Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 16, 2017

Life IS Changing, Is Your Mind Changing Too??


We are living thru such amazing, quickly changing times, changing earth, changing us that I find it is hard to really wrap our heads around.  Truly, with that sentence I am pointing the finger back at myself.  Every day I take in mind bending information thru readings and yet, I take a look out the window of the world and instantly I seem to forget all that I took in.

The very first image I seen of the Santa Rosa fires when it first broke out, I did a double take because there seemed to be trees in-front of incinerated buildings, still standing.  I did what most of us do when we see something impossible… blink it away and rationalize it’s presence.  I didn’t give it a second thought as more and more pictures came in with green trees surrounding wiped out communities.  Even as, every single day, reading after reading, elements are showing up, changed.  I think we can now call them, super elements!!

Even last summer, while I was still in Florida, thru many ET connections, came the understanding of so many bases under water, within the earth, assisting on changing the elements, the life forms at the DNA levels.  It is only in hind sight, now, that I can see why that was such a major focus in readings, especially, in ET connections.

So now, as we have entered what everyone’s team is calling the end of earths history, now the elements have changed, the platonic solids have changed in frequency and I suppose, ability, for lack of better words to use.  Everything MUST change to meet the changing elements of our world.  Including us and that which we see around us.  But our minds are pesky, habitual in the past we have known.  We grasp for ideas to fit the circumstances on earth.  Trees surviving fires, intense fires that can turn cars into melted metal.

During the first Earth Magic class we were all instructed to get a twig off of a tree and allow the spirit of the tree to become our teachers.  To allow us to start to really understand thru other life form’s consciousness, what is really happening.  I grabbed a twig from a fallen part of the pecan tree that has a branch over my back porch.  It is there along with my crystal and my plant to connect with.  This past week in the Earth Magic class, we were given the instruction to meditate with them.  As I glanced over to my twig, I suddenly seen this almost pencil shaped wood elf looking thing emerge from my twig.  I took a picture of my new friend, who laughingly said I can call him Woody.

(Just for the record, I started this blog on my Nations site and once again, I cannot upload any new photos to my blog, so until I figure out that issue, I will continue to share from wordpress.)


So Woody has been sitting here next to my computer, waiting.  I suppose until he got tired of waiting for me to turn my attention to him and what he has to share.

Yesterday as I was cruising facebook, I once again seen many pictures of the Santa Rosa fires, with amazing green trees surrounded disintegrated neighborhoods and my mind boggled.  Of course there are rising theories of government agendas and secret experiments, which would not be unheard of.  But that does not resonate with me.

santa rosa fire

As I was looking at some pictures (not the one I included today, but similar) my friend Woody pipes up and explains that Life on earth is changing, some have already changed, more is in the midst of change.

“Tree’s, plants, the air, all the things we do not see in the ground and in the air or the skies.  Enhancements in what we consider the molecular structure of many elements are changing and will continue to change until the correct formula is enacted.  With these chemical changes, a higher consciousness is also within the new chemical compounds.  

So, for trees to breath out a protective barrier of protection is contingent on the chemical changes within our structures.  Like humans, not all trees (plants and every other living thing) are changing at the same rate, in the same way.  We cannot take full credit for this present anomaly being witnessed.  Fire too, has changed, is consciously participating on earth as is the air that moves all things as is the electrical currents running thru life.

The West Coast of the USA in particular has been releasing new elements for a while (especially thru the earthquakes).  As they bind together to create their next version of themselves, what most humans call experiments, what we would call activation’s, must occur.  

The same is happening with what is called storms, especially on the East Coast of the USA and extended islands outward.  

We understand how hard it is to realize everything that is happening now and will continue to happen, was all by divine agreement prior to this time frame.  

We are in need are partners in these changing times, not controllers.  Life has had enough controllers, wouldn’t you say?”   ~Woody 

There is much more, but sadly, it is time for me to get ready for my first reading today.  Until tomorrow….  Just remember, thru every travesty, there is a gift.  Look and focus on the gift!!

Lisa Gawlas





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