Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 8, 2018

Our Merging Soul Light and Biological Changes!


I have not had my physical and energetic body’s ass kicked like I have the last two days in readings.  Almost debilitating!! I have a feeling today, this morning, my team is showing me without a shadow of any lingering doubt, my voice loss is an asset of protection. (note, that is all I was able to get written yesterday lol.  I woke up late and had a docs appt to get to.  In way tho, that’s good, it gave me a lot of time to process everything as much as I could.

I’ve known since I started with this on again, off again voice thing back in 2012, it was due to the energies being too high or too chaotic to safely work in.  I really do have open communication with my body and my team, but my team wanted to not only prove a point, be the voice of what is happening to the physical level of change.

First, I want to focus on the two readings over the two days that literally wrecked my body and mental capacity lol.  These energies have a built in honing device, for those that are in the deepest of changes, it automatically targets them.  Usually, I cannot see for a person when that happens, and now I fully and completely appreciate the level of protection my team surrounds me with.  Because let me tell you, the two (one each day) I could see for… it was hard to stay focused in the reading because my body was being bombarded with the energies so heavily I could barely sit without feeling I was going to fall over or throw up!

With that in mind, I am being asked to explain what takes place as we prepare to read/connect together (I didn’t know this, not to this degree.)  My soul and your soul meld together to become one soul energy.  So the energies you are taking in, I am taking in.  Like pout creamer into coffee, they both experience sugar the same way once added.  I must read like this, to do what I do, which is beyond just sharing the information your soul wants you to focus on and/or be aware of, but the melding, at any given time, upticks the overall vibration of each other and the planet as a whole.  Together we create new wave patterns of assimilation for the planet.  When your chaos field is too high, I am shut down.  When it starts to become a view-able pattern of light, like the two I am talking about, I was able to see, but took a purposeful direct hit head to toe.

These hits were to book end the voicelessness understanding.  Remember the other day I was in awe of the way my voice just completely shut off the moment I walked to the back door each and every time I tried to do a reading.  It would restore before the next appointment, then off again.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that day, this was being done at the soul level of protection and not because I have not resolved all my childhood issues as some suggested.  Let me tell you, I take everything in that is suggested.  I know I do not walk on water, have my momentary moments of being human, I too, want to be clear and sure.

I want to talk a little bit about the the reading I did Tuesday.  It is with two beautiful women who ARE divine counterparts as my team uses the expression. Once fused together, at the earth level of activity (working together consciously and purposely over time) it will not, cannot be undone.  The soul pattern becomes amplified as one energy field for the rest of the two’s incarnation here, in this lifetime.  They now both show up in the reading regardless if both are present.  They are to halves of one whole and cannot be viewed separately.

Which means, I am taking in two fields for the price of one!!  And let me tell you, I felt every wave, first in my third eye, then my legs went completely jelly like, then holy hell in my solar plexus.  I was sure I would vomit soon.  I did the majority of the reading with my hand over my eyes and forehead, just trying to buffer the energies coming in.  It helped a little! lol

I am also seeing how important the alignment on my schedule is for my own body.  With both appointments that spun me into outer-space, the very next appointments were very calming, soothing energies and then I was shut off, both time for the last reading of the day.  That is not only to protect me from energy overload, but also, you.

If we looked at this as a video game, thru the engagements, we are all leveling up faster and faster and with that, taking humanity upwards with us too.

There is a biological price we are paying for being the leaders in this amazing light evolution on this planet.  I went to see a rheumatologist yesterday, the happiest, most compassionate man on earth lol.  My physical body hurts 24/7 for months.  But never in the same spot.  I laugh and call it the whack a mole system of what is now labeled as Enthesitis Psoriatic Arthritis.  Which means:  Enthesitis is inflammation of the entheses, the sites where tendons or ligaments insert into the bone. It is also called enthesopathy, or any pathologic condition involving the entheses.

I was shocked to find out, this can also affect the vocal cords!!  It also increases the white blood cell counts, because that is what the body does when it is defending the body as it knows it.  Our biology is in a state of evolution, even the consciousness at the cell level of working together is.

I stopped doing massage at the end of 2011 because it started to hurt so much that I no longer focused my energy on the client, but keeping myself out of pain.  I assumed I developed carpal tunnel, nope, it was the onset of this condition.  A very important condition in the evolution game.

My oncologist ran test after test after test to try and understand why my white blood cells were always off the charts high with all my labs, but he never looked here.  Why would he, I had no real pain I told him about and he was looking at cancer not arthritis.

My knees have taken a huge hit.  I went for x rays yesterday to see how much change (aka deformity) I have.  I did not realize I can no longer lift either leg straight out from the sitting position.  I barely got 3-4 inches off the floor.  Shit, no wonder why my walking around hurts so damn much.

I am grateful my body was in open communication with me all day yesterday, because it can be kinda depressing being in varied states of pain all day long, but never at sleep time, thank god.  The knees, from my massage days, is the flexibility to move forward on our life’s path.  It is based on the foundation we are living from (just below the knee) and the strength it takes to change (above the knee.)  I am a pro at moving with change (do not read that as graceful, not even a bit sometimes.)  My increased energy at the tendon and ligament areas of the body is assisting the ALL with their increased acceleration of movement, of change, of strengthening their knowings to the higher levels of life (not in false beliefs.)

There are a ton of people taking up the biological evolution thru humanity.  There are some taking on the energies of cancer, to love it to death and helping the body understand and work in accelerated cellular change.

Others are taking on the endocrine system, usually just a few of the glands at a time in each assigned set/human souls. This throws their hormones out of whack, on purpose.

And then there are those taking on the nervous system as it goes thru its radical change.

This will be ongoing for the next few decades.  Change is a process, not a speedy event in this realm.  Assimilation of the new light codes of instruction take time for a body that has worked in a very different way for hundreds of thousands of years.  But we are changing!!  Like it or not lol.

There is so much more to share, but my day is about to begin… so until tomorrow!!

I love you all soul much.  Thank you for showing up,speeding me up and enduring my time outs as we all move forward!!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ))))) of amazing grace thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  3. so what about people feeling NOTHING of what you are describing….are we doomed to stay here in this crappy world….we don’t get to move on to the new earth??? I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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    • Oh no no no, please, I did not mean to leave that idea on the ground. we have been so conditioned to think that everything that hurts is something “wrong” and that is no longer true. But those who are not hobbling along like I am, does not mean you’ve been left be hind, not even a little bit. There are many joyfully rejoicing in their bodys and mine (not feeling discomfort from the energies at all) that serving just as much. That said, I would strongly suggest, finding the parts of this world you love, harness your energy there. When you focus on whats crappy in this world, you bring your vibration down to match the crap… look at the trees when you feel like that (or something you love) and feel in love with this world!! ❤ 😀 It is so so beautiful!! ❤ 😀

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