Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 29, 2018

Take Inventory Now, Before We Enter the Full Landscape of June!

crossing thru

I had a feeling as we got deeper into the Grand Union of May/June energies, things would get a bit sketchy in the field.  I know I have seen this sort of set up once before, but for the life of me, cannot recall which huge energy event it was.  But, it, and this one too, uses what I see as a conveyor belt sort of thing that simply pulls you thru the energy system.  Once on it, there is nothing you can do, nor anything for me to see until on the other side.

That said, they are showing the systems that are affecting you personally.  My first lady was surrounded in all directions by incoming winds of change.  They were blowing hard and furiously to the degree they completely obscured her body as she slowly moved thru this system on the conveyor belt.  Obviously I cannot see for her until she comes out the other side of this powerful, life changing energy system.  But I am being told, the energy system alone is life changing, add the winds of change to it… wowzers!!

My next appt, a man who went MIA (no call, no show) I started seeing before I even tried calling him.  Oh my dear good god, it was as if his whole body was in a popcorn popper, the shaking, vibration, up, down and sideways movement was insane!!!  Because he did not show up, I do not know more about this vibrational shake up than the experience itself.

Keeping in mind, I do not just see, I experience with you!!

All that said, there were two readings so far that did not have my beautiful souls on that conveyor belt, yet.  Instead, they had somethings they needed to change in their approach to life, emotional life experience.  This view is obviously at their souls request and need for change to enter into the next phase without major obstacles presenting.  More clearly said, unneeded obstacles if they are resolved now, before full entry into the next phase of our evolution.

Really think about this.  Your soul, your spirit, higher self, whatever you call that amazing part of you, NEEDS to human to do the work to get to the next part of the game unencumbered.  There is no such animal as I am where I am supposed to be, it is, where I allow myself to be.

That said, if we lug things that should have been resolved into the next phase, it is the soul and guidance team that will make it so big and in our face, it will have to be dealt with once and for all.  Not to punish in any way, but to release once and for all.

As we enter the solstice in June, things become highly electric, magnifying, amplifying. Seed the wonder, the new, the magic, without ever even knowing what the hell that is, or needing to!!

All that said, by the time I was done with my day yesterday, I swear to god something took a baseball bat and cracked me straight across the back with it and broke a few ribs on my right side.  Movement was excruciating and breathing too deep, ouchies.  My friend Ibuprofen didn’t even touch the owies.  Because of the placement, it was all solar plexus energy coming in and spreading out to the right (emotional/spiritual side.)

Ahhh the joys of evolution in body!!  I will leave on the positive side, by the time I finally feel asleep, it was deep and restful, that I am grateful for!!

Over this next week, do a deep inner check and please ask your guides if you cannot find anything needing release.  Like my lady yesterday, it so unconsciously held that she needs (her guides) help to really see what it is and where it is.  Assume nothing.  That said, I am getting the visual from our guidance support team, if they end up just shrugging their shoulders, you are good to go and on the conveyor belt!!

I love you all, soul very much!!  Thank you for keeping me straight every day.   You are precious and so cherished!!

(((((HUGZ)))) filled with new blossoming energy to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. had a very vivid dream last night whereas i was at an ascended master’s house, which was next to a cliff. later, he gave me a kind of small “boogie board” for land use, with four little wheels beneath it. it was fast, and i sped all over, trying it out. then i decided to go in one direction for a while — and was set upon by this big dopey dog-like creature (with a strange tongue) that i had to shoo away — then realized i’d run out of places to go, as the terrain ended in high, rock-ridged desert. and… i was kinda lost. so, i decided to follow the dirt tracks of other wheels from other boards and chose one path… till i reached a kind of nasty, vertical sand dune about 1000 feet high or more, with a 75-80 degree slope of sand. i couldn’t climb it. so, i put the board’s wheels into “crawler mode,” turned it on and hung on, going up and up and up — actually “chinning myself” up at times, letting the board go up, then pulling myself up to the board — then more, then more, till i was finally up and over the top… and i found myself BACK at the ascended master’s house at the edge of the cliff! i showed him and the other adepts what i had done — you could easily see my vertical tire marks up the cliff from bottom to top — and they were amazed. but my ascended master made no comment. he merely took my board, which had shrunk to the size of a small skateboard by now, and changed out the golden wheels for blue ones with more decidedly more tread. how’s that for symbolism? and then i saw today’s post from lisa…

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  4. Not 100% sure what that all means to me, but I do appreciate the advice so much, I have sort of been indulging my self, feeling sorry for myself, so this really helps me, even if I am unsure what to do next. I am left wondering what the next step it, given that the stroke doesn’t appear to have helped anyone but me, (except the nursing staff!). I tried to look at all a from a learning perspective, tried my best to help at the time, but, something escapes me in all this, glad others are finding help, I wish you all clarity & 100% Love Love Love. Thanks for anyone who helped me recently!! I Love you all, thanks so much xxxxxxx


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