Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 12, 2017

The Friction of Sex, the Creation of Orgasms. Oh My ;-)


What I completely missed yesterday, until my ride to work, is the combination of readings on Thursday the 9th and what we had seen the day of the eclipse were partnered in this story.  The blending of pure love and truth from Thursday created the spiral pattern and what I see as the structures forming the 12 sections.  I don’t even know how I didn’t get that correlation, but it was important enough for my team to make sure I knew.  OHHHHHH and another thing I didn’t realize either, my jesus christ superstar dude, and my AA Michael with liquid sword of truth flowing and blending, both men!!  Two back to back divine masculine energies, creation becoming manifest.  Let’s take a moment to lean in our just how vitally important our men, our divine masculines in physicality is/are!!  (We see multiples, but there is only ever one.)

Also, another important tid bit of information that came thru the other day that I sooo forgot to include yesterday…

I was showing my lovely lady how to use the magic that she is naturally doing for the emerald city, and how to use it as part of her personal creation field.  Heer body, primarily her spine, had 12 keys to it (like the keys on the piano) and a constant key called the head.  In the old body the head had three energy centers, the crown, the third eye and part of the throat chakra.  Now, it is all one system, for those living within the emerald city (there are so many going thru their energetic and biological changes that this is not has not yet fulfilled itself.)

When we were looking at how to work the keys, and focused outcome thru the harmonizing, of course, I brought the outcome to a central point outside out body.  It was put quite adamantly that there is no outside.  There is no inside.  There is no longer a separation of what we are doing and what is happening.  There is no “outcome” there is just “come” (ohhh that sounds kinda sexual lol.)

Even this inner work and outer work was purposeful getting to here.  We had to separate in order to fully understand ourselves, body and soul.

Actually, lol (what a way to start a day) we are coming back to our sexual body and orgasm.  Orgasm is the result of the movement of intense energy, it happens in and our at the same time.  A whole body/soul experience.  So too, does our creation.  As we learn to harness that energy, what we call kundalini and orgasm out various upper points of our body, that is creation creating.  That is how we play our piano (smile.)  Not that we have to be having sex, but movement of energy, beyond the normal day-to-day energy we use and barely notice.  The moment we consider orgasm is the moment of creation, which is you, not outside, not even inside.

Now let me skip to the last reading I was able to do yesterday.  My time is short this morning, so I have to condense.

My lady showed up looking like a towel.  Now imagine this towel is placed in a hole in a wall and being pulled back and forth, in and out… that is what she looked like going thru one of these cross sections.  Creating friction.  Jezuz, spirit must have sex on their mind this morning… think about sex, in and out, friction and ecstasy/orgasm and creation, all one and the same!!  I never even for a moment, thought about it like that yesterday!! lol

What I was seeing as taking place from this friction she was creating, was a brand new what spirit only called the flower of life.  There were these amazing, radiant, multicolored geometric shapes that I have never ever seen before, interconnecting and becoming wider and elongated.  it was made perfectly clear, this is not an individual creation, but for the all.  The emerald city is the flower of life and each of us an intricate part of the whole, not separate as have seen our own selves getting to here.  I hope I am making this clear.

What I did not expect at all, she would be the last thing I had seen yesterday.  I had already done three readings, clearly and enthusiastically and then wham… shut down for my last 3.  WTH??

Something else was happening that I only notice about an hour later.  My freakin back, thru the kidneys hurt, well was intensely achy.  Not pain but true discomfort spreading from my left and right sides.

When I attempted to connect to what would be my second blank, I did what I do best, bitch.  Instantly I could see something that looked like a fire funnel, not made of fire, but the energy and coloring was in the fire spectrum (just like the main art I used today,) starting at the top of the earth’s atmosphere, elongated down about a foot or two, turned itself upwards and the wide part of the funnel was now at the back side of the emerald city orb.  I really have no clue what its fullness means, but let me tell ya… towel lady started friction in me and then closed down the field!!  Powerful!!!

When I got home, OMG was I a stink bomb!!  I mean, literally the body odor was unpleasant to even my own nose!!

On that note, its shower time!!  Y’all rock my world more and more these days and dare I say, without delay!!  Phew baby!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with the orgasms of creation, creating to and thru the All!!!

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  1. Holy fuck, eh?


  2. Meaningful to me on SO many levels…and if you hop onto the Spaceweather website today, check out the image of the funnel cloud 🙂

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