Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 20, 2018

The Solstice Energy’s Pulling Us Up

Magnetic pull

We finally got a little preview/understanding about the solstice energies. Like I have been saying, I have never seen the absence of them in readings this close to the event itself, until now. In my morning pondering and some of the (non) reading,) about why, I finally got a glimpse of understanding.

For the life of me, I cannot remember which is which, I swear that remembering has been wiped from my memory bank, but, one set (solstice/equinox) is usually pulling energies into your center, the other releasing the. One is gold (spiritual energy) the other silver (earth energy.) This has been a constant for 15 years of readings. Not no mo’

I could see the intake and release of both the silver and gold energy, as if the inhale and exhale were happening simultaneously. Thru the readings, I could see that these solstice energies were aligned up with the 2019 energies (as opposed to being on the ground at 2018.) The energies, looking like gold and silver confetti, were blasting past each other, parallel to the ground, but about 15 feet in the air, aligned with the 2019 timeline.

The fact that it was not on the ground, confused me. It was explained that the energies of this solstice have an intense magnetic draw upwards (remember the visual of having a spiritual hand under someones butt, pushing them upwards, same idea here too.)

What I find interesting also, there was no “ground floor” for anyone. Meaning it was as if no one center field of life was there any longer as the energies pulled their whole life upwards.

This too, is an interesting twist in energies. Since we ended 2012, we always had a choice point of staying behind or moving upwards to the higher energy field of the coming year. (The choices happened at the ongoing decision points and emotional frequencies of daily life.) Not this year, it seems, one way or another, everyone will forced into the intensity that is going to be 2019. For those matching the frequencies, it should not be too ummmmm, challenging. For those still deep in resistance, well… find a way to not resist, but also, stay far away from the river of DeNile, it makes challenging times so much more challenging!! (Take it from one who knows lol.)

Let me also be clear in what I call non-readings. Just because I can see and hear, if we are not getting information that takes you beyond the moments energy field, I do not ever call that a reading. I want meat and taters on the plate for you, so we reschedule until you get the full meal you signed up for.

Spirit (thru the readings) has been saying we should be out of this particular energy system and merging with the 2019 energies by the end of this year. We better get some hefty meat and taters by then! Today would be great too!! Speaking of today….

I love you all soul much. Thank you for Being!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) filled with magnet pulls up to and thru you uncomfortable zone!!

Lisa Gawlas


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