Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 28, 2018

How Are Your Thoughts Affecting Your Biology??


About a week and a half ago I watched two sales come in that I truly thought I deleted a while back.  I went thru and deleted/hid all my in person sessions.  When I seen two hands on energy work sessions come thru, I was baffled, that should be impossible.  It was late at night so I decided in the morning I will write and let her know I do not offer those any longer and just refund.  When I awoke the next morning, of course this was the first and only thing on my mind.  I sat at my computer, opened my email and suddenly became washed over with this energy, this… “no, you MUST do this work,” energy.  My first thought was to my own, on again, off again, whack a mole pain in my body.  Well, this energy would not let up until I declared to myself I will do this, so we scheduled me to come to her home (her husband has severe breathing issues) to work on her husband.  I did the appointment yesterday.  OMG I am so grateful I did!!

There is such an amazing intelligence to our bodies.  My body knew what we were doing and withdrew any and all back pain I had been experiencing for the last few days.  Thank you biology!!

What I find interesting about this incredible man, is there is no diagnosis for him.  A CT scan shows that the lower half of his lungs looks like shattered glass.  Since I too am going thru lung evolution, I was excited to get my hands on him.

Of course, I always start my work at the crown, so much starts (and ends) in the mental planes.  There is so much his body showed me that I had no idea of the relationship. Just an added note, this subject…. body and energy, will be the core topic in tomorrow nights Nation class.

 I found an incredible image of a sea creature to use as artwork to represent the way I see the mental plane of a persons brain:


mental plane.jpg

1 would be the pineal gland area.  2 the energy released from the pineal gland as it moves outwards.  3 thought energy.  The black spots are were negative thoughts of any kind (judgement) resides (placed randomly on the strands.)

The pineal of course, is the light center of ever Being incarnate.  The less judgments we own, the clearer/brighter it is.  The more judgments we carry, the dimmer it is.  The out flowing energy from the pineal, is of course, contingent on the quality of light coming from it.  From a brilliant white to a smokey (and I am sure some that will never cross my table, black) gray.

The strands moving out are the thoughts that have emotion of any sort embedded in them.  The black dots I placed on the strands represent negative repetitive thoughts we have about anything.  We can look at the black dots as a build up a heavier and heavier energy.

Lets clear something up real quick, just because you believe something is true, does not make it true.  Example, if you believe something is bad for you (whatever it is, food, whatever) a buildup of energy takes place.  The more it builds up, the heavier the strands get.  The mental planes use our physical energy to work.  So the heavier the places in the mental plane, the more vital energy it is pulling up and away from the body., restricting its vitality.

The fact that all life is in massive biological change, we need every ounce of vital energy to assist in teh changes, otherwise, Imagine it like a pulley system!  Where it pulls from (organ/systems) depends on the magnetic frequency its feeding itself with.  Every organ, every system has its own unique magnetic frequency.  So even if everyone had the same negative thought, it will no longer take the energy from the same place.  It used to, but no longer.

We really want our emotional thoughts to add to our vitality, not deplete it.

When I first started poling around his storage space in his brain, his right temple was fluid.  Like a little pond about the size of a half dollar.  Physical life side, we tend to store our stress and worries in the temple areas.  As his body started talking about all the things he needed to hear and start to change, this still pond became like a choppy ocean.

I eventually went down to his feet to do what I call Lisaexology.  I look at the energy centers and biology thru both feet.  A great way to split the body in half and understand.

I was on his right foot, at his sacral chakra area, (sense of self/Self in the world we created) and the energy was not nice.  But moreso, was creating a relay of energy to his left temple area, which was creating the waves I had seen while at his head.  His body fully explained (again, something I did not know) that the more negative energy that we have and hold about ourselves, sends massive energies to the brain, and if held long enough, strong enough, creates what we know as aneurysms.  Especially with those who are at the forefront of changing the vascular system.  He is.

Some of us crazy souls took on two systems.  Me, the autoimmune system and lungs.  He took on the lungs and vascular system.

The need to be clear, unbiased, non judgmental is more important now than ever before in all of human history.  Just because someone, or a group says something and it may resonate with you, does not make it true.  It just makes you a part of that resonance.  Like when I was a catholic.  Just cuz a whole bunch of people buy into something, does not make it true or lacking judgmental energy, even if we pretty it up.  We can (and often do) fool ourselves, but not the body.  Ever.

Listen to your body and  your guides, neither will ever steer you wrong.  And, I am going to put this out there since I am loudly being reminded of it.  We often times, engage selective hearing.  We hear what we want (from our bodies and/or guides) and place a block on the rest.  We innately have the ability to block our guidance and often we employ it without a thought, when it comes to our deep beliefs.

Well, there was much more I wanted to share, but I was multitasking and now, gotta get ready for my day of readings.  Until tomorrow….

((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of brilliant love and vitality to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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