Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 15, 2019

The Waves of Mental and Physical Planes…Changing Harmonics


I should have realized March would be no ordinary month, but then again, I do not think we will ever have ordinary again. There seems to be a sort of wave happening with our lives. Spend some time in the physical reality we call life, then a wave happens and we go up into the mental planes to access more fragments of earths original truths, then back down to assimilate and apply.

I was actually surprised to see everyone back in the mental planes yesterday, but I can honestly say, every day surprises me any more. Hell, each reading does!

I realize this morning, one of my beautiful ladies really gave us a fuller understanding of these up and down waves (up in the mental planes, down to physicality.)

The moment I connected with her, she was instantly split in half, down her middle and swooped upwards to the upper right and upper left side of her field. Both hands were stretched upwards in a V formation and remained that way thru her whole reading. Arms/hands… reach for life experience. It is only this morning that I realize the one doing the pulling up was her very soul. I could not see the hand/energy pulling her up, but I could feel it was quite a bit larger than her appearance in the reading. Of course it would be her soul, the invisibility from my view is to establish the fact there is no longer a separation of energies. No more than the right hand is separate from the left hand. Functionality is different and unique to the whole, but certainly not separate.

The right half of her body was suddenly pulled backwards, deeper into the mental planes and was given a triple loop spiral. In this sudden and quick motion I knew (but did not see) she was taking in new fragments. As she reached the center of this loop, a burst of sound filled my ears, like a 10 second clip from an orchestra.

Each fragment contains a very specific frequency/emotion/light/harmonic. Keeping in mind, not heard or felt in any version of our earths history. From what I understood as it was explained to us about that sudden orchestra sounding event, is when she has gathered and assimilated the fragments, this is what the blended fragments sound like. It was stunning!!

Then, once that orchestra is heard/felt, my vision shifted over to the left side of her field, her physical life and applying it into her life. I could not see how or when, just that it was the next step.

I had another amazing soul present what looked like a super long silver slinky in her mental planes. It started elongating from the left to the right, creating hills (if you will) of various sizes as it slowly moved to the right. At the top of her first hill emerged a skeleton key that opened up to a portal that has been locked away since earths origins changed. When they showed what was thru that portal… it was amazing! Bursts of colors that had such intensely profound affects on my heart center. This was the realm earths color palette was pulled from.

What I continue to find, odd and interesting, is her team kept calling that place the silent universe. To the degree my own memory was taken back to my early beginnings on this path when my soul created a new signature (left on that spiritual forum I grew up on at the end of each of my posts) “I just love when an unsaid thing becomes said in a silent whisper.” Lets just say there are things only the heart can hear that must bypass the ears and thoughts to hear/feel/understand clearly.

Never once did I even think that the colors of the earth had deep thought and purpose. Colors and frequencies unlike we have now.

With regards to the slinky looking thing, I knew the silverness of it had everything to do with the earth, silver being the highest vibration of earth energy I see in readings. I had no clue that it equally represented her physicalness too.

If we can look at ourselves like tightly coiled fractals that start top open up when body/mind/earth hit a particular frequency for expansion, and new adventures begin. (Key word here, NEW.)

I think there is quite a bit of assumption that one day, we will separate ourselves, our experiences from those still working towards inner frequency harmony. Not happening!! That would be like saying God/creator/spirit only wants to partake and assist those most like him/her. We are that light incarnate, we are here to help the ALL.

On that note, its time for me to boogie into the next phase of my day!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with the sound of music only the heart can hear!!

Lisa Gawlas





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