Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 21, 2018

Current Energy Influx Leads to A black Doorway on Dec 5th.

energy influx

There is nothing more concerning than being a seer who cannot see!! lol I was getting so concerned that I broke my antennas somewhere along the way. I tried readings from my daughters back porch, nadda. All I could hear was the traffic I never noticed before. Then coming to my new house three days in a row, nuttin! I was truly concerned I broke my antennas.

What I didn’t have with my new house was a bond. I barely visited it for an hour at time each visit. I decided I needed to sleep here and fill the house with my energy and feel its. Sure enough, that worked!! I did not do anything special, no ritual, just sleep and tidy up here.

Of course, the way my word always challenges me, my first reading was an ET connection and not a field reading. Man, how do I connect to an ET when I do not even have my reading field set yet. The human in me likes the field set first, but spirit does not care what I like lol.

At first I was confused, my antenna (consciousness) kept getting pulled to the far left and miles away from my back yard. I could see the energy stream I was being pulled thru, but nothing else. Damn, my antennas need glasses now!!

I guess where they took me was to what I will simply call a conjunction box, then pulled me way downwards, beneath the Chesapeake.

I have long realized that underwater bases are very popular with ETs. Their focus is enhancing our water, not cleaning it, but increasing the vibrational frequencies in our waters that we drink, to assist us in our rapid vibrational increases.

I wasn’t sure what to expect setting up the field itself. My backyard to the tree line is only about 10-15 feet from my back porch, a far cry from my backyard in Texas. Keeping in mind too, I have had zero connection or input on what has been happening in the field since I got sick in Texas… weeks!! Weeks in our spiritual evolution is equal to years and lifetimes it seems anymore.

What came thru every reading over the last two days is this interesting, unique to each person, energy that is changing each person from the inside our and the outside in, each in its own way, targeting different areas in different ways thru each person, that started 11/11 and will conclude at the end of 12/4. This energy is having a profound, if not very unpleasant effect on many people, myself included. it is really ramping up our nervous system on so many levels.

Thru every reading there was this this (about 1 foot thick) black (my word) doorway to the right about 10 feet above the ground. We are all rapidly increasing in frequency thru this period. DNA is changing, brainwaves are changing, our nervous systems are changing, all in prep for our next great evolution.

The one thing I am sure of, that thick black door (which is not a door nor a gateway, spirit was pretty adamant about that, we have no name for what it is) will solidify the energetic changes that have taken place thru this energy influx. (They did put a dateline above the door of the 5th. I am grateful that is a Wednesday, a natural day off so I do not have to worry about not seeing!!) And yet, I cannot see what is on the other side, but so many people had heads up about 2019. How can the field be unknowable in December yet knowable in 2019. I will never fully understand this gig we call multidimensional life!!

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, 2019 is the year of change.

Can I just say, I am seriously over change!! Speaking of change, my furniture arrives this Friday or Saturday. I will be so grateful when it gets here, my ass hurts like hell from sitting on this metal folding chair I got from walmart, just to have something to sit on. Ouchies. But for now, I have the essentials. Coffee pot, blow up mattress, card table for my laptop and this chair. I am good, I hurt, but am good!! lol

Amungst the changes is the way we get together on the Nations Tuesday night classes. I forgot to change my email address with webex, I paid a year in advance last year for our meeting place and renewed this past week, which bounced my account. They are refunding me but also suspended my account for a week as well. I do not understand why, but as long as I get my $366 back I don’t care lol. So I am trying Zoom on for size. I do like Zoom a bit. Right now, just due to my financial reconstruction, I can only afford the free account which limits us to 40 minutes per session. Give me a week or two, I will get the paid account to unlimited time together. So sorry for all the inconveniences I have caused everyone thru my own chaos these last few weeks.

Also, as soon as my butt re-inflates, I will be getting an email out to everyone that has not been rescheduled yet from the last couple weeks, to make sure you get on my calendar ASAP. Please forgive my dysfunction. I’ getting squared away, slowly but surely.

I love you all so much, thank you for the much needed drink of Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

PS Meet my newest grandson Zachariah Fenix:


zach n me.jpg
val and zach.jpg


  1. What a cutie pie he is!!! Glad to hear you’re doing better and have a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

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  2. awww cute Grandson – thank you for all you do – I’m being hit hard right now
    feels like Dark night of the soul, trying to ride it out – enjoy your messages x

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  5. Beautiful! 💚


  6. Awesome, he is so beautiful….may your life keep full of light and love and know that no matter what I love you. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing and caring. You give me energy and inspiration in spite of cancer that came to me in May 2018….I am a warrior and plan on healing completely. Namaste, Monica Jackson of Laguna Beach, Ca May your day Be filled with Love and Light, M


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