Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 13, 2018

The Explosions of Change, Inside and Out!


Well hello again!!!  It feels like forever since I sat at the keyboard to share.  I do not know what it is about New England, but man it kicks me in the chest every single time I have gone to visit my son.  Actually, I stand corrected because I am actually being told what it is by my team. Well, the why anywayz.  But, before I get into all that…

This is the second time in my life I had lost my voice for a total of 11 days in a row.  The last time was when 2012-2013 changed into the higher levels of vibration planet wide.  Spirit has been saying since last year, this year is a vibrational equivalence to another massive change.  My cellular structure feels it!!!  I have said for months now it feels like I am going thru menopause all over again.  In a way, we are, both the earth we live upon and the body we dance upon her with.

Thru these last two weeks, especially once I got back home from my sons, I have been doing all I know how to do to understand the changes taking place within my body.  Many times the reply comes back from my team, you cannot fathom at the minds level what is truly happening.  The human species is changing.  There are those of us who choose to come in to be one (of so many) of those change makers in body.  Just to put this out there, bless us, we do not need lectures about what we may be doing wrong.  We all must get out of the mindset of good/bad.  Change of any kind is not a gentle process in this realm.  Just take a look at the earth when we have quakes or volcanoes, storms and fires.  Its ALL part of the purposeful change of higher evolution.

In my dream time, my team met with me, as I was seeking answers… what have I done wrong, backtracked into.  Many suggested I have and I am not an infallible human, so I take inventory as often as I can.

My team explained to me how we tend to pattern ourselves with what we know.  Religions thru the ages always focused on how unworthy the human is, how bad they are, the sin within themselves (speaking primarily of the only religion I am familiar with, Christianity.) The only time they would acknowledge us being blessed is if something good/positive happened, otherwise we need to say prayers of forgiveness!!

We are doing the same thing with this evolution too.  When we cannot understand fully what is happening and why, then there must be something wrong.  Something needs to be corrected, looked at, adjusted.  In which case, we take ourselves out of what is happening and put ourselves somewhere back in time, someplace else that is no longer relevant.

Spirit had also said thru last year, we will see what we call super bugs, resistant to the medicines and even the energies we have available to us.  That is not a punishment, but to allow the human system to facilitate and complete the changes underway.

We tend to be a species that really do not like to be uncomfortable.  In my meeting with my dream team (Smile) they showed me the soul, perfect, flawless, sending in very particular energies into the cellular network of the body for change.

And the cooperation of the body.  OMG I cannot tell you the deeper sense of appreciation I have for its own consciousness and relationship.  Once the bronchitis symptoms set in (3 days after arriving at my sons, along with voice loss) the inflammation that has been constant due to the psoriasis arthritis, ceased to exist.  It took me a few days to fully realize nothing hurt.  My hands were flexible, my back, and knees were good…

Once I returned home and got to the cradle of my life, my home, the rest of the change stepped in.  My bowels have been on overdrive for a week.  But, as my body explains, it has to have a way to release the old cells, the old debris as the new comes in and takes hold.  Very much like earthquakes and volcanoes do.

Equally, once I got home, I really got to experience the rhythm that was taking place.  This was all sent in waves.  Once a wave released itself, I got my voice back for a small moment, then the next wave would come and it would be gone again.  My body reacted interestingly (and often times, unpleasantly) to each incoming wave.  Now that I am on the other side of this, I am in awe of how amazing, how incredibly caring the physical body is to those going thru the deepest of cellular change.

It truly is time to focus on the glory of what is happening, both to the earth and thru all living things on it.  Stop blaming and start cherishing, honoring and even, assisting (as opposed to stopping.)

Today in my world (the USA) its mothers day!!  How perfect is it that I feel so fabulous today and I KNOW we will do readings today!!  I cannot wait to see all the changes and meaning thru each one of you!!  What a hellofa ride this has been closing out April into May!!!

On that note, I am going to get ready for the day of readings and cannot wait to share with you all tomorrow.  I have missed you so much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with rip roaring cellular change thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. Happy Mothers day !

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  2. Our bodies truly do put up with a lot keeping up with us. I share your awe and gratitude at the prompt cheerfulness and forgiving willingness with which mine perpetually steps right up to the plate, volunteering to pay whatever price is necessary to get us where we need to go. What anexample toour spirits our bodies canbeonce we learn to connect with them ingratitude and love!

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