Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 29, 2018

Beyond the Passageway of December 5th.


Is time speeding up or what? It is so hard to believe we are closing out another month and soon, another year. This year sure is not ending in a way I foreseen at the start of it!! That is the nature of change tho. The end of this year and even, at least, the first quarter of next year is all about change as well.

Our bodies are changing, our minds and thought forms are changing, our environment is changing. Who and what we are as a species, is changing.

Whatever we want to call these energies that have been coming in steadily since 11/11 will start to be compacted into life itself as we move thru the passage way of December 5th. I have been able to see thru a few of the readings the energies on the other side of that passageway (spirit changed my word doorway into passageway, what the difference is, I have no clue lol.)

The last few weeks of December has all the expanded energy we are receiving now, compressing. The analogy I get is when you have loose dirt on the ground and you take your foot and pat it down. It appears there will be three stages that this energy is patted down deeper as we conclude December. How it affects us, is, as usual, unknown.

That said, when it comes to 2019, things seem to get a bit more strict, spiritually speaking. Again, coming thru a couple of the readings, our soul is here in this plane for its evolution. To truly evolve in the way it needs to, it MUST experience certain things. Until now, its partner, our ego, has had the choice of experiencing that evolution situation, or not. Not any longer. What it needs to experience, it will, it must. For some people, it will be like saving the hardest parts for last.

I was not given a heads up thru any of the readings, what that may mean or look like to anyone. However, I do have my own life to pull from. There is always something to pull from that crazy thing I call my life.

For the first time since I left Virginia in 2010, I have zero finances. I forgot I paid for my website for a year at the same time I paid for webex for a year, and that billed out yesterday. For the second time in a week, my bank account has been over drafted. Money, the lack there of and the abundance there of, has been an ongoing dance in my life. Seems it just stepped up the tempo. That is ok, I have learned to breathe thru the lean times. However, I got an unexpected phone call yesterday from my lung specialists office in Texas yesterday. The lady said my doc wanted to see me today. That’s kind of difficult since I am now in Virginia. So I asked her, did he get the results from my CT scan from the hospital? Her voice dropped and all she said was, yes. I asked her if he could call me (today) and talk to me about the results. All she said was she will ask him, tho I am sure he will.

The very first morning I was in Virginia, instead of looking for a house, I was looking for a new oncologist. I already knew something changed in my lungs from the CT, the ER doc told me to make sure I got up with my lung doc. It’s kind of disheartening when you call various cancer places, explain you have no insurance nor any money, can you see me?? No one even calls back.

It took me two years and a move to New Mexico to find someone willing to look at the thing growing on my back, which ultimately became stage 3c melanoma, without insurance or money. One of the places I tried was here in Virginia to no avail. So here I am, in a similar situation, instead of it being a growth on my back, it is a growth in my lung. This is going to be interesting. The unavoidable challenge!!

On that note, my day of readings is about to begin. I love you all, soul much.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of change and gentle dance moves to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  3. Much Love & Blessings to you, sweet Lisa, I hope things are getting better for you, on a daily basis, & that the they will continue to do so! It’s hard to see one’s ‘lessons’ sometimes, and after a stroke it can all be a little confusing, thank goodness for my Partner/Carer! He is just amazing! Much Love & Blessings, I just want to enfold you in my arms & make it all go away……..Sylvia xxxx Hugs & kisses….


  4. You have been FORCED to change your diet to raise your vibration.
    Raw food diet has the highest vibration. You don’t need any doctor or money to heal yourself.
    Whatever you put in your body, could heal you or kill you, it is your choice!

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    • I know these things are true, Kiranasa…. I lost a lot of weight & got my self healthy, but! it’s not as easy as it seems……I ended up with a stroke……(thanks for the great advice from you! ) I know what it takes, obviously not the correct things to do, groan…….now I’m back to the initial weight loss, plus I now have back problems, after falling backwards on an elevator, (was my def my fault) . Now I’m crying poor me! In other words, why am still trying to fix/heal myself! It’s obvious I don’t want to be healed, just be looked after! The lazy way out! I look back & can see what is happening, just not how to fix myself… I can get my indulgent self to do better? (I am still not 100% back to myself, brain wise. still a little bit forgetful). Any tips for me? The one thing that happened was that my partner helped with the shopping, reading labels & etc, so we are both aware of the evils of sugar! I try very hard to make sure I eat mostly vegetarian, he still eats meat now & then, but we are 100% better than we were. How can get myself off this pity party? It is indeed my choice, but any advice might just trigger something! …Thank you so much, much Love & Blessings XXXXX


    • What you put into your body first and foremost is thought. What you think about something… so please, you can judge your food and your diet as you need to. Please send only love to all I do, eat, and decide to do for my highest good. Thank you!!! ❤

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      • Thank you both, I am trying to sort this all out, Much Love & Blessings XXXXX (I feel like I am starting from scratch!! LOL…)


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