Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 20, 2018

The Frequency Bands of Expansion and the Super Sub Cycle Starting 2019

the expanding energy of earth

Man, Tuesday nights Nation class was amazing. So much new information coming thru the most reliable “question bringer” in our group!! I would like to take this moment to once again emphasis how invaluable our questions are to gathering more information that spirit presents. It opens doors that otherwise would not be opened. We can look at it like this, spirit has their set of priorities in information drops, we have ours. When the two meet, holy downpour batman!!

This energy was like a massive energy wave that we were riding, and didn’t stop with class. Nope, I was awake off and on almost all night. I slept off and on almost all day yesterday. Hence no blog!!

Today, let me focus on one of the things that have been revealed thru class. Something I had wondered about for some time and finally received the clearest visual and understanding over these “frequency” increases that have been happening consistently since we exited 2012. I was even able to make a super simple visual aide for all of us!!

earth frequencies.jpg


Keeping in mind, I ran out of room in the picture to continue the frequency bands thru this present moment. Nothing stopped at 2016 except room in the picture!!

Since 2012, each time we approach the new year, the field of energy is presented about 30 feet in the air above us. The same is true for 2019. These frequency bands are what we consider, the new earth. Higher levels of frequency that people that have made their way to with clarity, reside upon. To explain how refined these frequency bands are, spirit gave us an wonder example. Keeping in mind, the numbers used are in absolutely no way real numbers, but comparison examples.

What we consider base earth, where ever living thing started out on in this lifetime, lets say, in 2012 held 7 billion people. As we crossed into the energy, moved upwards to the new frequency band, 1 billion people made the transition, 6 billion remained on base earth still working their way towards the upper frequency.

In 2014, 20% of the 1 billion that was resided on the 2013 frequency band, made it to the 2014 band. Spirit kept using the 20% of the people on each band, moving to the higher frequency by the next new year, until we got to this year, 2018. They used the number, to contrast base earth, 150,000 people reside on this highest frequency band, with the majority of people moving into 2019 because by the time any of us made it to here, we are diligent enough that when spirit moves us to do something, we get it done.

This visual also gave me the full understanding of something I have seen in readings, I understood enough, but with the clarity I do now. I have seen people fall down the layers of frequencies to start over again in other lower frequencies. This is usually those I am not reading for, but those they are asking about.

With that said, spirit was very clear about not using any real number populations. At any given time we can and often do, move from higher to lower frequency bands. The moment any one of us decides this is as far as I am willing to take myself, we drop to the frequency that asks little more of us. Not a bad thing, our soul knows there are an unlimited number of lifetimes to keep evolving!!

We all can feel that things are different now, more than ever before, inside and out. Well, so too is the energy of the incoming new year. Which was also detailed in Tuesday nights class!!

I have mentioned in previous blogs that 2019 looks like a white, wide reflective platform. Unlike any previous coming new year, which always had an energy vibration to it, much like seeing a fully exposed electrical wire. Not 2019 tho…

Spirit called the start of 2019 a “Super Sub Cycle.” Emphasis on super lol. I found an image that may give us all a broader idea of what this looks like to us:


3 year cycle of earth.jpg


It is a 3 year super subcyle that starts the first of January 2019 and concludes the last day of December 2021. They showed is like a block of three years. So this image sort of reminded me of that, but please, that ends the similarity. Nothing in the picture was present. I just liked it.

If that wasn’t bending my mind enough, with this block of three years we are coming into, they present an added detail of energy from the beginning of 2022 already starting to drip down into this three year block. The energy sort of reminded me of a light, golden, watery substance that was coming down at the far left of this block. I think the best way to detail that is the energy of January 2022 is already leaking into the 2019.2021 super subcycle. What that means to us… I have no freakin clue!! But it was beautiful!!

I am not sure how this next thing is going to work for us and I am already hearing I won’t fully get it until we start seeing it in the readings. But, the last quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year, form something akin to a 8 or two large tear dropped shaped energies meeting at the central point of the and again, forgive my simpleness, but sort of looks like this:



There is more to reveal, but I am being asked to hold off til tomorrow. Which is a good thing too, since my day is about to start!!

I love you all so very much. Thank you for sharing your love-light with all of us!! You are each and invaluable piece of teh incoming puzzle!!

Spirit did say there will be a lot of information coming thru the field of readings in October, so I have put together another never done before special. BoGo… Buy one get one FREE!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of higher frequencies to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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