Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 8, 2018

The Black Goo Coming Out of Dec 5th!!

black goo

Here we are, on the other side of that big event passageway thingie I call December 5th and I am kind of disappointed that instantly we aren’t seeing and understanding in the way I hoped. That said, a tremendous amount of understanding has come thru in every connection about how we and our teams, including our soul, work together.

December 6th and 7th, everyone was still half in and half out this black passageway thingie, except now the black is very gooey and the people I have read for, remain covered in the black substance, even outside of this wedge of energy.

If we can look at this black energy as the final curtain of the last act of the first cycle that started January 2013, now we come into a super sub-cycle that, I believe, starts January 2019. These last few weeks are working out the details.

Keeping in mind, other than black, I could see nothing, no faces, visual details, but the release of information was stunning!!

I had one lady, her soul was so fastidious about the details of what will be experienced in 2019, to the point we would call anal. Detailing things I was not prevvy to, with her guidance team, about the events that must play out in 2019.

I had another lady who’s head was shoved deep into the energy wedge of Dec 5th, looking (from the human/ego aspect) for something that she just could not find. I had another lady, digging at the goo/wall of the inside of the Dec 5th passageway, she too, looking for something within her emotional/spiritual field that she could not find.

With these two in mind (not addressing their team, but looking for the human perception of what they think they want,) not everything we need to experience for our soul growth and evolution, we are going to be passionate about or even, happy about.

Somewhere along the line, we have convinced ourselves, if it does not bring us happiness, its not for us. That attitude has left a lot of pot holes in our evolution journey from the soul realm and those pot holes will be filled in starting in 2019. Instead of seeking happy, just be in gratitude, especially thru any challenges that may (and will) arise.

Keeping in that vain, I had one lady yesterday who really showed us how stubborn we can be as a human species. Again, zero visuals but man a ton of information thru the black.

There is a man who MUST cross her path in 2019, why was not stated. He was/is going in a completely different direction than what their souls need of him. There were three teams (his, my lady’s and her wife) shooting energy into his core, doing all they can to alter his ego will of direction.

I have never realized just how hard our teams work to make sure we experience what we need to (not always, want to) for all involved. My lady’s team did say, if they cannot alter his mind about what he needs to experience in 2019, there remains a back up plan, which equally alters her course.

So, if you are feeling a bit directionless in this stage of our game, that is actually perfect. Don’t try and push a direction until all the details are worked out. Then see what presents itself, I almost want to say, the more you don’t want to do something, that’s probably the direction you need to go in. (Thinking completely of my own self here lol.)

I did have an amazing, altho extremely challenging, ET connection yesterday. Challenging because it seemed to take forever for the communication to flow. I could see him, his massive head (3-4 feet from top to bottom) in explicit detail, yet was challenged at everything else, at first.

These Beings come to hear at the end/start of the 26,000 cycle to do their work. His work is bringing in what I am going to call inter-dimensional dust particles and infusing them into particular rocks and trees. There are 4 mountains being infused right now, one being the Himalayas, I think the other Mt Kilimanjaro (my geography sux, along with knowing names of various landscapes lol and he was not bashful about letting me feel that!!) There are two others that I have no idea which. The only group of trees I know for sure is the redwood forest.

Now he presented something quite interesting, him and his team infuse these inter-dimensional particles into the rocks and trees, it is thru the energy of fire that they are fully released into the atmosphere to be inhaled by the human population for their evolution assistance.

He will help to teach my lady how to infuse what is needed in her landscape of Michigan for a must slower release on a denser population (spiritually speaking.) .

Ha!! Now here is something I never once thought about, but is being presented at this moment. Look to the landscapes on earth that always seem to have something happening (fires, mudslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, ect) these are places where the earth has a high enough vibration for change (hence the earth events.) The more dense (collective conscious wise) an area, the fewer events and more and more (conscious) people are placed there, to assist.

The same can be said for humans too, but not really. Many are finding serious (what we call) health and/or mental) challenges of late, it is because of the changes. The DNA has evolved enough to morph into its next version of itself. The mental processes are high enough to change out the neuro-patterns to higher frequencies.

From decades, if not, lifetimes of healing our emotional field, we have carried forward the thought that if something is uncomfortable, (or, in my own case, downright unpleasant lol) we need to fix or remove it. That is not always the case any longer. We are not all broken, but changing. That said, there is still a huge group of humans on the planet still clearing their emotional closet that created illness in their body and/or mind. Knowing where you are or someone else is, is crucial.

Now, understanding why we were placed where we are and in the condition we are in (again, reflecting on my own crazy life) not always fully knowable at the start. (Me, I am really kinda clueless here lol.)

I have put in 6 different phone calls to my Lung Doc in Texas to please please go over the CT results with me. Not one call back yet. I went to refill my main inhaler (AirDuo) at walmart, only to find the prescription expired last month on my last refill. I called my lung doc and asked for them to call in a refill, they did, thankfully, but when I went to pick it up, the lady at the pharmacy wanted $620!! WTF!!!! At full price it is only (and I say only with a giggle) $120!! How did it go up so much in a month?? Well, seems my Lung doc changed it to Adv-air (god bless the people who have to pay out of pocket every month for that medicine!!!!) I call my lung doc while at the pharmacy, they get it worked out to my usual med, only to find out, its on back order and it could be up to one month before I get this med.

Before anyone emails me, yes I could go to another pharmacy if I had cash in hand. Walmart just started accepting CareCredit so I don’t have to have money to be able to breathe well.

And so I wait… and wonder, WTF is the reason for all this. To see how long I can hold my breath or loose my humor (never)?? lol

On that note, my day is about to begin. My team is asking me to bring out the package special again. There is going to be a lot of change and a lot of adjustments to our field as we move into and thru 2019, so who am I to argue!!

I love and honor each and every one of you, so very much!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with black gooey substance of love and change thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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