Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 9, 2011

Duality and the Waiting (weight-ing) Game

When spirit told me that February is going to be about duality and choosing where my/our focus is, they sure as hell wasn’t joking or making another metaphor! 

For me, February has been irritating.  Each day I am trying to understand why this “irritation” won’t just go away.  Finally, today I woke up with the clarity I had no desire to see before.

In my previous post I shared a statement from spirit on what will be taking place January thru March in our lives.  It can really seem so vague until you realize just how much you are in conflict with your own life (soul life that is, the conflict, as in my case, comes in when ego is having a party and quite efficiently keeping you apart from where you (I) was heading. 

Let me share with you the profound statement (that is becoming way to clear today) that spirit gave me the beginning of January:

 January of 2011 is the Divine Reflection back to you of your accumulated energy field of the last year and last decade. February shines its light in the duality of your choosing (of the actions of the last year). March is so big and so powerful and will amplify the energies of January and February of your life…

My entire life for the last 10 years has been on the desire and vision of creating a highly vibratory place where people can come to take a break from life and really find themselves (soul wise).  I found and rented that property that will be my beginning field of understanding on how to create such a place. 

For the last year, I have been receiving spiritual downloads on how to clear the old energy out of land, bring in the new higher energies for the experience at hand.  Literally how to raise and maintain a vibration that would allow anyone who came to visit or stay, the profound experience of fully connecting with themselves.

The property is quite humble.  A piece of land in an open Mesa in New Mexico.  It has a trailer to live in.  Of course, no running water or electricity, which is perfect (well I would have liked running water, but the owner of the trailer has a 300 gallon holding tank there.)  He also has a wood heater in the kitchen, so heat is not so much a problem (until this pesky mind steps in).

I rented it with the intention of going there for my own retreats.  A place to reconnect with myself.  Of course, the temperatures here in New Mexico plummeted. 

My sneaky and rather cleaver ego stepped in, reminding me how cold it is.  How inconvenient it would be to stay there in these single digit temperatures of February.

Of course with the beginning of February came the inner heart desire (very different from the ego/minds desire) to simply move to the trailer and start working the energy field. I decided I will wait for warmer temperatures.  Ahhh the duality of our choosing.

While I am busy “waiting” for mother nature to turn up the heat, it seems that now, my entire life is reflecting that very energy of waiting.  My business is now waiting to come alive again.  My inspiration is waiting for my soul movement to go forward while I live steadfast in my ego’s desire for forced heat, running water and flush toilets. 

So for today, the duality of my choosing has been creature comforts instead of true soul growth.  Hmmmmm and the rest of my life “waits” with me.  For I am surely not using the spiritual fuel that has been the core energy of my life. 

The dream is ready to manifest, and I have set up quite a comfortable life dreaming the dream.  Now I am being called to live it, in the coldest of temperatures.  In what my mind would consider the most inconvenient of times.  But I already know that is how spirit works. 

Like any part of this path has been soft and cushy!!  Our greatest growth comes from the depths of our uncomfortableness. 

Waiting for anything translates to weight upon your life.  Duality has a wonderful play on words.  The more weight I choose to place on my life, the more irritated I become and then wonder why I am irritated from the moment I wake up… which is usually the greatest time of my day. 

It’s called avoiding what I know I need to do for my soul agenda, truly, for OUR soul agendas together! 

The last thing I desire is to have March’s energy amplify my waiting game!  If my choosing is between feeling warm and comfortable and true genuine soul growth… I choose to grow. 

I share this story incase anyone out there seems to be waiting and their life seems to have been placed on pause.  Look to see where your heart really wants to take you, and fuel that energy no matter how uncomfortable it may seem, to you or anyone else around you.

True spiritual growth exists outside of your comfort zone. 

With so much love, honor and warm thoughts!

Lisa Gawlas


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