Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 15, 2017

light of truth

Ohhh the immediate lessons of life, also known as karma.  They are not wasting time in their blow back, as I am living proof of, dammit!!

Integrity is the most crucial state of Being we can occupy in all we desire to do.  Before I get into my lesson, I googled the definition of integrity and want to share both definitions here, before I start, leaning in especially on the 2nd one.

  1. 1.

    the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

    “he is known to be a man of integrity”

    synonyms:honesty, probity, rectitude, honor, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals, righteousness, morality, virtue, decency, fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness”I never doubted his integrity”

  2. 2.

    the state of being whole and undivided.

    “upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty”

    synonyms:unity, unification, coherence, cohesion, togetherness, solidarity

    “the integrity of the federation”

A few weeks ago I bought myself a fancy coffee maker.  In the 5 months we lived here in Texas, we blew threw 2 Mr Coffee makers, the heating element just… died.  Coffee is an important part of my morning flow, so I decided to bite the bullet and not get a cheap coffee pot, but a fancy one.  One that not only brew a pot of coffee, but also gave me the single cup option using either the K-cuprs of a single brew basket.

Let me tell you, I LOVE my new coffee pot.

One morning I must have been in zombie mode when cleaning up.  I used the k-cup for my first coffee, a flavored coffee, while waiting for my pot to brew.  I must have thrown the whole center piece in the garbage instead of just the used k-cup, which I did not notice until I went to fix another single cup of coffee many days later.

I rooted around in my compressed garbage (yuck) to see if the center piece was there, of course not.  It was already at the dumpster in the trash-bag I took out a couple days prior.

So, I decided to take my new fancy coffee pot back to walmart and I straight out lied to them.  Instead of telling them it was my fault that piece was missing, I told them it never was there.

It is funny how we can justify to ourselves the reasons it is ok to be out of integrity, even for a minute.  I was fully serving my self (small s there) and knew Walmart would exchange my coffee pot, which they did, not other questions asked.

I happily brought my new coffee pot home, unboxed it and proceeded to set it up on my counter.  The plug had this thick twist tie in it that needed scissors to remove.  I don’t have any scissors so I grabbed a very sharp, new paring knife, in my dark kitchen (why turn the lights on, I know where everything is and it was still daylight outside.)

I gave the knife a quick swipe to cut the plastic and free the plug so I could plug it in, instead, I got my thumb instead.


cut thumb

The top picture shows how deep the knife went in and poked out the center part of my thumb.  If I had insurance, I know I would have gotten stitches, but I do not, so we rigged (my daughter came rushing to the house to help) gauze to close the wound and stop the intense bleeding.

I cannot have such a massive mishap without instantly asking… what is my lesson here, what did I do that caused this.  Instantly and consistently, the reply was, you lied.  I lied and the very thing I lied about, at the point of electrical connection, created the instant karmic blow-back so I never ever do that again.

The left hand, that which I am reaching for in my physical life.  The hand is the ability to grasp it and pull it towards you.  The thumb locks the grasp in place.

My only true goal in this lifetime, is to keep evolving into higher patterns of light and ability while still in body.  And for a moment, I came close to severing that grasp.  Thank you god I did not completely de-pad my thumb, I will be ok and it will be a usable appendage.

Not only did I lie to get what I wanted, I stole energy from Walmart.  Nothing is justified.  Ever.  I moved out of my own integrity to get what I wanted, with my own inner thought that it won’t hurt Walmart at all, never realizing how much it would hurt me!

Even this slice of life lesson (smile) was two fold in its expression.  First and foremost, back to my little self wanting what I wanted regardless of consequence, but secondly was vivid in understanding too.

We are to be hyper aware that things have changed.  Tools we have used a million times in the past, no longer work the same way and do require caution in application until we are intimately familiar with them.

This is not the first time I freed something with a knife instead of scissors, I have done it many times in my past.  Hence the reason I did not feel I needed to turn the lights on in the kitchen.

Everything we are doing and have done, is changed.  Enhanced, sharper than ever before (so to speak.)  If we are not using ourselves in the Light of the New world, we are creating (unintentional) havoc by assuming we work the same and it is equivalent to working in the dark.

I have heard several times over the years that working with energy can do no harm.  That is pure bullshit.  Of course it can, and yes, even Reiki if delivered to a system inadequately or one not ready for it.  I have seen it first hand thru clients I had worked with in the past.  Physical and or mental/emotional harm can be done.

Of course, it will all come back to our own personal integrity as well.  If we are exploring our spiritual abilities with the Soul purpose of assisting, safe guards are always in place by our spiritual teams, since we are working intimately with them to perfect our new perfection.

Personal Integrity

the state of being whole and undivided.

You…. We cannot tell a lie, whether to ourselves to others and remain in integrity, whole and undivided.

I am a teacher and a constant student of this universe and as my soul signed to be… I am the living example of what not to do!!

With this lesson, I will make sure my Light is always on when I am on task.  Be it with a coffee maker or a person, and everything in between.  The return of life energy back to its Source, is lightening fast.

In my personal world, the word and definition of Karma is simply, what you put out, must return to you in completion.  There is no good or bad to it, it is simply energy out equals like energy back.  Obviously not in the same exact way.  But in ways that will show us how we are doing now.

Ohhh, before I close….

Salt and Water

Yesterday, when I attempted to take my bandage off my thumb to put a clean one on, the dried blood became like glue to the bandage and my skin.  I googled safe ways to release this bandage.  Warm salt water soaks.  I can do that!!

I have three different salt shakers in my kitchen.  Pink Himalayan salt, white sea salt and regular table salt.  I felt into which one my thumb would prefer and much to my surprise, table salt was it.  I did a 5 minute soak on my now throbbing thumb (from trying to pull the old bandage off) and waa-laa.. it worked like a charm.  But more than releasing the bandage, all pain stopped instantly, right thru this morning.

Of course we talked about this in the Nation’s Earth Magic class last evening and I realized that off all the shapes… the plantonic solids that have been showing up in readings, one is distinctly missing.  The one that represents water:


It was explained that the water itself will be the last to solidify (for lack of a better word) its new form and energy based on the 4 others completing their energies here in this amazing new landscape of full Light earth and body.

It’s funny, I keep wanting to refer this time as the new earth and every ones team instantly reminds me, the earth came fully online January 2013 as an ascended Being.  We have now fully caught up to meet her energy field for full use and application.  But not in any of the ways it once worked.  Even the platonic solids are new… so please, stay out of any history (historic) books.  The information is not recorded anywhere.  Hence the term… NEW.  You are the new recorders, if you allow yourself.  Keep the light on, assume nothing, and have fun!!!  (Stay miles away from blame, whether yourself or others.  It has no purpose Here and depletes.)

Phase two of this final and miraculous 3 phase system comes online about Nov 11th.  Learn and fully understand phase 1 before trotting off to other things.

Mastery is much more important than speed!!

By the way, I could not upload any images to my Nations site this morning (an internet slowness thing I am sure) so I published here first.  I am going to publish in both places every day so no one is left out.  I

I love you all soul very much and appreciate you more than I can ever say.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Integrity and wholeness, forever more, thru the ALL of us!!!

Mastery is much more important than speed!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I love your honesty and vulnerablilty with this story lisa. Thanks for sharing! I had a similar situation about a year ago. Now I always ask myself, “am I ready for the consequences of my actions?”

    I’m not perfect and still make a lot of bad choices. But at least I’m aware now of the outcomes regardless of what I decide to do.

    Also I just wanted to say I’m sorry about Val. I’m sure you both are going through a hard time. I keep thinking about how when Val gets out of her “alone” time, how clear headed she will be. I think it’s important that we all close out the world from time to time and really go inward. If we take it seriously we can learn a lot about ourselves. Dealing with the pain of our past….but also finding the strength to be a better, stronger person on our own. I know as a mother you just want to help her any way you can. But I think after this, Val will have a better understanding of her future path and how she can reach her goals on her own.

    Thanks again Lisa for everything!

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  4. Thanks for getting this story out but as we know with instant karma, it must be balanced…so no more lying girly…LOL, I know that hurt! It hurts to look at it. I bet the whole time you were lying and brought your coffee pot home you felt the ball of guilt you created stuck in there and the only way to release it was to cut yourself. Usually, I will stub my toe or some other sort of instant karma but learn to remain in integrity and not to engage in these lower forms of being. Thanks for sharing your story, I hope others read it and learn how to be in integrity and understand the consequences if not. ❤


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