Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 16, 2018

Earth and Body Changes Into the Golden Age of LIFE!!


There is so much information to share from the last two days, I pray my brain remembers it all!!  I am going to start with my male virgin (first time I read for him) that concluded my day yesterday.  But first, let tell you how unique you are, how there is information in this grand scheme of things that can only come thru you.  A much deeper understanding of the greater happenings as well as yourSelf and ourSelves together.  This reminder was so smack dab in my energy field yesterday that this morning, I decided to do the 50% off virgin special again thru the rest of May.

He showed up standing in the center of his field, looking human like, just as I was going to feel into that energy, suddenly he dropped to his knees, as he did, his human turned golden, as he stood back up again, he was once again in his human form.  This repeated itself until I understood what was happening.

Gold in my readings always represent the highest form of spiritual energy that is available.  But he confused me because it happened as his knees and calves connected to Gaia, which would normally be silver energy (the higher form of earth energy I see.)  It wasn’t until last evening as I was pondering all the information from the day, did I even realize the symbology of “The golden age of Gaia” thru his golden-ness.

When he dropped to his knees, an energy from Gaia opened up and infused his with new (to us) energy now being released thru the earth.  I watched this energy move down his calves and then up his body, triggering/activating his adrenals, the duodenum, the activation gland (still coming in between the lower lobes of the lungs,) his lower jaw and his crown.

I have got to sit back and smile at this moment, I so love when I get personal validation on what I am seeing.  When his team was pointing out each area of his body that this Gaia energy is infusing, I have been too long out of anatomy class, I thought the duodenum was down at the lower intestine area and yet, I could feel the energy directly at my solar plexus area.  So I just googled the image… ha!!  I just love those moments:


I had a similar form of validation the day prior, one of my beautiful ladies showed up for her reading, I completely misread her appointment thingie and I thought we were doing an ET connection.  Nothing.  No connection at all.  I had just done 3 other readings, so I knew I was on… until she told me it was a regular reading not an ET connection, refocused and wham there came all the visuals/information!!

I think after these last two weeks in my body, I needed both those validations to perk me up and keep me going!!

Anywayz, back to the story.  His jaw line really interesting to see.  All these golden lines of energy creating new magnetic’s and enhancements in his lower jaw, amplifying every breath, every released emotion thru his mouth.  We talked about how is body has been behaving like mine, with the coughing and such.  His team gave us an amazing piece of information that I never knew.

Coughing is so important to the assimilation of the new energies coming into the biology.  The body has very distinct, built in ways that assists itself into the higher vibrations, coughing and even, sneezing, HUGE!!  Of course, coughing also affects the mouth too, so it is adjusting the energies there as well.  Bringing it back to the comma shaped gland (still in pure light form) that is coming to the human race that I just call the activation gland, it will… it DOES affect the lungs.  Changes the intake and output, often experienced by us as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia like symptoms.

When we do all we can to stop any of the needed processes, that is when things break down from the build up of energy not being assimilated.

I am going to combine this other tidbit of information that stunned me with my precious lady from the day prior’s question as well as his.  They seem to be interrelated to each other.  (I am sorry if I am jumping around here, like I said, soooo much information to get out, I am writing as it floats up into my memory as I go.)

My lady from the day prior asked about the possibility of her mother passing this year.  I was stunned when I seen what I can only call looking like a massive geyser like energy spewing out of gaia with the understanding these are souls returning back to Spirit.  Many are going to suddenly release themselves from the earth realm, on purpose, for the light trails that will be needed.  (Souls also include animals and humans.)  It was explained that we will see people exit the planet that was unexpected.  Again, with much purpose.

So my man yesterday asked about, something 5D.  My team never speaks like that (in 3, 4 or 5D, only vibration and frequencies, so forgive me for not recalling the actual question, but the reply is crystal clear.  Let me give you some handy dandy art to follow along with (smile.)


earth clusters.jpg


If we look at each individual soap bubble as a different vibration/frequency of each earth, interconnected and reflective to the whole.  What I put as yellow in the center would be where the core of humanity is still going thru deep duality lessons.  The outer bubbles would be the higher frequencies achieved and being lived.

It was explained thru his team that is is crucial thru these times that those in the middle of these earths are able to see and understand how to attain the higher frequencies.  Equally, those on the outer bubbles, LIVING the higher frequencies will equally see/witness the chaos of the denser frequencies, but will not be affected by it.

Then much to my stunned surprised, suddenly I could feel this intense pressure come out of my solar plexus area, and the center of this bubble cluster and his team said, by the year 2020 there will be a massive release of the clusters.

Until he showed up, the year 2020 was never even mentioned in readings before.  I understand this morning we are already seeing/feeling.experiencing the beginning of this release with various earth events.  They will continue to build and intensify thru the next couple years.

I do not know what that actually means to us, yet.  He was shown his bubble that he was standing on, remove itself from the cluster and start floating around, tethered by a golden stand of energy to the rest of the cluster.

Well, I did not get out as much as I had hoped to today.  But there is always tomorrow to finish this up before the next round of readings/mind altering information comes in!!

It was also brought to my attention yesterday that in running the mothers day reading special, I completely forgot to include the link to the calendar!!  I am more rusty than i even realized!! lol  So I will start the 5 day special all over again, today being day one.  I so apologize for that oops.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of frequency altering changes to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  1. Lisa, your blogs are always amazing and very helpful. I really liked about the bubbles this time; I’ve been feeling it like this, and you’ve put an image to it. Thanks!

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  2. Hi Lisa;

    I attempted to book a single 30 min reading on May 29th at 10:00 AM PDT, the code Mother appears to be expired. Let me know when you think it might work again. Thank you!


    Fern Balch (250)777-1764

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    • I have fixed the error. So sorry, somehow my coupon coder defaulted back to 2016… the year my oldest daughter and my own mother re-entered my life. It is now fixed. So sorry for the oops. ❤ (((HUGZ))) of gratitude!!


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