Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 18, 2018

The 4 Directions and Becoming Part of the Equinox!


Well this weeks reading went nowhere near like I was anticipating!! Granted, by now I should have no anticipation of what anything will look like or bring, but hey, I am still quite human, dammit!!

Before the readings started, I had to run and pay the water bill, on my way home, just before I got to the house, the sun was rising to my right. It’s been a long time since I seen the sunrise!! As I was admiring its beauty, I got the feeling of incoming energies, very particular energies… North, South, East and West. Of course, my always at the ready question was… what the hell is that for?? The most I got in that moment was, it is part of this final phase before the equinox. Alrighty then!

I so anticipated all the readings back at the ground level of the field, unfolding in familiar ways, of course it didn’t happen that way lol. Even in one of the readings, as I was bitching about not being on the ground in the way I wanted this week, her team said our readings will never be the same as they were before. Great!! (Said quite sarcastically!!)

My first lady showed up and got me just a bit excited!! The equinox pole was placed directly in her center-field in my backyard instead of my neighbors!! YAY I could see and feel the energetic alignment with the spring equinox of 2019. She looked like a basketball sized sun the equinox pole was going thru.

It was explained that she has the 4 directions coming into her center point in her body (solar plexus.) Changing again. It was also explained that there is so much about what we call the 4 directions that we do not fully understand. (I could say everything about life anymore, i no longer understand lol.) The North and South energies were adjusting her magnetics within her body. The West and South had everything to do with air/wind due to what she will be using next in her evolution. The most we could understand is working with what I call the upper atmosphere energies.

My lady after her, showed up differently. I realize now that I missed an important detail. Her entire energy field was within what I see as the equinox pole. Her feet and the bottom of this pole at the far side of my neighbors yard, her head, and the top of the equinox pole at the center of her field in my backyard. The rest was in an upside down U shape.

Our light body and our physical body’s are not separate at all. Just… different versions of the same whole. When she explained she was going to a chiropractor because her back was in such pain, this was the reason why. What I did not realize yesterday in her reading, at all, was this position of her and her field had everything to do with her working at the earth level of energy (as opposed to my first lady working with the upper atmosphere energies.) I guess I was waiting to see an earth in the equinox pole. Nope.

With the exception of the ET Connection that came thru so clear and detailed, I rescheduled everyone. I am truly anal about what I call a reading and there were no understandings of what any of this energy will provide to anyone. But man oh man, so many nuggets of information came thru!! I felt like I was at an unexpected feast!! I pray I can remember all the nuggets to share with you.

I am going to start with my lady’s ET. Simply because he stated something I had already forgot about. He said there will be a major earthquake happening on earth, a 9.1 earthquake. He did not give us a time, but stated this is the most imminent event happening and is quite purposeful in this energy flux we are all participating in. My lady will be learning how to use new energies and at the very least, help those that will be effected to release the fear and (negative) chaos major earth events bring.

Information about this earthquake had come thru Tuesday nights class a few months ago. Of course I forgot. Because I forget most everything any more!! lol

Another very interesting reveal came thru a question one of my lady’s asked. When we are conceived, and grow into the embryo stage thru pregnancy (where the spine is forming) seeds of our future abilities are planted. They remain dormant until we and earth hit a particular frequency together, then start to germinate at that point, So many of these seeds started the germination point at the series of eclipses we just came thru.

That said, not everyone is given these seeds. There are many many people here who purpose chose to come into life to be the antagonist of our individual and/or collective growth.

We have a tendency to try and ignite seeds of potential where non exist. Our job is not to change them (whomever they are) but to remove ourselves from that energy field once we have established our seeds. But most stay out of an odd commitment (and this is not just people, but also places and groups and many many things.)

Well, as always, so much more to share and the next phase of my day is about to begin! Ohhh and I strangely got summoned for Jury Duty on Monday the 24th. I will be emailing everyone scheduled on that day to reschedule. I am hoping my non judgement attitude will release me from that duty!! Or I will put my anntennas on and see behind the action to the purpose. It could be another level of seeing! lol

I love you all soul very very much!! Hang on tight, its a wild bumpy ride!!!

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of wonder and craziness to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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