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Judgement Removes Us From Zero Point and Pure Alignment with Creation!

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I had a series of experiences the other day while doing the Energy Matrix class via the Nation.  One of the very first things my team taught me was about unconditional love and judgement.  The two are inseparable energetic’s.  When we are in judgement, we are not in unconditional love, but the perception there of.

I was shocked at the shear amount of judgement I did.  I asked my team back in 2001 when this was a strong, ongoing daily lesson/application for myself, to please let me know anytime i was in judgement.  Holy freakin cow, just about every other thing that came out of my mouth or streamed thru my head, was a judgement.  My body was constantly being rattled and it took me years to change the energy in which I witnessed this world from judging to neutral.

My team has not stopped that application request to this day.  The moment I open my mouth to have an emotionally infused opinion about something (which is what judgement is) I can feel the rattle, even tho I know I am consciously stating whatever I am judging and on occasion, give my self permission to judge (never ever in my writings tho, just in occasional conversations, with the follow up statement, yes that was me judging…)

This rattle applies when I hear judgement from others too.  It is louder when I do it myself, but there as well when I hear someone judging.  My father was a prime teacher of how louder the field itself experienced judgement.  My father condemned so many things, welfare, most people, just so freakin much that I found it really hard to be in his space for very long.  When I was at his house, I spent most of my time out on the porch having my holy smokes, just to clear my space.

The class was on Energy and how everything has consciousness.  We were talking about food and the perceived vibration of particular foods.  This arena, no matter our walk of life, has the heaviest judgement within it, the reprogramming of perceptions.

If all things are energy, then all things MUST be Source energy created.  No energy can exist without Source/Creator/God as it and it as god.  Even when man puts various things together to create something other than its original form, it is all still various vibrations of Source energy coming together as a new harmonic. Some harmonics are a work in progress, some amazing perfection.  ALL Source, ALL wonder-full!!

So the conversation came to an example of a good that is higher in vibration.. Kale, than something lower in vibration, french fries.  First off, the energy of judgement is already present and bouncing.  The higher and lower vibration was really saying kale is good, french fries is bad.

My personal experience in this conversation was amazing.  Just taking up this subject and talking about it out my mouth, that energy vibration I know very well as judgement, was as if it was vibrating in surround sound.  Not just a poke, but encompassing my whole Being and this happened several times during class.  It was stunning to experience and confusing to experience.

I opted to not write a sharing yesterday, I swear I ran a marathon during my sleep, I woke up exhausted.  I couldn’t even sit at the computer, so I took my coffee to the couch and pondered in slow motion.

The Nation was put together as a unique… experiment??  Anything that is new in this plane of existence, and any other (from what I am hearing) is considered an experiment.  The concept of the Nation came thru a conversation I had with God thru the spring equinox at Marco Island this year.  The detailed sharing about that is clickable from here.

As I built the website and started to understand what is being asked of me, of anyone who will actively participate in the Nation, is to refine our personal energy body’s (mental and spiritual planes) to become the living godhead.  Which is way to lofty for me to try and really understand, and dare I say, way to intimidating too.  But to use easier words and concepts, it would be uniting at the earth level, a group-soul mind.  Not a soul group, a group-soul.  One living body with independent consciousnesses working as one for the greater all, as the greater ALL.

The closest thing we have in our memories of anything like this, would be what we know (and so much we do not know) as the Essene Community.  Even they were limited in how far they could take themselves because of the density that was so prominent on earth and limited because what we think of as communication systems were limited.  But they set the eternal flame for us to all grow within…. and beyond!!

When there is a misinformed concept in the group-soul of the Nation, it is amplified thru the All of us.  Keeping in mind, the universe, Life is not biased, in this way, it always encourages our growth and expansion thru what we call trial and error.  That said, the higher we take our personal frequency and bind together with others as we do in the Nation, the more responsibility we have to Be Zero point in all we think do and say, before we open our mouths or minds to any given subject.  If we just remember this little thing… we cannot be the Presence of God and judge anything.  Unconsciousness does not give us a free pass.

My internet is severely challenged these last few days.  I have been trying to download the Energy Matrix Class so i can upload it to the Nation, but so far, I can barely download half the file.  I am still working on it.  I really wanted to place it here for everyone today because a lot of important information came thru our group, sadly tho, it is still a download in progress (smile.)

I want to completely change the subject now.  I am running out of day and really want to talk about this personal experience I had.  On my facebook wall I was venting about the insane (yup, that’s me judging lol) cost of health insurance thru the site.  $910 a month with a $5000 – $8000 deductable.  A precious soul asked healers to gather round and supersede the need for insurance.  As soon as I seen it I put a note there that said no healers please, only those that know how to work with the energies of increasing vibration.

Speaking of a group-soul, that is who and what I am.  There are many amazing Beings that work and speak thru me as me.  There are things I say, that I put out in vibration that really takes me aback and I have to ponder it.  Well the energy coming thru that sentence, that exclamation was just such a thing.  I had to go pick up my grandson from day care so it gave me a disconnected time to ponder.  I could see various energy “healers” with that I call their bag of tricks (energy specialties) but in this multifaceted view, none were holding the energies needed to assist those accelerating to the new Light energies.  Many do not even know how they work, they just do what they do.

This example went a little further in our mundane world example analogy.  Some “healers” are dentists and if you have an ear infection, granted it is located in the same space, you do not want to go to the dentist to get assistance.

Most of your professions demand you have continued education credits, even massage does.  At least in their chosen energy package, they can start to use expanded energies if they are constantly going to the classroom of their soul… consciously!!  This is no longer an unconscious time we are in.  It used to be.  We didn’t have to be so hyperaware of all we are doing, because we were all changing from the old body template to the awakening template.  In that venue, it could be said that one energy fits all, most of the time. But those of us in the new body template must be aware, conscious.  Vibration facilitators are those who are in constant continued education classes with their soul and their physical mind and will serve you more than well.

I can keep it to my mundane experience happening right now.  The very health clinic I go to told me they are not qualified to target my lungs in their understanding and set me up with a lung specialist.  There is such honor in knowing our limitations.  Not one of us was ever set up to do it all, that would take us out of group energy dynamics and this is a group sport we are playing!!

On that note, my day is about to start.  I love you all so much!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with Pure Love and expanding Classroom to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Only if more and more we could get in what Wayne Dyer called ‘The Gap’. The space between words, The nothingness and timeless void. As we all vibrate faster, or higher, this gap closes, the gap between cause and effect so as to change our minds, and hopefully step out of judgement but discernment and fade the duality of right or wrong, this or tat….if we can only get into the gap.
    As for your lungs, our bodies will tell us what we need to work on…as in the language of pain, the lungs signify grief, liver as anger, pancreas as guilt and so on. It reminds me of the Sacred Plant that they did plant remedies and also shaman concepts as in what the disease or pain was communicating in the stuck energy of our bodies and work thru those energies that we piled on and ignored only to have health issues in those areas. Once the energy is cleared the pain/disease is gone. Also read where pineapple juice is a natural cough suppressant, and thought I would pass that along, surely you know that, you may have tried that and or you may not like pineapple. I am not really fond of it either but sometimes you got do what you gotta do for your body till you can clear that energy.
    As for the conventional alopathic doctors, will not step into any of their offices, and unless you get an intuitive gifted doctor, most just want to cut things out and give you meds. The medical industry these days is in dire need of reform and a turn away from surgery and medication to more alopathic full body and energy body healing, as in mind, body and spirit. Sort of like the shaman do in the jungle. Hope it all works out and you can clear the issues with the energy in your lungs. What are you grieving about? Maybe some as pranic breathing and things like that can help. Blessings and have a beautiful day. 😉


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