Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 4, 2017

The First Layer of Our New Skin Reflecting The New Us, in Body and Light!


Thru most of October our collective “teams” have been referring to November as the time we start to November as the time when all the infusions of the new energies that ran amuck on the planet thru October, (smile) start to come together to form our first layer of new skin.

Skin is our largest organ of the body and most exposed.  And literally connects to the whole body, head thru toe.  So it is not surprising that this organ amplifies all that you are, energetically.  It is as if it is its own alchemist, taking all the various energies, frequencies that make up our bodies and finds the harmonic chord to send these energies outward, blended together as light vibration.  It in a constant state of performance because out light output changes with our emotional field and the chemical output of the endocrine system.

It is also absorbing the environment around you too.  Not just what is in the air, like the sun and stuff, but the various energies as well.  This creates a sort of connective tissue with those of like frequency since whatever is out of your frequency cannot be absorbed.

From what I am understanding thru the information released in October, it is at the first layer of the skin that is utilizing all our energies.  I have seen various geometric shapes show up at this layer, various colors and frequency outputs and so on.  But I have been waiting to understand it more fully before I wrote about it.  It seems that is a privilege that just isn’t going to happen.  And this morning, its what my team wants to focus on, given two readings this past week, and one of them, I totally missed this connection/understanding.  I will start with her.

The first thing I had seen was a large cube or hexahedron in the center of her field.  Like just about every cube I had seen previously, it has this super soft, almost liquid golden energy that makes up its shape.  Her cube, however, was bedazzled.  It had what appeared to be various gemstones (and her team was quick to correct me they were not gemstones or anything relative) in various spots on her cube emitting a light frequency of that color spectrum.

When I finally found her, inside the cube doing a back-bend that appeared to be sending energy from her belly out the top side of the cube in a beautiful mix of white and lavender light, I did not realize at all, until this morning, that her back-bend had much more purpose than I was able to understand thru that moment.  She was tightening up the output of power at her center, thru her skin and ignited this frequency combination that went up as high as my spiritual eyes could see.  I cannot recall what the light was doing and obviously, not important to anyone but her or I would remember.

Another lady, her face was boiling when we connected, just like water bubbles in a boiling pot of water, only her skin was an off white and there were various colors within the white bubbly stuff that would pop inside instead of outside.  I could not make out eyes, a nose or a mouth, these bubbles were dominating the whole face.

It was explained that it is the first layer of skin programming itself, while releasing what we can call her past perception of herself, her self identity.

This becomes important for all of us to understand and allow.  It is so easy for us to perceive what we may have worked with, how we have done something in the past and insist that we have already done this, or have done that (not referring to my lady in the field at all here, but the collective who refuses to acknowledge this is all NEW blended in the base of the old)  Ahhh, that statement can take us to another level of clarity with my beautiful bubbling lady.

The palate of skin was an off white color.  The soul energy that has always been present and will continue to be present in the body going thru change.  The smears of color is the new energy, new frequencies coming into the light body and biological body creating a whole new human prototype.

Now let me bring one other reading from this week into view (I had no idea all these were so interrelated!!)  This precious lady had two new areas of emerging, I don’t know, glands, an organ and gland.  I am totally sure.  One is in the digestive system, with this organ, I had seen articles on my facebook about its discovery.  It seems they are still discovering the degree of change the body is in.  Here is an article for this:

I did not fully read this article, so I am not sure they are talking about something that I could only feel in light emergence thru her, something being formed to the left of her stomach area.

It is so exciting we are alive, in body, conscious and Knowing at this time of evolutionary change.  It is also rough to be here, in body, thru these changes… of course I am pointing that rough finger to my own body at the lungs level of change.  Cough, cough, gasp!

Well my day is about to begin.  Thank you for showing up, day after day, so we can all understand our personal and collective evolutionary changes and enhancements thru the amazing being called You!!  You really are my hero’s!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love and expansion thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Thank you sweet Lisa for sharing & Being who you are. HAPPY FULL MOON!! ❤ Blessings.


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