Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 19, 2011

Ready or not, here comes March!!

We all knew that the year 2011 would be anything but normal, but man oh man did we really expect it to be this intense…. this life changing?

On a global note, the controllers are nervous.  The Indigo’s have gathered and amassed for change… for freedom!  What has made them so successful?  They are FOR something, for change, for freedom, for liberty of their lives. 

Being “for” something is a very different (and a very effective) energy than being “against” something.  Just say those two words to yourself… how does the energy feel to you.  When you are “for” something, it flows outwards, effortlessly, speedily.  When you are “against” something, it has no flow, it gets stuck pushing up against its opposite.  This is the energy that allowed Tunisia and Egypt to be so rapidly successful in their desires.  That and the fact they stood their ground until what they were for… change… transpired.  This is where many people far short as well, in any of their life endeavours. 

Most people will take a stand (whether in their personal life or in groups for a larger desire) and when it gets too rough, or doesn’t happen as quickly as they like.. they retreat feeling defeated.  If you are going to stand for something, anything… stand and energize as long as it takes.  No fear, just pure heart desire!!

And so now, we have seen in living color what this year is truly about.  What January and February presented to each of us, collectively and individually to ask ourselves, are we placing our energies for something (that would enhance the greater good) or are we against something (that keeps you stuck in place).  Simply asked, are you for growth, or against repression? Repression is quite comfortably disguised (especially here in the USA) as living a comfortable life.  They may seem the same, but I assure you, not even close!

Lets just go back to this past January (2011) what has been the focus of your heart energy?  For me, my heart so wanted to go back to basics, find land, commune with myself and spiritually reconnect to the all again, in fullness.  Of course, this has been a journey I have taken since 2001.  Should I have been surprised when the very land, equipped with a fully furnished trailer/mobile home was presented to me for only $200 a month rent?  No.  Although I grabbed the opportunity to seize this as my retreat place, the rest of me (that pesky ole mind/ego) did not fully seize the opportunity that was really at hand, given the fact there is no running water nor electricity.  I can truly live without electricity, but man, I so love a flush toilet! 

So gives rise to February’s energies were/all about duality.  Until this week, I didn’t realize the fullness of that message I was given back in the beginning of January by spirit:

January of 2011 is the Divine Reflection back to you of your accumulated energy field of the last year and last decade. February shines its light in the duality of your choosing (of the actions of the last year). March is so big and so powerful and will amplify the energies of January and February of your life…

So right now I am knee deep in looking at what the duality of life is showing me, and I must choose.

So we can look at the entire energies of 2011 as asking you… what are you for?  What makes you feel good and lifts your energy as if you are on a magic carpet flowing into your future?   Or do you need further stripping to see what is really important in this life?  March will be one way or the other for all on this precious planet!

For me, the answer should be a no brainer: To embrace with joy the opportunity to live once again quite rustically and reconnect to all of life as only this (remote) lifestyle will allow in fullness.   Or I can kick it all to the curb to ensure I have flush toilets, showers, and the ability to watch a movie online before I go to sleep at night.  (Talk about being repressed and enslaved to large corporations that dole out the electric, the internet and even the water… for a continual fee.)

Whatever I choose, will be amplified in March.  Do I have a clue what that  really means… not really.

I do know if I continue to enhance my spiritual energy/life/understandings, that will be amplified in every way (yay?).  On the other side of the fence, is really about loosing yourSelf to the perceived comforts of life centered around ego desires.  Which of course, will allow the dualistic energies of life to strip that away (been there done that many times in the last 10 years) so I/we can see the only thing that really matters in all this life is our spirit being allowed to fully play in the land of matter, with joy and freedom.

Just look at what the Egyptions had to give up in order to receive.  They didn’t go to work for 18 days, they stood side by side, in place, giving up all their comforts, including the potenital of dying, so the entire land can prevail… and it did.  And the entire world noticed!

 It is allowing the stripping away of all conceived barriers, so that your fullness of energy can step into your life.   

So where does the energy of your heart, your soul wish for you to go in the fulfillment of your walk in ascension energy ?

If you are not sure of the answer quite yet, (trust me, your soul knows and is going to create whatever energy is needed in your human life for you to come to a clear answer to that question,) simply look at what has transpired in your life during January and February to find your truest (from the soul, NOT the ego) answer(s). 

These two months are giving you beautiful duality to look at and feel within yourself.  What makes you feel heavy and like lead, and what lifts you up to the heavens with potential without any question within, just pure desire?

If you really look, and are willing to be incredibly honest with yourself, you will see exactly what I am talking about.  Has anything changed in your life in January and February?  Idea’s, desires, jobs, friends, city, state, state of Being? 

Have you been presented with opportunities that you mind wants to denounce but your heart gets excited about (my story here lol)?  Have you seen doors close, relationships end.. we are in a major time of doors to your past closing, where we get stuck is trying to either pry them back open, or recreate the same door in another place.

Everything is asking you to be new.  Put your heart into your new doorway, your new opportunities and don’t let any preconceived discomforts stop you!

As I end this spiritual sharing, I know what I have to do.  Trailer on a wide open mesa overlooking the lights of Albuquerque and Sandia Mountains… prepared for soul evolution!!  Phew… anyone have a spare porta-potty NOT outhouse lol.

Love ya… and spirit shall emerge and play in joy and freedom on mother earth once again!!


Lisa Gawlas



  1. Remember as well, Life is ALWAYS conspiring towards your greatest soul growth.

    Within 10 minutes of publishing this post (that has taken me 2 days to complete) a friend showed up at my door with a generator for use at the property. Gotta love that universe!!


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