Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 18, 2018

Ohhh These Energies of Change. Time To Get Our Act-On. (And a little ranting.)


I should have realized that when I sat down to write yesterday morning and absolutely nothing came to me, something bigger was on the horizon.  It was as if a complete memory wipe took place of all the things I have yet to share.  Well, it seemed to make room for so much new information coming in thru yesterdays readings, not allowing anything to get tangled up in previous understandings.  Now the fact that I have only been taking in information since Monday and I already have a memory wipe to allow new in… means we are truly changing at the speed of light now, maybe faster!!

But before I get into all that new stuff from yesterday, I do want to circle back to something that came thru my virgin mans reading a few days ago, that I am grateful for.  I mentioned about the energies coming into his lower jaw, changing, rearranging and stuff.  How that looks and feels in physical reality, I had no idea, at least, until 2 days ago.

As you know, last October I finished the 6 month journey of getting snap on dentures.  Implants only on my lower jaw to hold the lower plate in place.  They have been working flawlessly, until 2 days ago.  I have no idea what happened to cause a complete misalignment of the abutments (the things that lock together.)  They no longer snap and hold in place.

So, gotta send out a little grumble from the human typing.  All these physical changes, while understood and appreciated at the level of light, but in the mundane world, holy shit.  Spirit better hurry up and make medical and dental free for humanity.  This is now going to wipe out anything I had available to attend my daughters wedding in a few weeks.  Of course, even as I type that, I hear spirit reply that our systems of medicine are humanities responsibility to change.  But still…. dammit!!

Speaking of change… our quartz crystals are going thru a massive change process once again. Last year, the infusion of diamond energy was placed into the quartz kingdom and various qualities of quartz into the diamond kingdom.  Thru 2 of the readings yesterday, there is now a third energy coming in from a realm beyond earth, changing the clear quartz one more time.  It was expressed that the first crystals that will be holding and releasing these energies are the double terminated clear quartz.  The rest, if I am understanding this so far, and taking in this new energy (I do not understand the where or why of it yet) and targeting various people (I am sure other living things too) with infusion and change at the molecular level, especially the clustered quartz.  That is about as much I as I understand right now.  I will add more info as I understand more.

The next thing I want to share before I run out of time and memory bank lol, is something that so surprised me yesterday thru a reading.  For as long as I can remember, emotion fills in creation.  I have no seen it the other way around, until yesterday.

My lady was split in half, physical life, emotional life, separated by about a foot of energy in the middle (maybe better stated, held together by a foot of energy in the middle.  It was explained that her actions between now and the solstice in June, will amplify and set into play, the last phase of her life.  Many of us are entering that very distinct corridor… final phase/segment in this incarnation.  To be clear, it has nothing to do with age or even what we think of as death, but the game as we played it thru this lifetime.  Our to-do list is amping up within the physical action side of experience.  What that means to us, I have flippin clue.  Spirit can annoy me a lot.  Give us a glimpse of a new puzzle piece and hide  the rest so we are not too clear on what the hell they need!!  lol

It kinda sux trying to rant on spirit in private and they are all hearing and reply back to me as I type.  So I will share what they are saying.  Humanity is at a critical choice point at this very moment.  Critical action points of assistance.  Act ON!

In the center of her energy system between her left and right sides, was this little Being that looked like a cross between a bird and a fairy.  It too, came from another realm to assist us in this phase we are entering.  Assisting at the core of human Will.  Divine Will vs Ego Will.  Unbiased and amplifying the energetic set ups thru what we choose and don’t choose.

Several people over the last few days, have shown us several new realms (beyond earth) that are now open and coming in to assist.  It cracks me up when they take my vision thru the sky to show me where their realm is.  Unless I am looking at the big or small dipper, this girl is clueless with navigating the sky!!  That said, there is a familiar theme being shown.  A realm that (to me) looks made of stars and meteorites (as opposed to planets) that have Beings, not as physical as we humans, but not pure spirit either, entering our realm to assist with change at the biological level of life, which is now equally, amplifying and changing the emotional field of creation.

That said, I think too, this has a lot to do with the energy glitches I have been having in my world of electronics.  Reading recordings are getting hung up and not sent.  Emails just evaporate into the ethers after sending.  Downloads are not downloading (hence the reason my hypnosis for the Nation is not up yet, I am still working on getting that up and audible.)

To think, this is all just preparation to enter the June gateway!!

Well, my morning is winding on and I must get ready for the next round of readings.  There is so much more I wanted to share, but…. well…. damn memory wipes!!  lol

Have an amazing day my beloveds.  I love you All so freakin much, thank you for keeping me sane!! lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wild rides and new adventures thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  1. Metades fada/ave(pássaro)…
    Me lembram ss
    General Marina Sorento de Sirene
    PS.: (((Sirene))) uma espécie de “sereia” metades mulher/pássaro


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