Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 16, 2018

New ET’s Arriving and Seeking Conscious Humans to Work With!!

ets incoming

I find so much simply amazing, if not mind boggle every day we get exposed to new information and understandings thru our connections.  Since yesterday was technically a day off, I only had one rescheduled reading on my dance card and what a way to kick off a birthday!!  It was an ET connection.

These ETs came in what looked like a gumball prize container/ship:


There were tons of these things floating all around my lady’s field.  All of them had the same frequency of blue, almost to the coloring of the blue in this picture, but enhanced because of the light frequency coming thru it.  The bottoms were much more smooth and the tops so very clear.  They were not much bigger than what these actual capsule sizes are either.  Inside was one Being, choosing to take a humanoid form for my view.  Not that they looked anything like a human, but with a tiny head, arms and torso (which was all I could see of them.  Whatever was in the blue part of their ships/capsules, I could not see thru.

They explained (thru one speaker) that they are inter-dimensional Beings that travel thru the dimensions and are not really solid, but not really pure energy either.  They can change their form and presentation to adapt to wherever they are.  My lady asked how long they have been working with her.  They have just arrived here in this particular upgrading frequencies of earth the last quarter of last year.  I so love when they are talking of what we perceive the past, they take my mind and move it backwards which comes with a very physical sensation.  As they did this, they also flipped what looked like pages from a calendar, as they got to the beginning of this year, that sensation dropped down a few steps to enter the last quarter of last year.

What they are doing at this moment here in our realm is cleaning up the strands of energies not assigned a higher value.  When I asked what their name was, I could feel them going thru my roladex of mental names and they did not like any of them, so they decided to use a label as reference… street cleaners.  The instant I thought… we just arrived here, what needs cleaning… the reply was instant and felt in my entire calf area of my body.  They showed me this film like thing, which I am now familiar with thru many of the past readings, a dimensional film.  Then I seen it tear open and these massive winds of energy started blowing in thru the tear.  This particular tear happened as we finished the last eclipse and moved into a higher frequency of earth.  Then I got a relationship with a water hose, most of the water hits the target and there is water that sprays outwards away from the target.  Same scenario when we have an opening to a massive influx of new energies.

They are here to collect that over spray, if you will.  This morning they are giving me a parallel with what we know as stem cells.  As of yet, unassigned energy.  They collect the strands of energy, pull it into these capsules, change it into whatever needed value is and then release it back here, either in targeted cities, countries, groups, what they do and can do is amazing.

Equally in their reply was something very interesting.  When they arrived the scanned the planet for those humans who’s biology could assit in the recycling at the biological level of assistance.  What so surprised me, when she asked how many are helping at the moment, they took my mind to various areas on the planet, I believe they said 10 were assisting at the moment, all unconsciously.  A lady in Saudi Arabia, triplet men in India and so on.  She, however, is the first conscious one to work with them.  They explained that there is a very particular biological and chemical mixture needed in a human that can process what they place into them and release it to the biological field of life.  Not all humans have the codes within them to do this.  That is not an insult to humans at all, but we are not quite as alike as we may thing.  This is why different people have different strengths of what they are capable of doing in this realm.

While my lady was asking questions and they replied, my poor body was going thru some energy.  My solar plexus was nauseous, which is where they run the energies thru their humans.  Then she asked something, I cannot recall what, but all of a sudden these hundreds of tiny, individuated capsules moved together to form one giant looking capsule, when that happened, OMG the pressure in my head!!  If I am remembering correctly, this is how they release the recycled energy to large areas, but don’t quote me on that!!

They are going to teach her how to consciously pull these strands of energy and give them an assigned value to work with humans and areas, and they said, this is just the beginning!!

With that said, if you suddenly get hit with a major vibration at the back of your calves, chances are you opened yourself to a new frequency.  The nausea and/or head pressure incoming higher frequencies of assigned value energy!!  Our job is to become conscious of what we can now so with it.  Because otherwise, it will flow right back out and seek that which is conscious and ready.

On that note, my day begins again!!  I love you all soul very very much!!!

((((((((HUGZ)))))))))) of wonder and bliss to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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