Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 13, 2019

The Rising Light Field and so much more!!


Weird, I literally just typed in the half sentence “Can you believe we are halfway thru March and a quarter…” at that very moment my blog just automatically published itself. Publishing is not a one click process, yet… there it went all by itself. Anyone who gets the feed in their mailbox, I deleted it because the quoted half sentence was all that was in it.

One this I know from this crazy long path, nothing like that is a fluke. If it feels like time is speeding up, then everything involved in time, must also speed too. May that also be the speed in which this world evolves, because let me tell you, the sneak peaks I am having the privilege of experiencing thru the readings, OMG I just want to be there already!!

The last couple days there have been a couple people who’s reading focused on the image of an egg/eggs. My precious guy the other day was in a large egg that looked like it had long knitting needles penetrating the egg about 3 inches deep, but no further. Come to understand that his biology would be in the space we see as the yolk, the energy strands (knitting needles) were releasing something into what we would know as the whites of the egg. His reading helped me realize just how little I knew about the eggs!! I never really thought about what the yolk or the whites do in an egg, I just eat ‘em!! lol

Obviously it has everything to do with a DNA infusion, the exact details I forget. (I think my memory drive is shrinking instead of expanding lol.)

But I was to tie this in with my amazing lady from yesterday too. She was in the midst of the deep sky energy with all these beautiful Faberge looking eggs floating about. In between the space of the eggs were these spring like thingies,

As we progressed thru the understanding of her imagery, the decorations of the eggs represented the codes which were contained within the new life infusion that would eventually penetrate her biology. he springs were akin to new fractals that released the energy within the eggs once absorbed into her body.

As she was given some home work, she got a helper that appeared in her reading. Holy heavens batman!!! This Being showed up, unlike any Being I have ever connected to thru readings or hell, even my own meditations. The light emanating from him at first blush, you would think he is in spirit what we have come to know as an angel. But nope.

He (my choice of gender identification, this Being was absolutely androgynous in every way. There was a hint of physicalness to him, but mostly light… amazing light. I am not sure if he had wings or the glow at his back was so intense it looked like wings of light. He explained that the first living/conscious beings on our original earth were very much like him. He assisted in (what I will call human, but was no way human like we are now) seeding that part of earths story.. There was such an incredible energy signature to that amazing Being I lovingly refer to as AA Mikey Baby.

Sooo much understanding has been filling in my blanks since yesterday. Even the race we know as angels, have changed over time. In a way, we can almost call it devolved, their light became more physical and the memories of their pureness, less available. However, some remained in their original state for many reasons, but one being… earths closing story.

No, we will not be returning to that form, but instead, raising our physicality to match the frequency of Light we once were. Kind of reminds of me the right hand and the left hand, two very different hands but the same in relationship to the all of functionality. Divine opposites.

Another lady, again in an egg focused reading, brought us some other amazing details I never once thought about. Most of this stuff, I don’t think about, which is why YOU are so important!!

My amazing lady is an avid dreamer, omg the shear quantity and quality of her dreams makes me a bit jealous and incredibly envious!! So as we were talking about dreams vs meditation, OMG the field of energy is soooooo different from each one. Never once had I thought about it, since I rarely dream.

But if we were to turn the energy into textures… the meditation field is so clear, inexplicably unfiltered. The dreamscape very different, thready in texture. Limited in many ways that I cannot explain. A great platform for our teams to get messages of importance out to us, but not near as expansive as our state of meditation!!

There is so much wonder, amazing wonder coming thru each of you this month. Where we are heading, is breathtaking. On that note… I need to start my day.

To the members of the Nation, I am soooooo sorry I completely spaced out what day yesterday was. We had a meeting with the social services lady late in the afternoon. She recognized all of valories hard work to keep herself on the best path for her and the baby and released her from having to be constantly supervised with the baby. She can now be alone with her son!! We went out to eat and celebrated. When I looked at what time it was, 3 minutes before class, it was only in that moment I realized it was Tuesday!! We have another late day meeting today with her social workers supervisors to finish this up, so no class this week. I am so sorry for the oops yesterday.

I love you all and OMG bask in the glory of your Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with radiant love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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