Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 26, 2018

The Ring of Light – Event Horizon – Penetrating!!

ring of light

I am going to get straight to the point of today’s blog, the event horizon that happened over this past weekend and will continue to unfold thru the full moon of May (the 29th I believe.)  I was in a hypnosis weekend while it was happening, the only thing I could relate to any of it was an energy drain on Sunday, but it wasn’t too bad, not like yesterday OMG.  But I’ll get to that in a moment.

Lets look at the energies and information coming from the readings on Tuesday.  Every single person featured this massive ring of light, representing the event horizon, that was moving parallel to the ground into each persons back/spine.  The entry point at the back was different for each person, all for unique reasons.  One lady had it moving into the very bottom of her tailbone, another where the root and sacral energy centers meet, another at the sacral plexus area and so on.

What this ring of light was doing was moving into the body, and targeting the spine area, the core of the core energy of each person to include their biology.  With one of my lady’s it was targeting her bone marrow and blood production.  Changing the light frequency of the blood, slowly over time (thru Mays full moon.)  When this ring of light first penetrated the skin, it started dripping white/silvery drops of energy until it moved into her spine, then it became a steady stream.  It was explained that the droplets were a way of preparing the whole body for the incoming change (the stream and enhanced blood,)

Another lady  whose energy was coming in at the root/sacral connection said it is completely adjusting her connection to the earth energies and her sense of Self, enhancing on every level.  Infusing new ideas, concepts and modalities that she will bring forth for others.

There was another lady where this ring of light was penetrating at her sacral plexus area and there were two different releases of energy as it made contact within her spine.  This liquid light streaming downwards and then this liquid fire energy moving upwards.  One adjusting her connection to the earth frequency, the other enhancing her passion centers moving forward (to put it simply.)

Of the four on my dance card yesterday, two had interesting enhancements happening along with the power and energy of this ring of light.  These are the times I wish I could record or at least draw what I see.

One lady had the sun energy coming in from the top of her head down thru her neckline.  It was explained that that entire area was being enhanced by the energies being released from the sun.  Little did I realize we actually had/have a geo storm underway.  I could see the light network from the top of the skull to the bottom of her neck, nothing separate from one another, but a whole network of light interfacing and becoming one power center.  I wish I could remember more details, but spirit deleted it from my brain lol.

This one tripped ,me out!!  She had two moons about 10 feet away from her body, parallel with her neck and head.  The new moon was on her left, in her field of life and the full moon was in her right field, her spiritual emotional field.  The new moon, appearing black as new moons do, sent out a stream of black energy to her neck and upper chest area, and it stretched that part of her outwards about a foot while the rest of the body stayed centered and in tact.  The energy went straight thru into the full moon, which absorbed it and then shot it back out as streams of light into her neck/neck upper chest area and realigned that body part.  It was explained this is going to the ongoing affect the moons have on her going thru the fall equinox.

This ring of light is penetrating slowly and from all aspects thru the full moon of may.  Altho the focus yesterday was on the first part of the ring making inner contact with all of humanity, we are also getting the outer ring energy coming in and eventually the back end will pass thru the seal the deal.  Of course, all in prep for the energy field season between the summer solstice and fall equinox.

As usual, when we have such a massive event, I get over amplifications of the energy’s, considering i spend so much time in everyone’s light, but also, so I can understand and experience intimately what is taking place.  Monday and Tuesday nights I could not sleep to save my life.  I was up after 2am both nights and of course, awake by 6 so I could work.  I was amazed at how energetic I was waking up Tuesday, which I was so grateful for since I had readings to do.  My right hip and left upper arm shoulder was taking a massive hit with these energies.

Yesterday tho was a day in body like no other for me.  With now two days of sleep deprivation, my brain was nonfunctional.  I could barely form coherent thoughts (hence, no blog and I didn’t even upload Tuesdays class, I couldn’t sit near the computer to save my life.  I will get it uploaded after I publish this blog today.

I could feel what I can only describe as waves of energy moving out of the center of my head thru the landscape I see as consciousness, I see it like viewing a hurricane formation from space.  With each, constant wave, my ability to think became more challenging.  Then I became aware of an energy entering my solar plexus area, nauseating me.  I tried to take a nap, but couldn’t.  Instead I could see my whole body in that liquid fire energy, no part left untouched. I started to experience the oddest of vibrations at my pelvic floor, nothing like I have ever experienced before.  It was nothing like kundalini at all, just a constant vibration that lasted hours.  I did realize teh earth energy in all her enhancements with this ring of light was moving up inside of me, re-calibrating my solar plexus (the very area that allows me to understand all the light formations in readings) and then changing the consciousness striations that I use to explain what I understand.

There is more to share… but that will have to wait til tomorrow.

I am hoping I get to see what that really means today thru the readings.  Speaking of… my day is about to begin and I must get Tuesdays class uploaded.  I will be going to be going to Massachusetts thus Saturday thru the 5th, to see my son and grandson, there will be no class on Tuesday the 1st.  We will be doing a group Life Between Life experience on Tuesday the 8th for class!!  I am suspending the in-person LBL weekends until further notice..  There is just too much coming up in my personal life at the moment.

I love you all soul much!!  In-Joy the light fusion underway!!

Big big ((((HUGS)))) filled with radiant, radical waves of light to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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