Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 17, 2018

These Energies!!!

Molecular Thoughts

Molecular Thoughts

One day, I might just wipe expectation out of my field… one day!! Since we had all X’s on the field the other day, I truly expected the field to shift its focus to perhaps, the solstice coming up. Nope!! More of the same energy, processing, getting things aligned for 2019, with one key difference, I feel every ounce of the energies before even connecting, which is not exactly pleasant! lol The energies seem to be getting stronger and stronger each passing day and penetrating deeper and deeper.

This morning, as I am wondering what to write about, besides myself, and pondering the lack of focus on the solstice (first time ever) I was given two visuals. The solstice energy breathing in and out, that alone is odd, it has been that one series breaths in, the other breaths out (solstice vs equinox) and I cannot recall which is which now lol. My poor memory bank has taken a beating!! For one to do both, pull in and release, highly unusual!! Perhaps that is why we are not seeing the focus on it. I really don’t know, no one in spirit is saying why (not for the lack of asking lol.)

The second visual I got this morning was of a step ladder leading up to the 2019 timeline. I could see butts being pushed upwards. Considering that has been about 20 feet in the air, things must be getting much closer to that energy system, we would need more than a step ladder if it wasn’t. Just may be why I am suddenly feeling the impact of the energies of readings beforehand. I hope we get to understand the butts being pushed upwards part. Anything spirit has to push to the next level…. well… rarely do we experience it blissfully lol.

Other than the physical impact on the biology (serious ouchies) I have no idea what we are getting ourselves into, yet.

Change of subject. I finally got the radiology report mailed to me from my lung doc, about my CT scan at the hospital in Dec. I have more of those nodule thingies than I realized, in both upper lobes and now one in my lower lobe. There is a party in my lungs!! lol Also, they noted deterioration of the spine, took me by surprise, sort of. My back hurts like hell, a lot. Made a couch ornament out of me, but I still didn’t see that coming. So I do what I do best… bitch to my team lol.

They explained that it is simply duty hazards. (Nothing is simple when you occupy the body, IMHO.) The connections stream energy down thru the core for information release at its clearest. In a way, it is no different than someone repetitively using their hands let say, massaging and getting carpel tunnel. There is a wear and tear on the physicality and I have been reading now 17 years. These are the things when spirit says we do not need to fully know. If we knew what we were getting into, we more than likely wouldn’t. So we get to know certain tihngs and others withheld from our knowing. Dammit!! I think I would have done it anyway since the mind has no real relationship to how much anything hurts, until it starts to experience it. Ouchies!! lol

Anyway, I will share again when we have news we can use!! I hope that will be by tomorrow!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of comfort and joy to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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