Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 14, 2018

Arriving Naked Post Eclipse Series!!

cool down

I have been chomping at the bit to see what everything looks like post eclipse series, well, I got that full view yesterday!!  I did five readings and every single person showed up completely naked!!  Spirit should have started the day with a PG 13 warning or something!!  What was understood thru it all, we all came thru these series of eclipses like a brand new baby born thru its mother.

It was expressed thru several readings yesterday, no one was able to remain on the other side of the eclipse energies, so the whole planet moved into a new frequency for their accelerated growth, ready or not!!!

Think about the “or not” part, where there is an acceleration of frequency, there is also an acceleration of energy, of electrical pulses.  We will see more heart issues and breathing issues at the very least.  The heart region is effected the most since it is the electrical pulse of the body.  That is not to discount the brain, it too takes in electrical pulses to charge the chemistry as well as the neural functions of the body.

For us that are as prepared as we could get to handle it all, it will be interesting to watch unfold.

Friday, the day before the solar eclipse, at about 4 pm, I swear to god someone or something stabbed me directly in the spine.  It was so intensely painful, directly at the back, lower thoracic, at the sacral plexus area (community center).  I knew it was energy because the pain itself did not radiate, but was at a single point in the center of the spine.  24 hours later, it released itself as if it was never there in the first place.  I did everything I know how, to understand the why, what does this mean… silence!!!

But I must pay attention to what has happened in the last couple days as well.  My daughter took my car to a concert 3 hours away.  Well, my car that i have owned for 9 years and never had to put a penny into other than normal maintenance, demanded attention.  The battery terminals were so corroded they literally fell apart when the car would no longer start.  A friend of hers replaced the terminals and still, no start.  I just bought a new battery, kinda sure it wasn’t that, they had it tested, nope battery is fine.  Long story short, my car was towed to a rip off place (Honda Cars of Katy) where they decided it was my started and quoted me $1300 to fix it.  I barely have $13 for get those added zeros!!!  Long story short, I bought a starter on amazon for $83 and they are charging $350 to install it, much better than their starting price (which they kept dropping as I insisted I could not afford those prices.)

Going into the understandings of where we are, and for me, my path forward needed new electricity, a new start.  The old disintegrated with the passage of the final eclipse.  Even my bank account is done, gotta start all over and must get a house mate or I will be typing from a cardboard box on the street lol.  My website is so mangled and I have put an email out to the guy who built my site… silence.  So Wednesday I am going to just change it all to a format I can actually use and understand.

It’s kind of funny when we think of energy, a change in frequency is always a change in energy.  Money is energy, the cars run on energy, websites run on energy (the internet) and most especially, our bodies run on energy.  Change the energy energy must follow suit.

That said, a couple people showed up yesterday, doing all they can to hold onto the past that is no longer there.

I do want to mention as well, that everyone is showing up about 20 feet above the earth, directly over what I call our center field, on the other side of the eclipse.  What I find really interesting, the eclipse is being presented as full, yet I know it was only a partial.

There is a downward trajectory that I could see thru every reading that leads to the equinox in September.  We are in the “cooling down” phase.  Solidifying that which we will live out as we move forward.  I can so see the importance of the “doorway” meditations spirit gave to us and I gave to you in my last sharing.

Our universe it talked, to me its screaming (I can ignore shit too!! lol) are you listening??

On that note, my day is about to begin again…

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of electrifying new adventures to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  1. Happy Birthday a Day early!

    On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 8:44 AM, The Shift of Time and Energy! wrote:

    > Lisa Gawlas posted: ” I have been chomping at the bit to see what > everything looks like post eclipse series, well, I got that full view > yesterday!! I did five readings and every single person showed up > completely naked!! Spirit should have started the day with a PG 13 warni” >


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  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa…..I also had computer problems, the tech guy tried to scam me, just ‘cos I have a brain injury doesn’t mean that you can scam me! My poor partner, (who has no idea about computers) had a big row with me, ending with me being vindicated. There was no doubt he tried to put one over on me. My speech is still a problem & I can’t always say exactly what what I mean, as it comes out of my mouth!!! LOL! Meantime, the problem I had was not fixed, but I did learn little bit more about my browser (which had an upgrade whilst I was Hosp (groan))! I was wondering how I could distinguish the bad guys from the good! I guess I shall have to meditate more, (this is not an easy thing for me do)!….. I have been following you (your articles, ) as best I can, I sometimes get a flash of an idea here & there. I am getting better at this! I think I mostly answered my own question there! Any ideas? Anyway, much Love & Blessings, sweet Lisa, thank you so much! I hope you are having a wonderful day, (my BD was on the 9th)……Hugz & Kisses hope you have some success with your computer problems! XXXX I will post a picture for you on FB. Love Love Love to you!


  4. Luckily, I don’t have to imagine this lifetime without help from Lisa Gawlas. Who is awesome. AWESOME!!

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  5. Congrats on the disappearance of that spinal pain! Your description reminded me of tiny, improbable, sharp pains I’ve experienced in recent weeks. Seems like someone ‘did’ it … but I thought I might, for healing’s sake, hold them as past lifetime physical wounding clearing, or maybe axiatonal lines in the current lifetime clearing? … Mine cleared up shortly afterwards too. I’ve been reading about the planets retrograde. gosh. Looks like there will be no letup anytime soon. Thanks for your blog, and for the healing you do for humankind. May you be blest on your birthday.

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