Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 10, 2020

The Absorption and Release of Light

light energy

First I want to wish all the Mothers, fathers that double as Mothers, my Mother in heaven and the greatest mother of us all, Gaia, a blessed and joyous Happy Mothers Day.

Tuesday night I drove 30 minutes to get my sleep study done. On that drive I was (continueing) to listen to the audio book “The Conveluted Universe” by Dolores Cannon. I was at a section that gave me so many understandings about most of our paths here on this crazy plane called Earth as it relates to our meditations.

Just to give an overview of what was happening in the audio book; Dolores had her client hpnotized to an event where the lady met with high vibing light beings. The Light Being speaking thru her client explained something that just made so much sense of, well, everything that is meditation!!

Sometimes, we take for granted the profound in our lives when it is not as obvious, if not oblivious to us. I know I have said this, talked about this over the decades, but I suppose it hit me so hard on this day that I need to reemphasise it again here.

For those that do not know of Dolores Cannon’s work, she is a hypnotherapist that was a trail blazer in that field of doing past life work. She eventually discovered lives on other planets, other realms that her clients were a part of and how it affected/helped them in this lifetime.

In this particular section of the audiobook, her client was taken back to a time where she was taken to another plane by “light.” As the session progressed, a highly evolved Light Being took over talking thru her client to explain what was happening and why.

Her client was experiencing Light energy as if she was a spong, including symbols, none of which she could understand, partly due to the fact that it was coming in so fast and actually giving her a headache. When the Light Being took over explaining, he said that it was impossible for her to understand (the client as well as Dolores) and not the appropriate time to understand it. That the brain and the body must assimilate it all and at the proper time will just become what I will call, knowings. He went on to explain that the mind could not comprehend what was being given to it, nor was it appropriate at the time for it to be understood by either of them. Information/knowings, are released when the person or even, the people of earth are ready to recieve and not a moment before.

This is as true today, thru both your meditations as well as our readings as that hypnosis experience was then. Our cells must assimilate so much of what we are taking in. Not only the cells of our body, but the very air around is too. We are not evolving alone, but an one entity of earth, as earth. We are all part of her, like fingers. If all fingers are not ready to grow, then all wait until that moment comes. We are the same.

The one thing I know for sure, the energy you, your teams bring to the readings keep evolving me, for which, I am eternally grateful. I know you understand what I am talking about, or you would not keep trusting me with my weird and sometimes lengthy voiceloss. But spirit also protects us all from overdosing on the energies.

Well, I am going to close here. I actually started writing this on Wednesday morning, but, well…

Big big (((HUGZ)))) wrapped in eternal gratitude and magnifficent love to each and every one of you!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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  3. I love Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe books! I read them all. Had a QHHT session once that was interesting.


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