Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 10, 2020

The First Lunar Eclipse of 2020


Just a quicky to let everyone know what I am seeing/experiencing with this first lunar eclipse of 2020. With my first appointment yesterday (the 9th) my vision was taken up to the earth’s shadow eclipsing the moon. The dark shadow was shaking as if there was a major, unstoppable earthquake happening between the two. I could feel it in my body. I could also see my mans energy of his center field elongated all the way up to that eclipse area. His center field looked like gold/amber cellophane with moving mother of pearl like energy colors thru it. It was shaking with the energy of the eclipse. I could not see or understand anything else.

After we hung up, I became so incredibly exhausted. By the time my next appointment happened, all I could see and feel was the black of the eclipse and the drain of my personal energy. My third appt was MIA and after 10 minutes of waiting for her to call, I fell sound asleep for the next 6 hours. Woke up, got the baby from daycare, fed him and then put him down for his afternoon 1-2 hour nap, 6 hours later, we both woke up. We played for an hour (now 11:30 pm) and went back to sleep til 5:30 am. So this eclipse that zapped me, zapped the baby too!!

This morning, as I was looking at the full moon out the window, I could see and feel electricity coming out of the eclipse. Sure enough, with my first appt there is electricity running down her elongated centerfield energy that is now the same color and feel of the shaking eclipse energy.

The eclipse energy is having an opposite effect on her, she was awake all night. Which I can understand. I am flying into the eye of the storm, and it devours my energy. My heart is so connected to my grandson, it obviously zapped his too!!

I can feel a coagulation of all the energies coming together as we pass thru this eclipse. I cannot see it, but can feel it!!

An update on my salt shaken daughter… We found out she stole 3 of her husbands guns and traded them for drugs. He had to file a police report, the cop called her, she admitted to taking them for drugs. They will be charging her. She will be going back to jail when she gets out of rehab. My heart is shattered for her.

Well, time for my next appointment. Hold on tight, we are walking on the wild side now!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) wrapped in moon quakes and love quakes.

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for taking the time to give everyone a quick eclipse update. The energy is wild and is definitely affecting us all differently. It seems to be flooding me with incredibly strong waves of anxiety. Last night I was so anxious that it felt like I could vomit. I’m sure that horrible sensation was caused by a combination of eclipse energy mixed in with the worries/fears of the collective. Calling upon Archangel Michael has really me to clear out those feelings of anxiety when they arise.

    Best wishes,

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  2. Lisa as I read began feeling your heart a few words before you telling of your daughter..(relate due to elbow tipping with my son)Got the strong message the purpose is to have the purity of your energy instilled in Grandson while he is so ready to embrace it.. Love ya girl your doing a great job being You a mom & grandmom ..So Proud to know you.. Akuna

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  4. Sweet Lisa,
    Your candor helps us recognize each of us has heartache and challenges we might like to conceal because of our ego, that simply putting the truth out there diminishes the power these issues could absorb from not being brought into the light. Your journey with Valorie empowers us all to look objectively at how best to feel about them and react to them.
    I only bring this up because having just lost my late brother’s nephew because an illness attributable to the lifestyle he believed himself powerless to change and a different nephew, my sister’s son, who is consistently relapsing, my recent emotional journey has been so arduous that I hold space for you with empathy, solace and courage and bring my heart’s joy for all the good you do for those in you touch.
    Many blessings, SiStar.
    Terri Henges

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  5. Thanks, Lisa. Blessings to you and your family in the new year. Such odd things are happening during the eclipse window for me as well. I feel the New might be amazing in 2020, and am looking forward to it. Take care.

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