Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 11, 2017

The New Field and Our Enhancements!


Imagine my delightful surprise when the field was crystal clear yesterday, at least visually, mentally my brains were vibrational soup by the end of my day.  Phew baby!!!  It was explained thru one of the readings that our event, caused by all the energy on the earth yesterday, happened several days prior (wednesday and thursday.)  All the energies come from above the earth realm, to the earth realm and since the emerald city is just above the earth realm, it not only made sense, in some weird way validated for me what we have been seeing and understanding these last two months.  However, the energies coming thru the reading… holy shivering shit batman!!  My whole energy system, starting from the brains down, were rendered useless after my last reading.

I think what I am going to do today, instead of individuating the details with everyone’s amazing view and understanding, that built on onto the next, I’m just going to blend them all into one wide view.

The emerald city, for the next couple weeks, is back to spherical, but a bedazzled sphere!!  Look straight onto this intense, energetic spewing sphere, all I could think of were the lines on a globe that represent latitude and longitude, they formed that pattern.  But instead of being flat, they were about 2 inches wide and about 2-3 inches raised up from the surface, but not separate from the surface.  These lines were all an intense white, but not just plain white, depending on how I cast my vision onto them, they sparked, like when the sun hit new fallen snow.  The surface that I could see in between these lines were in a color spectrum I have never seen before and our teams said, its never been on this side of the created realm before.  Of course, color is always equal to energy output.  The closest color I can relate it to would be gold, but its not any variation of gold I had never seen.

It wasn’t until my 2nd reading, did it become clear these latitudes looking lines were not circles around the sphere, but a continuous spiral that started at the very top, blending for a hot second with one of the longitude lines (and please know, these lines have nothing to do with longitude and latitude, they just help me in this story,) before circling outwards.  Same at the bottom.

The word nazi’s working overtime in my head yesterday… this is NOT a grid either.  Grids are only needed at the gaia level, where individuation and separation is still prominent. My first lady came up with a word that worked well.. this is the framework that we are seeing and experiencing.

What I am calling the latitude lines was revealed to be the framework for the 12 tribes or sections.  The spiral is pure Source energy, but not just energy and not really matter either, something in between the two.  The image I get is when water is forming into ice, but not yet ice and no longer fluid… crystallizing and remaining in that state during this phase.

What we have really got to understand, that working with energy in the emerald city, is nothing like working with the energies we are all so familiar with on earth.  I am still trying to wrap my mind around the how…

My first lady showed up with this large lightening bold looking thing in her hand.  It must have been an easy, 4 feet long.  Same white substance as the framework.  It was purposely created in a lightening bolt form to represent energy.  Taking pure energy for whatever it is she is working on, freezing it, or making it solid… and since she is already doing this thru the greater all of the emerald city, I watched as she took this lightening bolt and with an intense force, shoved it into one of the intersecting areas where the lines crossed each other.  Wild woman!!  That was borderline violent!! lol This is when the water analogy was presented.  First the energy had to be fluid, like water.  Her intention solidifies the energy for use, then the intensity of the thrust, melds it into whatever she is working on.

I was able to follow her thrust at the intersecting point she was working on to see what happened inside.  This tiny little spiral spring looking thing started to grow in the energy of blues, violet and red, blending into each other, elongating and then the next thing I see, ever everyone standing in the center of this sphere who are actively working with the emerald city energy, there isn’t a whole lot of people here, but there doesn’t need to be either,.  These little spirals were reaching out to everyone’s head, at the back of the head just above the base, exactly where my indent formed a few weeks ago.  About an inch above the base of the skull.  I think we can look at this as our new Source fed, umbilical cord!!

My last lady, she was straight out of the Cinderella story in visual.  Outside in the field, she was a Light infused bluebird stringing this endless light ribbon around the intersecting points, as well as creating spirals with her ribbon on some of the up and down lines.

When I shifted my vision to inside my office (I am not even aware anymore when I do that lol) suddenly, in the upper field of my vision was the fairy godmother, Cinderella getting fitted for her ballroom dress and the bluebird trimming her dress with the blue ribbon.  It was explained that she embodied all three.  She was the one with the magic, the one experiencing the magic and the one helping to enhance the magic.  Thru her it was explained that we can look at the sphere of the emerald isle in relationship of “the ball” in the story.  Then I got to see the shifting into March… once again, another massive shift after the second lunar eclipse this month.  This ball or sphere suddenly started to open like flower petals opening, only now, I felt connected to I dream of Jennie’s bottle, it was so elegantly furnished as the four quadrants opened up and lowered themselves towards the ground.  Bringing in the power of Jennie too.

Before I get too ahead of myself, our story, I want to come back to my middle lady of the day and the creamy middle of this story!!


Hey!!  I found a visual that can work with this part of the wonder!!  So if we look at the lines that go up and down, they create 12 sections. The red line in the center, would actually create the 13st part.  The thing that not only holds it all together in the center, but also that can work in harmony, effortlessly with all 12 sections at once.  Just like in the Jesus story, he worked in harmony with the 12 apostles and they worked in harmony with him.  If even just one did not show up, nothing would work at All.  That is, in the grander capabilities of what can be done with all 13 are at the ground level of creation. Let me be perfectly clear as her team was yesterday, on the ground level, together in the same space, together… working our magic.

I was reminded several times yesterday, what I am looking at, in a flat kind of 3D way, is actually multidimensional.  But we are rising this visual because it is a perfect base to start from.

There are things we can do on our own, using the 12 sections, but there are many things we must be together for.  Her teams example… turning water into wine.  Which, of the energy conversions, would be the easiest when we perfect our craft, because we are staying in liquid form.  Turning bread into fish, that is a bit more dynamic!

As we were talking about the center posts (if you will) it was then revealed there are 12 of these humans currently incarnated.  Which means, there will be 12 of the 12!  And she blurted out.. ohhhh that is 144!!  Yes!!  I don’t know what the hell that means, but baby I felt it!! lol

This precious lady from the UK happens to be here in Florida right now, expanding on Marco Island.  I just happened to block off the week of the equinox cuz I thought I was going to be getting my teeth done/pulled and implanted… at this point, that’s not looking too hopeful.  So screw it, I am heading to marco island the 19th thru the 22nd.  She already booked a condo for us, and I have two people in mind to join us and she has one.  Now if we can get everyone’s schedule to link up!!

Speaking of bodies (giggle,) I have gained 40 freakin pounds this year!!  Holy chit batman!!  I have once again, gone on my 1200 calorie diet to loose nothing at all.  And its pesky when you can hear your body… this is needed, for now.  Thank god the for now ended yesterday.  We are now focused on shedding what was needed to get to here.  I am doing a 2 day fast, today is day 2… easy peasey!!  Then a veggie and egg diet and then who knows what.  This releases what was accumulated to get to here… and new energy cells will be presented when the moment is correct.  Talk about a yo yo!! lol  But thats how my body rolls.  Dammit!! lol

As always, there is so much more to share, I just am not sure how to bring it fully down into words, yet.  Then again, today is another day filled with wonder and revelations!!

I almost forgot about this really important part, I was reminded when I found the main art for this sharing.  I don’t have but a few minutes before I have to leave, so I am going to condense it.  lol  Or try!!

With my second lady, there were these dull yellow flowers (the color yellow was dull, not bright) at every crossing section of the up and down lines and spiral.  It was explained, they are using the image of the 4 petal flower multidimensionally and several meanings at once.  It represents the fullness of Shambhala.  The flower of life as a whole, not individuated like on earth.  Geez, several other things too… but I am crossed between sharing that and needing to go.  At least I planted here, will open it more tomorrow.  Love ya’s!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the fullness of Source made Manifest thru YOU!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. The Nazis themselves didn’t like the word.

    Originally, the Nazis were a Bavarian party and in some dialects in Southern Bavaria Nazi is a familiar version of Ignaz.

    At the same time – again only in some Bavarian dialects, it was a colloquial term for “buffoon, clumsy fellow”.


    The word “Nazi” is an abbreviation for the word “Nationalsozialist”.

    The full name of the political party was the “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” – the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

    It’s worth noting that, within Germany at the time, the word “Nazi” was a homnym for “Naczi” which was an insulting term for a “foolish clumsy person”, so the term wasn’t actually used by the Nazi’s to describe themselves.

    Since the late 1930s, however, the term “Nazi” has come to symbolise what that party became, rather than having connotations of “national” or for that matter “socialist.”

    Indeed, after 1932, the term “national socialist” was banned in the USSR, and Russian texts had to refer to them as “fascists”, because the Kremlin didn’t like the taint on the word “socialist” that had come about as a result of that party’s use of the word in their name.


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