Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 2, 2018

Healing vs Evolution. Human Will vs Soul Will.


I find it amazing, always, how a release of planetary and inter-dimensional energies can and does affect each person so differently. No two readings have been the same, the visuals and target points so different for each person I have read for, yet, it is the same energies being re;eased throughout the planet.

As I ponder that thought this morning, I am given such a wonderful visual explanation of how. We are all in our own, unique bubble of energy, what I often refer to as your intimate field of creation. In readings, we tend to be looking at the flat aspect of that, but it is a bubble that encircles every person individually on this planet. Once the incoming energy hits that bubble it changes to meet the frequency and needs of the bubble, of each persons energy field. This is what I see as your energy field and how the energies are affecting you. I so love and honor the inelegance and communication ability of energy!!

This energy works with you, with your personal energy field and the desires of the soul and soul growth in material matter. The soul needs to experience itself, thru us, our body and minds, in many different ways and scenarios to achieve whatever it is it has set out to achieve

The incarnate human, on the other hand (finger pointed inwards at myself) does not always understand the full value of what it may be going thru that is experienced adversely.

My own personal body and world has had its share of challenges this year. More than I bargained for really. Truly, more than I want to experience, from the human standpoint, of course.

If we can step away, for a moment, and release the fact we are having this very human experience and see it from the point of view of light.

The entire planet is changing, increasing its light, its frequency, its full potential as a maturing planet. That equally means, all life on this planet MUST change with it as well for it. Not all change is experienced gleefully. Especially when the changes are at the biological level of experience.

Examples; Brian wave patterns are changing with this incoming light. It may appear as we go forward, that many have lost their minds. Indeed, they have. The adverse affects of the enhancement may last the rest of their lives in this incarnation, but there is a positive outcome in its wake that we may never fully understand until we cross over and see it from the truest field of light thru our pure soul eyes and knowing. So much comes thru filtered via our ego, and that is not a bad thing, it is part of the ongoing experience, the evolution of our species.

It is only when we release all of our own biases (good, bad, ext) that we will have full use of our spiritual attributes. This too, is being cleaned up in our plane of existence (earth) by many incarnate souls going thru what can and is preserved as adverse experiences.

What gets really complicated to understand, from the human perspective, is there are so many people still going thru their healing journeys. For these people, any adverse effects underway can be released upon clearing the energy forms that created whatever they are experiencing. Then there are others, taking in this new energy and changing it into its higher form. This cannot be stopped, it has, tho, been delayed.

This is where spirit has said, as we get into 2019, that which we have been avoiding (in experience) will happen. It must for the soul evolution of light on this planet.

I think I finally understand some of the readings since being here in Virginia. When viewing some of the people in 2019, there was an overlay of what I will just call a soul blue print on their fields of 2019, things that the soul MUST experience and cannot be avoided. Along with the creation of our now moments from the mental planes. So human will and soul will, combined together as a full energy. Knowing what you can avoid and what is needed to experience, will get us thru 2019 more easily, or at least, with better attitudes lol. (I’m still working on my attitude lol.)

Here we are, two days out from being squeezed thru the black passageway. It has been interesting with that, I have seen some people go into it and how it affects their energy field. Some squished from all sides, some enhanced by what looks like beams of energy, some so invisible I cannot see them at all. All perfect in accordance with their divine will. I cannot wait to see the outcome on the other side. We have thru the rest of December to acclimate to the new infused us, before we are let loose on a whole new field of adventure called 2019.

On that note… have an amazing today and tomorrow!! I love you all, soul very very much!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) infused with light every changing to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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    • Thanks so much for your insights, coupled with the info from Lisa, I am beginning to make a bit more sense of it. Much Love & Blessings from you all, Namaste my beautiful friends XXX

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  5. you sound like a nut job


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