Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 5, 2018

The Bounty of Life is YOURS for the Taking!!

lifes bounty

Well the good lord let my voice be heard yesterday!!  YAY!!  And you and your amazing Light of Life, phew baby baby!!!  Let me just start by reminding you how freakin magnificent you are.  How revered you are by those not in body, helping and assisting from the other side of the veil.  I do not only take in your light, but all the lights that surround you (we call them guides and teachers most often.)  I go to sleep processing your splendor and wake up filled with your glory and knowledge. I am so privileged and humbled and thank you beyond words.

There is so much about yesterdays big reveals, phew baby.  Trying to organize the words, the story,not so easy.  The fields of February and march energies are now wide open and co-mingling together.  Talk about electric, high voltage, holy chitness!!  But the one thing I am sure of, while my voice was having a hiatus, the membrane that separated the two fields, melted to open the flow.

Just about everyone yesterday opened up directly in the center of the two fields.  Again, I refer to the fields as February and march energies, but they really are energy systems.  February primary form the eclipses, march the two full moons and of course, the equinox.

The portal to higher versions of earth are now open, available and releasing not only the higher frequency energies, but also the wisdom of how to get to that point of higher frequency in our personal and combined evolution.

From the spirit level, we have created various other parallel earths, not so much for living on like we do here, more like training grounds, fully available too access and weave into our day to day lives.  (shout out for meditation for those asking how.)

The very first reading I did when we entered march, was showing this amazing sun, golden rays from the sun streaming down, it felt like nothing I have felt before.  Yesterday, my first reading of the day (who was also first the last couple days) she was shown on what looked like stilts, positioned in an A frame, she was up at the top, reaching upwards to a portal that was open, with these golden strands of sun pouring down. It was made clear that the two planks that she was using, that reminded me of stilts were two of the planks from the piano bridge meditation we shared last week.  It was explained in her reading this is a higher frequency, parallel earth, that is what we would call fully ascended.  It is now fully available to access for those who have brought their personal frequency to that level.  Simply said, cleared their emotional shit.  Its any more complicated than that, but does take effort.

My next lady was hoping around her march field, on a pogo stick, dressed in a pink and white bunny outfit.  It was comical really.  Pogo stick shows balance, very balanced in her approach to life.  The hoping up and down, aerating her field of life.  Creating openings for this new energy to flow into while releasing the old.  We must always make room for the new, a cup that is already full…

The colors of the bunny suit, pink is showing new passion as her skin, and the white, a clear palate in which to draw from.  The bunny, fertility and I had to lean into Easter as well, the resurrection.  Not of a man, but of our individual and collective lives here on this amazing plane called earth.

Another lady was in that one spot that I now understand is behind the line of fire of the equinox energy.  She was rocking and knitting with silver rimmed glasses on.  Knitting pink and violet threads together from all she has put forth that had not yet found feet in this world.  Pink unrealized passion violet, the master in body to create it all.  Not pushing, rhythmically rocking with her high earth energy glasses on, focusing on her desires, but not in a wanting way, but in a stillness sort of action way.

When I looked at her next move, it opened up in April and holy fountains of mana batman!! The field of April was so thick with violet energy, I could not see thru it.  Instead, her team said this is going to be her most vital month of putting action into any and every part of her life for desired outcomes.  Her team even said, this will be the most bountiful month of the year for her, use it well!!  This is not a time to sit around focusing on something, anything to show up.  Action is the name of her game in April.  What she puts out will have no choice but to show up.  She was also told, push on every door, then push again.

I also had one reading, a gal very near and dear to my heart… she was positioned in what her team called an bottom hole.  I see it as a really large hole in the ground.  She was half in and half out of this hole.  Her arms where folded at the ground level, positioned as her support so she didn’t fall thru the hole.  I understood she put her self there on purpose, not so much consciously, but when we focus on what is not working, especially if we made it to this frequency level…. well, just don’t do that.  Focus on what inspires you, makes your heart beat.  If something you deeply wanted has not shown up yet, let that feeling of not working… go!!  That feeling is part of the bottomless pit and nothing grows there.  Allow what needs to die, to die.  The resurrection is right around the corner.

Of course, I must contemplate (ask) every one is different in their position, I find it hard to weave into understanding at a personal level of application.  My brilliant team who must really love sports, showed me the position of a football team.  Each player assigned a different position, light end, full back, quarter back and so on.  Each vital to the game, each assisting the over all game to the end.  There is no, behind, ahead, in the wrong position (except if you go down the hole, that’s not good, or at least, not productive.)

Well, gotta get ready for another wild and windy in the field.  I love you all so much and from the depths of my whole Being, thank you for showing up on the field, so we can all apply your Light to ours!!

Love you so much!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of endless bounty and tireless action thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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