Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 23, 2020

Overview of May Heading towards June.

may energies

And another month bites the dust!! But May at least has been an interesting month, (Do not mistake that to mean an easy one!!)

As I review the readings from this month, I found many people had many challenges, which is actually perfect. May was all about putting you into the situations that you needed to recognize your mastery thru and it avalanched on some people. Many (not all) truly seen how much they grew as they naturally approached whatever situation presented, differently. I have heard “I can’t believe it” so many times this month.

This new moon we just went thru was amazing too. It did not affect my ability to read (thank you moon) nor dd I lose my voice lol. For some people, it seemed to become a lazer to inscribe sacred symbols and/or geometry on people. All in prep for the entrance into May and awakening the new abilities within. Many equally will be greeting new guides/helpers in June to assist with the developing their awakened mastery from this timeline and all others on and beyond earth.

June will be a time of excitement, presentations to people who actually need your assistance, whether its energetic and physical/mental. It is a month where you are being instructed to do nothing in a usual way or with a usual response. Your developmental use of combined mastery will be OJT (on the job training.)

I have tried to put a blog out yesterday and realized that my website was shut down for non-payment. This is one of my biggest challenge that I have not obviously found mastery in, living without money. This past year I have lost my home, lost my car, had all my bank accounts closed due to over drawn. My stimulus check is in never never land somewhere. I lose my voice more than ever (tho May has been quite gracious for me in the voice area) which I completely understand my sales dropping off my over 75% since moving to VA. I do not qualify for disability (I was hoping) and am just at a freakin lose. But I turn to deep gratitude that my daughter and son in law asked me to move in, otherwise I would be hungry and homeless.

If there is something I need to do different, my team sure is not telling me!! (Not for the lack of asking either, crying really lol.)

OK, I’ll stop with my whining now. Website is back up and running for another month thanks to my oldest daughter sending me a belated mothers day gift.

Here’s to the power and beauty of June and the Solstice!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) wrapped in eternal Love and Gratitude!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  3. Lisa, google Pandemic Unemployment Assistance in Va. You are self employed and your business has been effective because of the virus and quarantine. You do qualify. Do it today. It’s part of the Cares Act the president signed on March 29.

    I hope this helps.



  4. This post has the info you need to apply for unemployment:


  5. Hi Lisa. i just went to schedule an appointment with you. and there are no more appointments for May. does your special mean for anyone purchasing a session / OR having a session in May? i booked for the first available day in June.

    i also just posted your special on Schrodingers Other Cat blog

    so if i need to change what i wrote to them, please let me know and i will update my comment there.

    Peace to us all. it’s a crazy time to be on planet right now.


  6. I have just started reading your blog, instead of hearing about it from others. I noticed you are having problems with disability. Hire a lawyer. I know, with no money it sounds crazy, but disability should back-pay to the date that you 1st filed, so lawyer fees can come out of that. Usually have to be turned down 3 times, unless you have a lawyer. I read that you were having sleep issues. Once you get used to sleeping with the mask, you will be amazed on how much better you feel. I would recommend saving up and getting one of those self-cleaning thing. Most people’s oxygen drops when they are asleep, but under 85 is putting other organs in strain. Instead of breathing like a meditation, try one quick breath in and 3 count breath out. Instead of relaxing you, it helps the exchange between O2 and CO2. Di this when before you go to bed and when you wake up, just to jumpstart the process. I love your blog, so you might see more from me. 😀


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