Friday!  I will let you know if I get to be a guest again on Facebook (and everywhere else I am lol)!

Go to:  Click the “Listen Live” tab.

 PLEASE: Vote for me so I can be a guest often and really get down to the nitty gritty of why we even get horny in the first place, and how to have Sacred Sex to bring in the energies of Shambhala!!

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